4 Simple Things You Can Do to Increase Your Security Today

Manos entregando una casaWhether you have an uneasy feeling at this moment or have just discovered us while looking for immediate ways to better secure your home, you’ve come to the right place. You see, minor breaches in home security may be threatening your home and your family right now. Here are a few adjustments that you can make right away in order to decrease your chances of a break-in.

Lock Your Windows

Locking your doors and windows are the first defense against an unlawful intrusion. While most people know this and are pretty diligent about locking doors, many leave things like bathroom and basement windows unlocked or even slightly ajar. Understanding that you may prefer a little extra ventilation in these areas, keep in mind that unlocked or open windows are among the primary breaches that a burglar looks for when trying to enter a home. Take a couple of minutes to walk around your home right now and make sure you haven’t committed one of these basic security failures.

Turn Your Alarm On

Some people are of the incorrect notion that they only need to arm an alarm system at night or when they are away from home. What they do not seem to understand is that a significant number of break-ins happen during daylight hours and may even occur while a resident is inside of the home. For this reason, it is best to keep your alarm system armed at all times whether at home or away.

Turn Your Exterior Lights On

Burglars prefer a cloak of darkness. It helps to shield their deeds from passersby and helps to prevent people from getting a good description of them while they work. More sinister criminals will also use a shield of darkness for stalking, assault or peeping tom activities. While you may want to shave a few dollars off of your monthly electric bill, you may also be placing yourself in grave danger. Turn your outdoor lights on this evening and consider installing UltraEye Halogen Motion Sensor Lights in the very near future.

Turn Your Television Off Tonight

How many of you reading this cannot seem to fall asleep without background noise from a television or a radio? You’re not alone in doing so, but you may be putting yourself at risk simply because this sort of background noise may be drowning out other noises that you need to hear…such as an intruder attempting to break in. While the light from a television may give the impression that someone is home and awake inside the house, it is far better to use a silent deterrent made for this specific purpose, such as the Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Device sold on our main site.

Give Us Your Best Advice

What can you offer our readers who are looking for simple ways to increase home security? Did any of these suggestions make you think twice about your own approach to security? Do you have any questions about the tips shared here?
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