Preventing Unlawful Entry – What You Need to Know

preventing-unlawful-entryMovies and television dramas bombard us with depictions of ruthless criminals smashing their way into the homes of unsuspecting victims, whether to commit burglary or acts of violence. It may surprise you, however, to learn that the majority of home invasions occur without the use of force. This is known as unlawful entry, and it’s every burglar’s preferred means of access. It requires no loud noises, it leaves behind very little evidence, and it ensures the greatest chance of undetected escape. Before you start thinking about alarms, surveillance kits and fancy high-tech deterrents, you should begin by focusing on how to prevent this easily avoidable household vulnerability.

Lock Your Doors

It’s absolutely critical that you keep all of your doors locked at all times, and not just when you’re out and about. Nearly two-thirds of burglars enter through the front door, and the majority of them are able to just walk right in. For instance, we recently wrote about a string of dorm room burglaries at the University of Pennsylvania, all of which occurred in rooms that were left unlocked. Many criminals will go from door to door in search of easy targets. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable.

Secure Your Windows

When locked doors prove inconvenient, many intruders will opt for window entry. Far too many of us are complacent about our windows, securing them with a simple latch or failing to secure them at all. Furthermore, an open window is like a bullseye to a burglar. Make sure never to leave your windows open more than 6 inches, and secure them in place with a lock or burglar bar. And most important at all, never leave your windows unlocked.

Set up Cameras and Signs

With a couple of strategically placed surveillance cameras and home security signs, you can easily turn your residence into a criminal’s kryptonite. Even a fake camera—if highly visible—will stop potential burglars in their tracks, and an illuminated yard sign announces that your home is armed and secured (even if it isn’t). Just make sure that these deterrents are placed in highly visible locations, both in the front yard and backyard. Many criminals will attempt to enter through the back, and we certainly don’t want them to miss the message.

home invasion robberyInstall a Lock Bump Protector

Okay, so this one requires a bit of an explanation. Lock bumping technically constitutes forced entry, because a criminal must use tools to manipulate the lock on your front door. If you’re curious about how the process works, you can learn more about it here. Nevertheless, we’re including it in this list because the process is relatively quick and leaves no evidence behind. In fact, a criminal can rob a home with a bump key and exit without leaving the slightest trace that he was ever in your home. That’s why it’s so important to install a lock bump protector on your front door.

Educate Your Kids

No matter how diligent we are about securing our homes from unlawful entry, our efforts are all for naught if we fail to instill this necessary wisdom in our children. So make sure to teach your kids about the critical importance of always locking doors and windows, and make family safety a top priority. Finally, if you’re looking to take your home security the next level with an affordable and sophisticated alarm system, check out the selection at Home Security Store. We offer the best value on the most advanced equipment around, and we can help you fulfill all of your home security needs.

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