A Burglar In Your Bed?

Just when you think that home security crimes can’t get anymore bizarre, a story like this one comes along to prove you wrong. I’m sure many of you heard this week’s dumb criminal story about a Santa Ana, California burglar sleeping in a victim’s bed. What you may not have realized (at least I didn’t when I first heard about it) is that the victim was already in the bed…fast asleep! Can you imagine waking up to discover that someone has broken into your home and joined you for a little late-night snooze?!

The Story

For those of you who missed this one, according to Los Angeles’ ABC website, a man was awakened in the middle of the night when he felt something touching his leg. Okay, that’s creepy enough, but upon further inspection this poor guy discovers that the bedroom intruder is none other than his 20-year old neighbor, Ruben Diego Ortega. After chasing this familiar criminal out of his home, he discovers that he’s been robbed. Of course, he calls the police and leads them to Ruben’s front door at which time the 20-year old confesses.

As for seeking out his neighbor’s bed for a rest, Ruben says he got sleepy on his way out of the home and it sounded like a good idea at the time.

Home Security Lessons

Oh, the lessons we can learn from this story:

  • Sometimes your neighbors are burglars
  • Burglars get sleepy on the job, too
  • Arm your security system at night
  • Keep your doors and windows locked at all times
  • Drugs make you stupid

For clarity’s sake, no one’s reported it, but I’m just assuming that this guy was on drugs. What else explains his unique style of burglary? Lucky for him, though, he’s probably got a little detoxification period in his future.

But Seriously…

Never let your guard down as home security is nothing to play around with. This guy could have just as easily been a murderer, a rapist or could have just simply robbed his neighbor blind. That he managed to break into the house and lie down next to his victim without immediately awakening him should be terrifying enough to make us all think seriously about strengthening our home security systems to make sure that such a bizarre event never takes place in our homes.
Ralph Winn

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