Restaurant Owners Chase Down Burglary Suspect Caught on Surveillance Video

burglar-or-copA Colorado burglary suspect has been arrested after being recognized and chased down by a restaurant owner whose business he had allegedly robbed. Karim Moulkelleh and Said Ouag, two brothers-in-law from the Denver area, arrived at their newly opened restaurant last Wednesday to discover that it had been broken into. The crook had made off with cash and a laptop, and the whole ordeal was caught on surveillance video, according to a report from ABC Denver.

Caught on Tape

“I watched it at least 10 times in one hour,” Moulkelleh told reporters. “I watched it and re-watched it.” One day after the burglary, Moulkelleh saw the man again – this time in the flesh. “When I saw his eyes, I recognized him from his face,” he said. “And he was wearing the same clothes, too.” Moulkelleh then called out to Ouag, who called 911.

Fortunately, an officer drove by as Moulkelleh and Ouag were confronting the man. The suspect tried to flee the scene, but Moulkelleh chased him and tackled him. “I was so lucky,” Moulkelleh said with a laugh. “The police car was next to us in 15 seconds. He was there.”


The suspect was discovered to be in possession of a pry bar and was taken into custody by police. According to police records, 50-year-old James Harvey was charged with second-degree burglary and possession of burglary tools. The brothers’ cash and laptop have not been returned, but Moulkelleh told reporters that they aren’t concerned about the stolen items. Said Moulkelleh,”We care that those kind of guys should not be on the street because it’s a threat for everybody.”

Surveillance cameraSurveillance…Not Just a Good Idea

Stories like this serve to remind us about the tremendous value of business surveillance. If it weren’t for the brothers’24-hour security system, Moulkelleh would never have identified the suspect, and James Harvey would still be on the loose, possibly burglarizing other homes and businesses (all suspects are innocent until proven guilty…but Mr. Harvey is going to have a heck of a time explaining the pry bar in his possession).

Every day we read about cases in which burglaries are solved by video surveillance footage. In fact, you may recall a story that we covered only a couple of weeks ago, involving a burglary suspect in Florida who unknowingly left his ID at the scene of the crime. The ID itself was a pretty powerful piece of evidence, but the surveillance footage allowed investigators to make a positive identification and definitively place the suspect at the scene of the crime.

Protect Your Business

If your business doesn’t already have a surveillance system in place, the time to act is yesterday. Not only will a quality surveillance system enable you to prevent the loss of valuables and stop burglars in their tracks, but it can even improve workplace productivity and help you to identify areas for improvement in your business. You can find surveillance systems for every business size, and suited for every budget. Regardless of where you purchase your system and what type of system you choose, the important thing is that you do it, because you never know when a 50-year-old man with a pry bar is going to force his way into your establishment.

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