DIY Home Security Tips We Hope You Didn’t Miss This Year

home-security-tipsAs we prepare to say goodbye to 2013, there are a number of DIY home security tips shared on this blog that we hope you will take with you into the new year. Really, all of the good advice shared in our posts and in the comments that follow each one are worthy of your attention and your action. There are a few, however, that we’d like to highlight in case you missed them or in case you care to indulge in a little DIY home security refresher.

What to Do When an Intruder Barges Into Your Home

This past summer, we shared a couple of chilling real life stories about celebrities who’d been at home while a burglar broke in. We spotlighted these stories in an effort to remind you that these types of crimes can happen to anyone…even people with high public profiles who can afford to live anywhere they choose to.

As frightening as these tales always are, though, we also offered some DIY home security tips to help ensure that you don’t become a future victim of a home invasion. You really should go back and read that post, but here are a few main points to keep on the forefront of your minds heading into 2014:

  • Keep your home security system armed at all times– even when you are at home
  • Always keep a cellphone within your immediate reach (and make sure the battery is always charged)
  • Lock yourself inside a safe room the moment you realize someone is in the house (Visit our post on creating a safe room if you need tips on that topic.)
  • Invest in a panic alarm to quickly alert the police and others within earshot

And speaking of panic alarms, you should also check out one of several of our posts on that very topic. Like…

Panic Alarms and Why You Need One

In that post, we reminded you that despite a burglar being inside your home while you are also inside, you can maintain a measure of control over the situation. One of several ways of doing so is having the ability to use a panic alarm to (hopefully) scare an intruder away while also signaling for help. For the ultimate in panic alarm convenience, look into a wireless panic pendant which can be worn anywhere (including the shower) and which you can find on our main page.

Beware of Risky Home Security Advice

You’ve probably received a bit of this in the past, which is why you seriously need to read our warning in full. Essentially, this post worked to counter a lot of the advice given to you by others which, if taken, could place you and your family at risk. Some of the falsehoods addressed in that post include:

Protecting yourself with wasp spray instead of pepper spray. Laughable, I know, but some people really believe that sprays intended for non-human aggressors actually provide better protection than the pepper sprays used by police officers and others with heightened security awareness. Back then we encouraged you to read up on the pepper sprays featured in our main store…and that advice is still good today.

Use your webcam as a DIY home security camera. Another very bad piece of advice yet the Internet is rife with these sort of so-called home security hacks. What happens when a thief steals your computer or simply unplugs a webcam? Questions like these were explored and the issue laid to rest in a single blog post. If you’ve been guilty of thinking this sort of home security will work, please stop. Go read the post now and then visit our main site to find affordable DIY home security camera systems that offer all sorts of cool features, like remote access from your smartphone.

Actually, now that I think about it, we’ve addressed this subject a couple of times on our blog, so go ahead and revisit all of those posts so that you can shut people down when they tell you foolishness like there’s no need for you to have a burglar alarm when a dog or a gun will do; or that home monitoring is a waste of money. Believing this advice is literally a danger to you and others…just ask those who’ve accidentally shot loved ones or returned home to a dead or badly injured pet.

Sharing DIY Home Security Tips

These DIY home security tips are in no particular order as each one is of great importance. Now it’s your turn to take action by heeding these tips in an effort to make sure your home security is as strong as possible as you head into 2014. We don’t want you to stop there either. Take a few minutes and share this post with your closest friends and family members, as well as your social media contacts. Everyone should know that DIY home security is accessible, affordable and achievable.

What’s On Your Mind?

Which tip or post was your favorite in 2013? Which one made you think more seriously about DIY home security? What would you like to learn more about in 2014? Your comments mean a lot to us and we hope that you’ll take a moment to share your thoughts with us below.

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