How to Minimize the Loss from a Burglary

burglary-preventionSo you’ve assembled the home security system of your dreams, complete with state-of-the-art motion detectors, window contacts, glass-break sensors and surveillance cameras. Nevertheless, a crafty thief has infiltrated your ostensibly impenetrable fortress and made off with your valuables. Unfortunately, there are two kinds of burglars who will sweep right past a home security system: the smartest ones, and the dumbest ones. The really smart ones can bypass sophisticated alarms, and the really dumb ones will simply set off the alarm and take whatever they can get in a smash-and-grab fashion. But whether your home is invaded by a criminal mastermind or a brainless bumpkin, there are ways in which you can minimize the loss of valuable property.

Which Household Items are Most Likely to Be Stolen?

Before you can effectively devise a strategy for securing your valuables, you first need to understand which household items are most likely to be taken. According to Property Room, a popular online police auction service, the following valuables have some of the highest reported theft rates in the nation.

  1. Bicycles
  2. Power Tools
  3. Gold Jewelry
  4. Laptops
  5. Cell Phones
  6. Hunting Equipment
  7. Small Electronics (especially Apple products)
  8. Decorative Weapons
  9. Lawn Mowers
  10. Small Boats

Invest in a Sturdy Safe

A large safe can be a costly investment, but it may save you thousands of dollars in loss. Use it to secure jewelry, electronics, cash, sensitive files and more. You can also purchase specialized safes for weapons and power tools. Choose a safe of at least 1.2 cubits, preferably with a bolt-down kit. A safe like this will weigh about 100 pounds empty, and most conventional thieves won’t even bother with it.

Hide Your Valuables Like a Pro

For small valuables, concealment can work wonders. The trick is to be clever about it. For instance, don’t hide your spare key inside of a fake rock on the porch. Everyone knows that trick. Great hiding places include hollowed-out books and coffee cans. Home Security Store even sells a diversion safe that looks like—and functions as—a wall clock. These small spaces are perfect for hiding your fine jewelry, cash, spare keys and small electronics.

preventing-burglariesUse Your Kitchen to Your Advantage

While we’re on the subject of concealment, the kitchen is one of the best places to hide valuables. In burglary situations, thieves will typically avoid this room altogether, because it’s inconveniently located and seldom contains desirable goods. As a result, the kitchen is the ideal place to hide those hollowed-out books, coffee cans and diversion safes. Your cabinets and cupboards are useful for more than just storing your Cap’n Crunch (by the way, Cap’n Crunch boxes also make great hiding places for small valuables…just saying).

Keep Records

Even if a cadre of clever crooks does make off with your prized possessions and disappear into the night, you may not have to count it as a total loss. Keep a detailed inventory of all your valuables, including serial numbers, photographs, dates of purchase and original value. Keep this inventory in a safe place away from your home, and add to it as needed. If you provide your insurance with this information in your time of need, you may be able to replace much of your stolen property at little to no out-of-pocket cost.

Set Up Surveillance

A quality surveillance system may not prevent burglars from invading your home, but it may enable you to identify the perpetrators. It’s important to have a combination of indoor and outdoor surveillance, so that you can have the best chance of identifying faces, vehicles, license plates and—most importantly—evidence. This will make it far easier for law enforcement to catch the criminals and possibly recover your stolen items. Home Security Store offers a wealth of affordable, high-quality home surveillance systems that can give you the added protection necessary to deter would-be thieves and place crooks behind bars. Secure your home today.

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