Florida Burglar Found Napping on Victim’s Couch

duane-immichAs the nightly news often reminds us, burglars aren’t notable for their exemplary intelligence. Case in point: Duane Immich. This would-be car burglar was found napping on the living room couch of the very home he was trying to rob in Mount Dora, Florida. Apparently, robbing houses is very exhausting work, but fortunately Mr. Immich will have plenty of time to catch up on his shuteye from within his cell at the Lake County Jail.

An Unpleasant Awakening

According to a report from WFTV, Florida homeowner Judith Smolinski awoke one morning to find the 26-year-old snoozer. Not only was he sound asleep on her sofa, but he had even helped himself to a beer from the fridge. “I was in my kitchen going to make coffee and I heard snoring,” Smolinski told reporters. “I walked in the living room and there was a strange man on my couch curled up, covered up with my blanket.” Smolinski also noted that the burglar was holding one of her kitchen knives when she found him.

A Burglar with a Past

As you can probably guess, the terrified home invasion victim called the police. The authorities immediately responded, and Immich was then taken into custody and held without bond. According to investigators, Immich had broken into the house after a long burglary spree, and was in possession of evidence that linked him to three other burglaries and a car break-in. Furthermore, it turns out that Immich has a lengthy arrest record that includes grand theft, drug possession and aggravated assault.

The Takeaway

Sure, the headline is rather amusing, and the story makes for some great late-night talk show fodder, but there is a chilling underlying element. This criminal had entered Ms. Smolinski’s home in the middle of the night and remained there completely undetected. Burglars (well…skilled burglars, anyway) excel at slipping in quietly. You can forget about the dramatic Hollywood depictions of aggressive home invaders who enter with crowbars and ski masks, because real intruders almost never smash glass or break down doors. They just don’t want the confrontation. If a professional makes his way into your home, you probably won’t even know about it until it’s too late.

Protect Yourself

1424795_74178082Once you understand the craftiness of these ne’er-do-wells, the next step is to take action to avoid becoming a victim. If you don’t have a quality home security system, consider investing in one. With so many options available, great security is more affordable than ever, but even if you can’t afford a full-fledged alarm system, you can still improve your home security. For instance, Home Security Store sells dog bark alarms that accurately mimic the growls and howls of real-life watchdogs.

One Final Thought

Even a simple yard sign can prove highly effective for deterring burglars, but if you decide not to secure your home, please remember to leave a warm blanket on the couch and some cold beer in the fridge. After all, you don’t want to be impolite to your late-night guests.

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