5 Reasons to Install a Keyless Entry System

Biometric-Door-LocksA keyless entry system is an excellent way of increasing home security. With the advent of new technology in home security and automation, it is just a matter of time before we begin to see these access control devices everywhere. From reducing the risk of a break-in to cutting-edge home automation, the following are a few of the best reasons to install a keyless entry system.

No More Lost Keys

Whether you install a biometric fingerprint locking system or a keyless entry deadbolt, you will never again have to worry about stolen or lost keys.

Never Have to Have New Keys Made

Have you ever lost a house key or had to rid yourself of a bad housemate? If so, then you know the inconvenience of having to trudge down to the nearest hardware store to have a new one made. With a keyless entry system, however, you’ll never have to call a locksmith or waste time having a new key made again.

Never Have to Change Locks Again

Losing your house key is an unfortunate inconvenience. Having your keys stolen, however, can send you into a panic. Knowing that a thief has the key to the front door, the most secure next step is to have all door locks changed. With a keyless entry system, not only is there zero chance of having house keys stolen, but there’s also never a need to have locks changed.

No Lock Picking or Lock Bumping

A common tactic thieves use to burglarize homes is via lock picking or lock bumping. While there are locks that are less susceptible to these methods, a keyless entry system provides a foolproof barrier against both.

Cool Factor

Most of us have seen keyless entry systems at commercial businesses, hotels and private offices, but how many have encountered them at someone’s home? The bragging rights of being the first to own a cool gadget is one thing, but being the first to own a cool device like a keyless entry system, which also increases home security, takes one’s tech rep to a whole other level.

Ralph Winn

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