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spread the wordWith travel season upon us once again, we suspect that most of our regular readers know the ropes about securing a home while away. If this is your first visit to this blog, however, we do encourage you to visit some of our earlier posts on this very subject. Beyond a good alarm system, low-cost alarm monitoring and surveillance cameras, our readers are also familiar with environmental controls that help protect a home from building floods and freezing temperatures. With all of this said and while our regular subscribers are up to speed on security tips for travelers, we still mustn’t forget that this is also a time for sharing. In other words, now’s a great time to begin educating your loved ones about home security, as well.

Suggestions For Sharing Home Security Tips With Family Members

I’m pretty regularly amazed by how much average everyday people do not know about home security. I mean, most people know what a burglar alarm is and they’re even familiar with having alarm systems monitored. But even though DIY security systems aren’t brand new to the marketplace, many homeowners still believe that things like multi-channel surveillance systems and video intercoms are extras that they don’t need. Or, they believe that they have a need for them, but don’t think that they are affordable enough to be included in their immediate security goals. And, certainly, a lot of people have never heard of do-it-yourself installations for any of these items.

In taking all of this into consideration, the holidays are a good time to share what you know about DIY security and the affordable options currently in the marketplace. Taking things even further, it might be a good idea to gift friends and relatives with some DIY security devices just to point them in the right direction. At the very least, it is good to use items like our pepper sprays and survival gear as stocking stuffers and last minute gift ideas.

Home Security For Aging Relatives

Everyone is at risk for a break in or a home invasion. Certain groups seem to be more vulnerable to these crimes, however. Senior citizens, in particular, are often preyed upon by criminals. When visiting senior relatives this year, take a good look around their homes to assess areas where security can be improved. Do they have the appropriate locks on all windows and doors? Is the lighting around their home adequate for their safety and security? Might they benefit from a video monitoring system that allows family members to check in with them remotely? Survey all of these ideas and more and then take it upon yourself to make sure your older relatives have what they need in order to live safe and secure lives at home.

Home Security For Families

Busy households are sometimes at great risk for criminal activity just by virtue of the fact that they receive frequent visitors and are not always as vigilant about the possibilities of criminals being in the midst. While you never want to push your views on anyone else, it is important that families are sometimes reminded about the dangers lurking all around them. Look for opportunities to ask your friends and family members about how detailed their thoughts about security are. Should you find individuals who really don’t give much thought to the subject, try getting them interested in some of the latest technologies that have a cool factor as well as a heightened security function.

Some ideas to suggest include things like the new Kwikset Home Connect Traditional SmartCode Deadbolt with Z-Wave. It’s a mouthful to say, but once people hear that it is a deadbolt lock that can be opened a number of ways– including with a sleek numbered keypad or even remotely operated by smartphone, tablet or other personal computing device– they’re usually pretty impressed. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds and it’s not uncommon for people to want to have the latest and the best of what’s on the market. So, why not suggest a cool gadget that’s easy to install, fun to use and offers serious security against intruders?

This Holiday Season Make Home Security Education Your Mission

With a plethora of home security items currently available at affordable prices, you owe it to your loved ones to educate them on possibilities that they definitely need, but probably know very little about acquiring. Traditionally, if people wanted a home security system, buying one meant sitting down with a salesperson before committing to an expensive long-term contract. Happily, those days are over, but people still need to be made aware that they now have the freedom to shop and make selections on their own…and save money at the same time.

What Do You Think?

You know how we do it here– we love hearing your ideas and suggestions. So, tell us, how do you plan on approaching loved ones about home security this year? Will you be giving personal and home security products as gifts at all? Let’s hear these thoughts and anything else that’s on your mind in the space provided below.

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