Home Security and Automation Trends We Look Forward to In 2014

home-automationIn the past year, we’ve noticed some pretty interesting trends in the home security arena. Seems that people are finally embracing the very important need of having a burglar alarm. Many are also realizing needs for heightened security through devices like surveillance cameras and security lighting, which can help expand an existing system for broader protection. It seems like these items are also being introduced to the market at a faster pace than in the past and that people are really tuning into their usefulness.

Another trend that appears to be climbing involves home automation. In recent years, we’ve even seen a bit of buzz about behemoth entertainment companies like Comcast and Time Warner working to introduce home automation devices to their respective customer bases. Combined with stories about people gravitating more toward streaming their programming in lieu of cable television, it’s no wonder these companies are leaning towards the emerging home automation industry. Of course, we’ve been several steps ahead of that curve (as is evidenced by all of the home automation devices offered on our main page), but we’re still glad that the interest is growing and that the market is providing the people with what they want.

Here are a few more home security and automation trends we look forward to seeing more of in 2014:

DIY Home Security

No surprise there, huh? Well for you, our long time readers, this is common sense. However, the general public– blinded by a lack of knowledge and the large advertising budgets controlled by certain home security brands– had been missing out on this opportunity in previous years. Things are changing, though.

Why, just this past week I watched a video by a major tech review site as they gave high marks to a certain DIY home security alarm. I won’t mention that device here, not because it’s not worthy of mention, but because it also came with a high monthly price tag whereas our DIY home security alarms can be monitored by the professionals at Alarm Relay for a mere $8.95 per month.

Still, we’re pleased to see that the public-at-large is finally catching onto the fact that DIY home security is a safe and affordable option and we hope to see that trend continue in 2014 and beyond.

Security and Automation Gadgets For Techies

Have you noticed the plethora of security gadgets (like the iSmartAlarm) that can be operated via a smartphone? Or what about environmental devices that can be remotely controlled from the palm of your hand like the Trane Home Management Thermostat? These things are a techie’s dream while being simple enough for non-techies to get full use of, too. We applaud home security and automation manufacturers for giving us such innovative and cool gadgets and it is our pleasure to introduce even more of these to you in the year ahead.

Child Safety Devices

While we wish items like the SecuraTrac SecuraPAL GPS Child Tracking Device were not necessary, we are nonetheless happy to see equipment like this on the market. Nothing in life is more important than keeping children safe and, unfortunately, our eyes can’t be on them at all times. What next better way to keep tabs on their whereabouts, however, than a full GPS tracking device? These gadgets allow us to immediately pinpoint a child’s location at any given time, which is a sigh of relief for parents and other caretakers. The best in this class even empower children with panic buttons that will immediately alert an adult anytime a child senses danger.

As much as we hate to think about children and the many threats of danger that they face, we hate even more the idea of them being in that state with little hope of anyone coming to their rescue. Child tracking devices can also be used to track adults with cognitive impairments or any loved one who may need a little extra personal security (such as people who work night shifts or those who frequent remote locations). It is for this reason that we hope to see these devices, and the safety features they offer, spread in popularity.

We Want To Hear From You

So, what do you think of our roundup? What sorts of home security and automation trends are you looking forward to in 2014? Do you have specific home security and home automation needs or desires that you can’t currently find a device to match? How about one you’ve heard about, but that seems too expensive and out of your reach? We’ve shared our list of hopeful trends for 2014, now it is time for you to share yours.

And speaking of sharing, all of your comments about home security have been deeply appreciated. Some of your experiences and concerns have even inspired a blog post or two. We hope that you’ll keep the comments coming in 2014 and beyond…and on that note, the floor is now officially yours. Tell us, what’s on your mind in the realm of home security and automation trends?

Ralph Winn


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