Home Security Offers Independent Living Options to Seniors

seniorsHome security devices can make it possible for seniors to live independently in their own homes. There are exceptions, of course, but the installation of things like alarms and surveillance systems can prolong the amount of time that the average senior citizen can live at home alone. If you are a senior citizen or if you are fond of an aging adult in your life, pay close attention to some of the technologies which help make independent living a reality for so many in this age group.

Alarm Systems For the Elderly

- Burglar Alarm Systems -

Burglar alarms are a smart choice for everyone, including senior citizens. Individuals in the more mature stages of life are sometimes targeted for burglary as they may be seen as frail and easier to intimidate or overpower. Just as it would for a resident of any age, a properly installed burglar alarm creates a barrier of protection between a senior and the outside world. Additionally, alarms with panic buttons enable seniors to immediately call for help in case of emergency.

- Medical Alert System -

By their very nature, medical alert alarms exist to bridge the gaps between users and those who may assist them in a time of need. Some of these specialized devices even come with pendants, which can even be worn on a person’s body so that help is never too far away. With the press of a button, seniors are able to engage in two-way communication with a loved one or with emergency personnel.

Alarm Services For the Elderly

As we’ve discussed many times on this blog, alarm monitoring is essential to good home security. Many avoid this optional service due to cost, however. This is understandable since most alarm companies inflate the actual cost of this service in order to increase their own bottom lines. Seniors living on a fixed income are probably even more prone to skip these costs even though doing so may very well be to their detriment someday.

With alarm monitoring, someone from a remote location is able to respond to an alarm just moments after it is triggered. This response begins with a call to the homeowner, before it is escalated to the attention of one or more designated contacts and, ultimately, to law enforcement if necessary. To an aging adult, this service is invaluable and does not have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, through our main store customers can access this service for a mere $8.95 per month.

Audio-Visual Security

By installing security cameras in and around a home, seniors can always have a visual on every area of the household. Camera systems with remote capabilities also allow loved ones to see into a home in order to check on a resident’s security and well-being at any given time. This sort of home security also acts as a deterrent to would-be burglars…especially those intent on targeting elderly homeowners.

In addition to being able to see inside of a home, IP cameras like the Lorex Vantage Stream Wireless Network Camera allow for two-way audio in order to remotely communicate with a person inside the home. Affordable equipment like this may help alleviate fears about an adult of a certain age falling down or becoming ill while being unable to reach a telephone. From any web-enabled device, loved ones are able to remotely watch what is going on inside of a home and even communicate with whomever is there.

Protection Against Fire and Gas

Threats of intrusion are not the only ones that residents need to safeguard themselves against. Carbon monoxide poisoning, fire or excessive smoke inhalation can happen to anyone. Special care should be taken to protect seniors who live alone from these types of emergencies.

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are a must in every home. As people age, it is incumbent upon everyone in that person’s life to ensure that these technologies are up to date and in proper working order. Outdated devices can be immediately replaced at a low cost and with very little DIY time commitment.

Independent Living Preserves Self-Respect

Being able to remain in one’s home for as long as possible helps promote confidence and self-respect in aging residents. Fortunately, today’s home security devices are budget-friendly, easy to install and easy to operate. Depending upon an existing security system, most peripheral devices can also be added onto an alarm in order to create a more robust home security system that protects seniors preferring to live on their own.

What Did We Miss?

Are you a senior citizen who lives alone? Do you have concerns about an aging member of your family living alone? What would you like to add to this post in order to educate our readers on home security devices that assist seniors in living independently?

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