Keep Your Burglar Alarm at Its Optimal Best

Alarm-SystemSo, you’ve had your burglar alarm for a while now and you want to keep it in tip-top condition. In other words, you can do without the false alarms you’ve heard others complain about and you want to make sure that your home security system works in the event that you actually need it to sound an alarm. In addition to making sure that you have a good burglar alarm system to begin with, there are a number of things that you can do to help keep your alarm working at its optimal best. As this is the end of the year and you want to start 2014 on the right side of home security, this is a good time to invest a few minutes in the following tips:

Reset Your Burglar Alarm Pass Codes

Just as you should periodically change your email and banking passwords, your burglar alarm pass codes should be changed from time-to-time, too. After all, there is a good possibility that your security may have been breached in that some unauthorized person may have seen you input your code or you may have even shared it with a household employee who no longer works for you. Remember to choose a code that is difficult to decipher and don’t forget to update every member of the household about the new code.

Check Your Alarm Batteries

One of the most common reasons for false alarms or a system failure is actually due to a low battery issue. For this reason, you should check your burglar alarm batteries a few times throughout the year. If your batteries do need replacing, your product manual will tell you precisely what you need and there is a good chance that you can find new burglar alarm batteries in our main store.

Check Your Door and Window Sensors

While we’re on the subject of false alarms and burglar alarm system failures, this is as good a time as any to advise you to check all of your door and window sensors. A loose sensor, one that has been dislodged or an improperly installed sensor not only makes your system a prime candidate for false alarms, but it may also lead to you being burglarized.

Have Your Burglar Alarm Monitored

Yes, we know. You’ve opted for a DIY burglar alarm system because you want to save money while taking it upon yourself to exercise a great level of control over your household’s security. The best thing that you can do for your family and to get the full benefit of your home security system is to have your alarm monitored. While a lot of nationally known brands charge a few hundred dollars per year for this service, Alarm Relay charges a mere $8.95 per month. While this is not a DIY service, it fits perfectly with the lower prices obtained by opting to install your own alarm system…which is precisely why we feature a link to Alarm Relay’s service on our store’s main page.

Expand Your Home Security System

Whether you have a hardwired or a wireless burglar alarm system, there is a good chance that it can be expanded to accommodate other security devices. Such devices include security lighting, a CCTV system, environmental controls and more. The idea here is to use your burglar alarm as the foundation for your home security system, but seek to expand it over time until you have built a system that brings you the best and tightest security any home can have.

Do Not Leave False Alarms Unchecked

Even if you only experience one false alarm, that is one too many. Your job is to immediately determine what the faulty alarm’s trigger is and fix it. A failure to take this advice seriously may cause you serious problems in the long run.

And don’t wait until you start experiencing false alarms to put this tip into practice. Remember that some jurisdictions charge a fine for false alarms if the police are sent to your home. It’s also likely that too many of these may lead to complaints from your neighbors.

Buy a New Burglar Alarm

If you have an old system, a broken one or an alarm that never served you well in the first place, replace it. Seriously, don’t put doing so off any longer. The mere fact that you’re here today means that you value your home’s security and that you know that affordable DIY burglar alarm options exist. Why wait until someone breaks into your home before you buy a new system?

What Do You Do?

Do you have a checklist for keeping your burglar alarm working its best? Do you agree with the tips shared here or have any of your own that you’d like to share?

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