Penn Basketball Player Accused of Dorm Burglary

door room burglaryUniversity of Pennsylvania freshman basketball guard Tony Bagtas was reportedly arrested last weekend on burglary charges, stemming from a recent string of dorm room invasions at the university. In all, eight burglaries have been reported, but as of this writing, Bagtas has only been charged in connection with one of the invasions at Penn’s renowned Quadrangle dorm. The news was initially reported by the school’s student newspaper, The Daily Pennsylvanian.

Surrounding Details

According to reports, all eight burglaries occurred on Saturday, and stolen items included electronics and cash. There were no signs of forced entry in any of the incidents, leading investigators to conclude that the thief or thieves targeted unlocked rooms. Maureen Rush, the school’s Vice President for Public Safety, has since urged students to keep their doors locked at all times. “By leaving the door unlocked, people are tempting someone to come in and take what they don’t have,” she said in a statement.

Rush also noted that burglaries in the area are extremely rare, although another string did occur in December of 2013. Those four burglaries remain unsolved. As for Bagtas, he was charged with two felonies (burglary and criminal trespassing) and two misdemeanors (theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property). He has been removed from the dorm and is scheduled to appear in court on April 8 for a preliminary hearing.

The #1 Rule of Dorm Security

Dorm burglaries are a very real concern for today’s student population. When you consider the lack of privacy and internal security, it’s not difficult for opportunistic thieves to treat the dormitory as their own personal buffet line. As previously emphasized, it’s extremely important to lock your door at all times. Don’t get so caught up in the vibrant communal atmosphere that you forget to exercise common sense.

dorm room security

Tony Bagtas

If you’re taking in the full college experience, complete with ramen noodles and dorm living, consider protecting your space with a quality alarm system. Many college students don’t even consider the value of a security system for their dorm room, because the technology just seems so expensive and complicated. After all, is it really worth it to hardwire a full-fledged security solution in what essentially amounts to a closet-sized room? Well, no, but believe it or not, there exists a wide range of reliable systems designed specifically for simplicity and affordability.

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Protect Your Dorm

Please stay tuned, because next week we’re going to follow up with a more comprehensive post that delves into much greater detail about dorm security, with a series of simple but highly effective tips on how you can masterfully burglarproof your dorm room. In the meantime, remember to keep that door locked. There is nothing that thieves love more than an easy target, and as a college student, you already have enough financial burdens to worry about.

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