Protecting Your Home During the Holidays

holiday-thiefThe holiday winter season is considered “the most wonderful time of the year.” True as it may be, Christmas could also be considered a dangerous season as well. Homes can be easy targets for burglars who are looking to hit the jackpot and be Grinch-like to literally steal Christmas.

The following tips can be precautions to prevent any burglaries from occurring this Christmas season. And while many may think that recreating the witty antics to fight burglars like in Home Alone would be cool, take safe and proper precautions instead:

Display security signs

Have yard signs in the front of your house out in the open and not hidden behind a bush or plants. Perhaps a burglar will think twice about breaking into your home when seeing that the home is protected with a security system. Also be sure to also display alarm stickers throughout the house on windows and back entrances where robbers may attempt to break-in.

Leave lights on

Leave living room, backyard and kitchen lights on to create the illusion that the house is occupied; but remember not to emphasize the nicely gift wrapped presents nestled underneath the Christmas tree with too many lights against a lot of darkness.

Blast music on

A house with noise is a sure sign to keep robbers away. Leaving the TV on can work too, but simply popping in a Christmas CD should make the house more merry and safe from possible outside interference.

Avoid solicitors

In playing it safe, try to follow the kid’s order by not answering the door to strangers. Unless choirs of carolers are spreading some Christmas joy, it’s best to not answer the door to avoid any potential danger. Expert Robert Siciliano from Blog Her explains that “it’s best to ignore solicitors at your door; they can be a crook wanting to case your home-interior and exterior-for a possible return later to burglarize.”

Do not share plans

If you’re planning to be away from home during the holidays, which is common, it’s best to not let anyone who isn’t close know that you’re leaving home. In an age of social media, it’s also best not to let everyone know your home will be empty while you’re having a blast on Christmas vacation or share TMI (too much information). Siciliano advises to “refrain from sharing your travel plans yourself in cyberspace” to avoid possible breakage into your home.

Use your canine friend for protection

Dogs can be considered man’s best friend for this reason alone. A “beware of dog” sign will make the robber not even touch your home, no matter what kind of breed. Expert Matt Hickman of the Mother Nature states “many burglars will steer clear of homes where any sort of dog resides, be it a Brussels Griffon or a Bullmastiff, because dealing with one can be unpredictable, time-consuming and complicated.”

Install alarm system, if you haven’t so

Every home should install a security system to let everyone know your home is being under constant guard. According to PR Web, “statistics consistently indicate that homes without a security system are 300% more likely to attract burglars.”

So this Christmas season, do cherish the holiday season with loved ones; however, be sure to not get too occupied to take time for safe measures to protect the safety of your home and family. That way, you and your loved ones can really have a Merry Christmas.

Ralph Winn

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