Combating Mail Theft

Mail theftLooking for an easy score, a lot of criminals specialize in breaking into mailboxes instead of (or in addition to) homes. For one, a lot of mailboxes are of the standalone variety and most are not covered by a security alarm or a surveillance system. Heck, a lot aren’t even secured by a lock. Of those that do lock, most are easy enough to break into within a matter of seconds.

Money Is the Object

One of the best scores a burglar is likely looking for when breaking into a mailbox is money. Not cash, of course, but credit cards, debit cards and checks will usually do just fine. Although mail theft is a federal crime, when considering how easy it is to break into most mailboxes, that a criminal can easily break into several within a single hour makes the risk worth it for some.

Stealing Your Identity

Thieves are also interested in obtaining sensitive identity information when breaking into a mailbox. This information includes things like your name, your date of birth, your social security number or your driver license information, or even banking account and credit card numbers.

Valuable Medications

Increasingly, more people are receiving medications for family members and pets via home delivery. The idea of scoring such meds can be quite alluring to a thief who either has a drug addiction or one who can sell the drugs to someone who manufactures street drugs or who simply sells the drugs outright on the black market.

Protecting Your Sensitive Mail From Theft

Securing your mailbox against this type of theft is pretty easy. By replacing your current mailbox with one like the Secure Mail Vault, you can create a barrier between your mail and a thief looking for an easy score.

In addition to installing a sturdier mailbox, also consider angling a security camera to watch over your mailbox and record any activity in the area.

Your Ideas

How secure is your mailbox? What important information did we miss in this post? We look forward to hearing your thoughts on how to increase mail security in the comments section below.

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