Alarm Monitoring. Can You Do it yourself?

diy-monitoringIs it possible to do your own alarm monitoring? The answer is yes, and no. Home security systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Home and business owners can now work with fully integrated hardwire and wireless alarm systems, ensuring that they are secure and protected at all times.

Why You Need Alarm Monitoring Services

While alarm systems that are triggered by a door or window opened, motion detected, Glass break detected or smoke in the air are paramount to ensuring the safety of your home or business, they can be rendered ineffective if there is no one around to hear or react to the alarm.

Neighbors often take little notice of alarm sirens or flashing lights at a home in their street. That’s partly because the less sophisticated systems of years past were often triggered by the wind. And let’s face it – confronting an intruder on your own property is dangerous enough and not everyone is prepared to risk their safety to establish if your home is being burgled.

Monitoring your own alarms isn’t effective if you’re away and can’t take action quickly, or if you’re trapped by fire in your home and unable to summon the emergency services.  In fact, an unmonitored alarm is only a small step up from having no alarm at all.

Alarm monitoring is an essential aspect of having an alarm system, and ensures that, not only are people inside the property notified of any threats, but that external authorities, such as the police or fire departments, are also notified.

Consider a Combination of DIY and External Alarm Monitoring

While employing an alarm monitoring company to monitor your security systems is an added expense, the savvy home or business owner can easily cut costs by outsourcing only a small part of the alarm monitoring service to an external company, and doing the rest themselves.

A large part of an alarm monitoring company’s fee doesn’t relate to the actual monitoring of triggered alarms, but instead to installing, maintaining, and repairing systems and equipment. By installing the various components of the alarm system yourself, and assuming responsibility for basic day-to-day maintenance of any hardware and wiring, as well as for replacing batteries when necessary, you’ll get a better deal with alarm monitoring. Fees will be reduced because the company won’t have to dispatch repair vehicles and technicians to your property to test, service or repair your equipment.

Once the alarm system has been installed, the home or business owner can consult a security or alarm monitoring company that specialises in monitoring, rather than the sale of security systems. Often their service can be set up remotely without the need for an attendance call. They may also be able to offer flexible billing plans, such as billing on a yearly schedule, or offer package home and business deals that can save you more money.

For home and business owners who are technologically savvy and wise with their money, setting up a security system and outsourcing only the alarm monitoring that is required is a great way to make the most of a high quality alarm system at a fraction of the price. 

Ralph Winn


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