Is Your Home Security System Truly Secure?

improve home securityThere is a famous series of Calvin & Hobbes cartoons, which begin with the family’s return from a relaxing vacation. Calvin and his parents learn that their home has been burglarized, and understandably, they’re quite startled. As the husband and wife assess the damage, the wife says to the husband, “This is one of those things you always figure will happen to someone else,” to which the husband replies, “Unfortunately, we’re all someone else to someone else.” Truer words were never spoken.

Far too many of us are blasé about our security systems, because we have simply become complacent. We think it won’t happen to us.  The fact is that a quality home security system can save you thousands, sometimes millions of dollars in stolen property, and in some cases, it can even save your life. But it’s not enough to just slap a control panel onto your wall. How do you know that your home security system is truly up to the task? Burglars will exploit even the most subtle vulnerabilities in an alarm system, and it’s important to ensure that your security is actually, well…secure. Have you taken the time to put your system to the test?

Cover Up any Wiring

If you have a hardwired alarm system, and you have loose copper wires hanging anywhere indoors or outdoors, take some time to cover them up. Burglars will often cut the wires immediately upon finding them, not only because copper is so valuable, but because hardwired systems are pretty useless without a solid wired connection.

Test Your System

When is the last time you actually tested your system? Six months ago? A year ago? Five years ago? You should periodically test the alarm in order to ensure that it’s actually functioning properly. Call your monitoring company (if you pay for monitoring services) and let them know that you want to test your system. Then begin accessing and triggering the various functions of your security system. In most cases, everything should be fine, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. When testing your glass-break sensors, you don’t actually have to shatter glass. You can use a glass break sensor tester to simulate the sound of shattering glass.

Back Up Your Power

What happens if your power goes out? Whether due to a power surge, a blackout, or the malicious actions of a skilled burglar? Your alarm should always have a backup source of power, whether in the form of a backup battery or an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).  Never rely on a single source of power to breathe life into your security system.

home surveillance kitAccessorize

What does your security system include? A control panel? A keypad? A siren? A couple of motion sensors? Door and window contacts? We all know what to expect from a typical security system, but there are a lot of components that you won’t find in your typical kit, which can nevertheless take your security to the next level. For instance, window bars can provide much needed reinforcement to your windows. Driveway alarms can provide advance warning whenever an intruder inches toward your home. Motion sensor lights can ward off burglars by shini0ng a spotlight on their covert intrusion.

Add Some Surveillance

Does your home security system include surveillance cameras? If not, it should. DVR-and-camera surveillance systems are now more affordable and easier to operate than ever before, and they can prove invaluable in prosecuting the criminals when an invasion occurs…or if an invasion occurs in the first place. After all, the other benefit of having surveillance cameras is that they make powerful deterrents. Even a really good dummy camera mounted on your front porch will often keep the burglars away.

Let the World Know

You might have the greatest security system in the world, but if crooks are unaware of it, they’ll still attempt to break into your home. Since prevention is the best cure, you’ll want to ensure that any would-be intruders are made well aware of your high-end security before they even attempt to force their way inside. Make sure to post yard signs near the front as well as the back entrance to your home, and place decals on your windows. If you don’t have any decals or yard signs, you can find them all at Home Security Store.

Don’t Take Chances with Your Home Security

Even a simple home security system can offer an unprecedented level of protection, but only if you’re proactive about keeping your ship in order and equipping yourself with the accessories needed to secure your fortress from all sides. So here’s a challenge for you. Put yourself in the mindset of a burglar, and take a stroll through your home. Walk the perimeter, look inside the windows, and then move from room to room. Determine where your security falls short, and then do something about it.

And finally, always remember what’s truly important…


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