Home Security Habits You Need To Ditch In 2013

securityAs we prepare to step into 2014, there are some bad home security habits that we need to leave behind in 2013. If you are a social media user, someone who doesn’t like to think about home security or someone who doesn’t regularly use an alarm system, this post is a must read for you. The habits named below may not only lead to you being burglarized, but they might also put your health and safety at risk.

Offering TMI (Too Much Information)

Sharing too much information can lead to huge repercussions. As we’ve warned you many times, burglars aren’t always shady looking guys lurking in the shadows. They can be the shy and quiet teenager next door, someone pretending to be a salesperson or may even be someone you know. When you share information about your work schedule, vacation plans, new items purchased, etc. keep this in mind.

I shared a story here a few months ago about knowing a neighbor’s vacation plans even though she didn’t share them with me. How’d I gain it? Simple. While sitting on my front porch I overheard her standing outside loudly broadcasting her travel dates and times to another neighbor (both live across the street and several doors down from me). Now, I don’t know how close this woman is to this other neighbor, but I do know that that information was not meant for my ears. Unfortunately, conversations like these can often be overheard in the line at the grocers, while walking down the street or any number of other places. If you are not careful, a criminal may be the one to overhear this useful info, so please get in the habit of keeping particular travel details to yourself…and if you must share, lower your voice!

Also monitor your social media activities so as not to share TMI there. You would not believe how many times I’ve seen people discuss when they will be away from home or having just purchased an expensive item while also displaying their location information on the social media app they’re using. Remember, criminals are looking for an easy score and many of these apps even allow them to search for people near to where they are. Don’t make their jobs any easier. Break the TMI home security habit today!

Putting Home Security Out Of Your Mind

There are a lot of mean people in the world and bad stuff often happens to good people. We get that you sometimes want to tune it all out and concentrate on more positive things, instead. Don’t go so far as to not think about home security, however. In particular, don’t put thinking about how you can improve yours out of your mind.

For many, this isn’t just an issue of ignoring the possibilities of a burglary happening at home, but is more a matter of cost or having to deal with home security salespeople. This is why DIY home security exists, however. You do not have to break the proverbial bank in order to secure your home, nor do you have to deal with high monthly fees and salespeople intent on upselling you whenever they can. Opt for a DIY home security system, instead, and put your mind at ease while also making your home as safe as possible.

Ignoring the Home Security Experts

Burglary statistics are rising in certain areas of the country at an alarming pace, so don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater here. While seeking to avoid pushy salespeople, don’t even think about ignoring security experts. Instead, do the opposite and speak to them about the best ways to secure your home. Read everything that you can and learn about the very real threats to your family’s safety and how you can work to eliminate them.

Listening to Non-Expert Advice

While educating yourself about home security, don’t entertain non-experts who will try to dissuade you from buying the right equipment. We’ve all met these people (and if you haven’t, count yourself lucky). There are plenty of know-it-all types out there who will insist that don’t need an alarm system or that your existing system does not need to be monitored. Be polite, smile and nod as they speak…and then ignore all of the bad advice that they give you. These people are not experts and they are often wrong. And none of them will be around to protect you in your time of need.

Not Arming Your Home Security System

Break the habit of not arming your system while you are at home, each and every time you leave home (even for quick errands) and during the daytime. Believe it or not, many people think that there are times when a system does not need to be armed like during the afternoon while relaxing at home or when heading next door to visit a neighbor. Understand, however, that most burglars are very good at what they do and only need for you to give them a small window of opportunity and a few minutes for them to ease in and out of your home. Outsmart them by abandoning this habit and make a rule to keep your system armed at all times– starting now.

You’re Turn

What are some of your worst home security habits and how do you plan to stop repeating them?

Ralph Winn

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