The Top 5 Uses for 2-Way Video Intercoms

intercom-usesI recently happened upon an old I Love Lucy rerun, in which the lovable crank Fred Mertz had set up an intercom system linking his guest house to the Ricardos’ main house. The episode originally aired in April of 1957, and it serves as a fascinating reminder of how the most practical technologies never fall out of fashion. In fact, Americans have been using intercommunicating telephone systems since the 1890s, and today, the technology is leaps and bounds beyond anything imagined by previous generations. With long-distance range, high-resolution video capability and even LED illumination, the modern video intercom is an innovative reinvention of one of our most classic communication technologies. Just consider some of the major uses.

Doorbell Replacement

A two-way video intercom system makes for an excellent 21st century doorbell. Communicate with visitors from anywhere in your home, and spare yourself the potential danger of stepping outside to greet total strangers. The home security applications are enormous, and these devices are especially useful for homes with children. If your mobility is limited, you’ll also benefit tremendously from the ability to answer the door without leaving the comfort of your chair.

Baby Monitoring

Homes have been using intercoms as baby monitors for decades, but video monitoring really takes it to the next level. You can easily keep your eye on your little ones from anywhere in the home as you go about your daily tasks, watch television or eat lunch. And since we’re talking about seamless two-way communication, your soothing voice and smiling face are always within reach. When we were children ourselves, we would see this kind of technology on The Jetsons. Now all we’re missing are the flying cars.

Office Communication

When you work in an office environment, it’s important to stay connected. Two-way intercoms provide an invaluable link between colleagues who require constant communication but can’t always be in the same room. They provide a useful visual element that you just don’t get from telephone and conference calls, and unlike Skype, they provide crystal clear audio and video without exhausting your company’s bandwidth. And best of all, if your boss starts to annoy you, you can just turn him off (okay, maybe that’s not such a great idea).

iStock_000011119404SmallCaring for the Sick and Elderly

If you care for the sick or elderly, it can be extremely difficult to keep a close watch at all times, and to meet all of the person’s needs. In fact, it’s easy to turn into a total a basket case when you have to constantly check in and ensure that everything is okay. A two-way monitor can be a real breath of fresh air, as it gives you the freedom to go about your day while still observing and caring for those who depend on you.

Watching Pets

Do you have a mischievous cat who loves to attack the Christmas tree? A stubborn puppy that you’re trying in vain to housetrain? A St. Bernard who constantly digs holes right beneath your favorite azaleas? When you can keep an eye on those trouble areas, you can train your pets with much greater ease and effectiveness. Pets have no understanding of technology; they will just assume that you’re some sort of omnipresent godlike presence who probably shouldn’t be messed with. Or maybe Fido will just forget about the whole thing and go back to licking himself.

Additional Uses

Two-way video intercoms are also great for opening up convenient lines of communication between specific rooms (like the kitchen and garage), and for monitoring your business entrance from inside your office. Can you think of other ways in which you’ve found two-way video intercoms to be useful? If so, please let us know in the comments section. These versatile devices have myriad uses, and they’re extremely popular because they essentially enable you to be in two places at once. Home Security Store offers a variety of expandable two-way video intercom systems to satisfy every conceivable need, and the possibilities are virtually limitless.

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