Singing Fish Prevents Burglary in Minnesota

Burglary DeterrentsThe headline pretty much says it all, folks. A Big Mouth Billy Bass has reportedly stopped an attempted burglary in its tracks, at a store in Rochester, Minnesota. According to a report from the local NBC affiliate, shop owner Tom Allen arrived at work one morning to find that the door was open. At first, he thought that perhaps an employee had entered before him, but then he noticed the novelty singing fish on the floor.

Shop Owner Notices Fishy Activity

“When I saw Billy Bass on the floor, I knew something was really up,” Allen told reporters. “And when I tried to close the door and it wouldn’t close at all, I just knew that Billy Bass had done his job, and let somebody know that it wasn’t just empty or something.” Allen believes that Billy’s heavenly vibrato served to frighten the would-be burglars away, and he’s probably right.

The Phenomenon that is Billy                             

For those unaware, Big Mouth Billy Bass is a popular animatronic fish, which pivots its head back and forth and sings fun, classic songs like Don’t Worry Be Happy. Billy is mounted to a plaque like a real game fish, and is activated by buttons as well as motion detection sensors. Unless you’ve been living in a cave since 1998, you have most likely seen Billy in action at one time or another. And while he may be popular as a novelty gift, you probably never realized that he could be used to stop burglaries.

Billy’s Lesson for Us All

Burglary deterrents come in all shapes and sizes, and while we can certain enjoy a few laughs over this unusual tale of a heroic toy fish, there is a more serious underlying takeaway to consider. As stories like this remind us, burglars are easily startled. They don’t like to get caught, and they don’t like to put themselves in situations that can draw attention to their presence. That’s why even the most seemingly innocuous deterrents can go a long way in warding off intruders. Bright lights and loud noises are like kryptonite to a tiptoeing crook.

Don’t Let Your Home Security Flounder

At Home Security Store, we haven’t quite tackled the singing fish market, but we do have a number of extremely effective burglary deterrents, including motion-activated dog bark alarms, fake TV lights, dummy cameras and solar-powered lights. Securing your home or business can be extremely simple and affordable, and the little touches can make a big difference.

Give the Fish His Due

So if you’re ever in Rochester, Minnesota, stop in Hooked on Fishing and thank Billy the Brave Bass for saving the day. Billy probably won’t understand a word you’re saying, but he just might serenade you with a spirited rendition of Blue Suede Shoes.

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