Roommate Security – What You Need to Know

roommatesUnfortunately, roommate security is a topic that is rarely discussed, but is still one that people need to hear about. Primarily, I’m referring to the type of security that a renter may need while living in a home with one or more other renters. Sometimes it just is not feasible to install an entire home security system if you are engaged in a short-term situation like this; particularly if other housemates (or the home’s owner) are not open to such an idea. Fortunately, people who are renting individual rooms inside of a larger house or apartment can still install security solutions to protect their property.

Is Roommate Security Really Necessary?

The short answer to this is, yes. Considering that all security is necessary, why should people sharing a home be excluded from the conversation? Whether one is a college student in a shared housing situation with multiple other students, a traveler on an extended stay in another country or a working adult temporarily renting a room close to a work assignment…security is always a necessity even if the main owner of the house resists buying a full home security system

Consider, also, that most people possess electronic equipment, such as televisions, desktop and laptop computers, monitors, tablets and smartphones that they’d like to protect when they are away from home. Include jewelry, clothing and personal information to that list and then remember that all of this is contained in a single room and the need for security should become clear.

Practical Home Security Solutions For Roommates

If renting a room inside someone’s home, consider installing a door alarm to protect your belongings. The Techko Safety Entry Alarm is one which should be at the top of your list while researching this particular type of DIY security. It can be installed pretty easily and, since it is wireless, it does not require any extra drilling into the home’s structure. With this alarm, a loud siren will alert anytime someone breaches your security and attempts to enter your room without permission.

Another easy DIY solution for roommate security is The Techko Mini Window/Door Alarm. Once again, this wireless device provides you with an individual burglar alarm that can be placed just on the doors and windows of your personal space. If you do not have a friendly relationship with your roommates and are a bit leery about living in a home with strangers, this is a very good solution since it not only provides security while you are away, but can be armed to protect you while inside of your room at night.

Will Other Roommates Find Individual Security Offensive?

This is a good question and one that completely depends on who you room with. Most people will view individual home security with positive appreciation and understand that you just want to keep your valuables safe while inside of the home. Although some unsavory roommates (and their visitors) are totally capable of stealing from you, your thoughts about security should not begin and end with people in the home…and if they do, it may be time to find new roommates. Outsiders trying to break into a home is still a concern even if the home is shared by multiple people. Ideally, it would be nice to have a burglar alarm installed for the entire home’s benefit, but if this is not possible, it may help if you explain to your roommates that you just don’t want to take any chances with a criminal breaking in and tampering with or outright stealing your belongings during your stay.

Always remember that your security is largely your own responsibility. Take this opportunity to also educate your roommates on this idea, as well. You just may discover that they are intrigued by the idea that they, too, have affordable DIY home security options within their reach.

Need More Roommate Security Ideas?

Visit our main page for more options on DIY security devices that are perfect for roommate situations. We have a wide selection of surveillance cameras, keyless entry locks and other alarms that will not break the bank and that are perfect for short-term housing. We even have a special section for spy equipment should you ever have a need to covertly identify a sneaky roommate.

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