Police Use GPS to Locate Burglar after Home Invasion

GPSAs it turns out, GPS is good for much more than just getting lost on the freeway. One Arizona man recently learned this the hard way, and will have plenty of time to think about it from behind bars. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, 37-year-old James Yunis of Chino Valley was busted after burglarizing a home in Phoenix, which in itself is nothing out of the ordinary. The suspect got away with some undisclosed jewelry and electronics, but the police were able to track him down because one of the stolen goods was fitted with a GPS tracking device.

GPS Works

At Home Security Store, we’re constantly saying how GPS tracking technologies can be used to secure valuables, and that’s why we’re proud to carry popular GPS devices like the Tracking Key Pro Micro GPS Tracking System and the Tracking Key Micro GPS Tracking System. But news stories like the one out of Arizona remind us that such precautions aren’t merely hypothetical. Everyday people are really benefiting from these technologies.

A Burglar Learns a Harsh Lesson

According to the article, the victim of the robbery contacted police after tracking his stolen goods with his GPS system. Officials then paid a visit to the home of the alleged burglar, and found the stolen goods under his bed. The home reportedly belongs to Yunis’s father, who allowed police to enter and search the premises. The suspect was taken into custody, and the victim’s items were returned. If only every home invasion story could have this kind of happy ending.

Using GPS to Your Advantage

There are some important lessons to take away from this story. First, if you’re 37 years old and still living with your parents, a police raid is the least of your worries. Second, GPS is an excellent way to secure your valuables. Today’s GPS devices are remarkably accurate, and they’re small enough to fit just about anywhere. You can discreetly place them inside backpacks, laptop cases, jewelry boxes, and even your car. In fact, even most experienced car thieves won’t even think to look for a miniature GPS device hidden on the vehicle, so in that regard, it can be even more effective than LoJack (which professional thieves immediately disengage).

Give Yourself the GPS Advantage

Just like that savvy homeowner in Arizona, you can give yourself the GPS advantage easily and inexpensively. Home Security Store carries a wide variety of high-tech GPS solutions at affordable prices, and some of these sophisticated systems are even capable of tracking and recording the routes taken – such as in a vehicle. We’re living in the era of James Bond technology, but if you’re still living like Fred Flintstone, it may be time to bring your personal security into the 21st century.

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