5 Unusual Home Security Essentials That You Need Right Now

watchdog alarmAlarms and surveillance cameras are the essentials of a good security system. But what makes a truly great security system? If you’re serious about protecting your home, business or other property, you’ll want to look beyond the keypads and the motion sensors, and implement some savvy safety measures you might not have known existed. Here are some of our favorite home security supplements that you may want to consider adding to your digital shopping list.

Fake TV Burglar Deterrents

It uses no more energy than a standard nightlight, but it emits the same kinds of light patterns that you would see projecting from a television onto a window in the middle of the night. Criminals will think you’re watching television, even if you’re fast asleep in your bed or far away on some tropical vacation. This is an extremely inexpensive but effective way to keep the burglars from entering your home.

Locking Window Bars

You want to sleep with the window open to let the cool air in, but you don’t want uninvited guests climbing into your home while you sleep. The solution? Locking window bars, also referred to as burglar bars. These security bars can easily be adjusted to give you just the right amount of air without enabling intruders to gain entry. They’re childproof, burglar proof, and simple to install.

Diversion Safes

A diversion safe won’t prevent intruders from entering your home, but it will prevent them from finding some of your most treasured valuables. These ingenious devices are designed to look exactly like everyday objects: hairspray bottles, shaving cream cans, books and even clocks, but they’re actually used to conceal valuable objects like cash, jewelry and small electronic devices.

Watchdog Alarms

It’s no secret that dogs make excellent burglary deterrents, but what if you don’t have a dog? Or what if your dog sleeps even more soundly than you do? In that case, it’s time to get your paws on a good watchdog alarm. These alarms can detect a human presence through glass, doors and even walls, and they use highly realistic barking sounds to ward off intruders. As you can imagine, they’re far more effective than the classic “Beware of Dog” sign.

Deadbolt Protectors

Are you familiar the concept of lock bumping? If not, you should be. Criminals use devices known as bump keys to gain entry to locked doors, including deadbolts. Anyone can purchase a bump key over the Internet, and unless you have the proper lock bumping protector on your door, you may be vulnerable right now.

Protect Your Home

Protecting your home doesn’t have to be as expensive or complicated as installing an intricate hardwired alarm system with 16 surveillance cameras. Even the little things can make a huge difference. Whether you’re investing in a dummy camera, a yard sign or even an imaginary watchdog, you can achieve renewed peace of mind and a more secure perimeter using the simplest of tools.

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