Apartment Burglary Prevention – What You Need to Know

apartment home securityIs your apartment secure? If not, it’s time to take action. Apartments are every bit as vulnerable as houses when it comes to burglaries, and in fact, many burglars actually favor apartments for the simple fact that these living spaces are far less likely to have a security system in place. Lest you should join the ranks of the more than 2 million yearly home invasion victims, it’s critical that you take steps to protect yourself, your family and your property. Securing your apartment is not only easy; It’s also remarkably affordable.

Go Wireless

Chances are, your landlord isn’t too keen on the idea of you tearing up your walls and installing an intricate, hardwired security system. Therein lies the problem with apartment security. Given your installation limitations, wireless security systems are a real godsend. A few short years ago, it would have been virtually impossible to install a quality alarm system in an apartment, but with today’s wireless technologies, you can easily assemble the system of your dreams without tearing up your walls or infuriating your apartment manager.

Warn Potential Intruders

To the criminal element, apartments are often more difficult to case than houses, due to the enclosed nature of apartment complexes, and the limited visibility of the apartments themselves. As a result, apartment burglars are more likely to invade without adequately assessing the environment. Most burglars won’t know whether or not you have a security system, and you can usually ward them off with a few meticulously placed warning signs. Consider purchasing some home security decals and placing them on your windows and front door.

One Word: Surveillance

Much like the aforementioned wireless security systems, surveillance cameras are now more affordable and versatile than ever before. Wireless cameras can be mounted just about anywhere, and many can even be integrated with your mobile phone for round-the-clock monitoring. Apartment burglaries are often committed by residents of the complex, and if you do become a victim of intrusion, you may catch one of your neighbors in the act. Reliable surveillance is essential for any home security plan, because it puts a face to the crime and increases your odds of recovering your stolen property.

deadbolt home securityImprove Your Locks

Does your apartment door use generic locks? Thieves are using sophisticated devices like bump keys to quickly infiltrate traditional locks, so speak to your landlord about improving the locks. If possible, you’ll want to install a grade 1 or 2 solid metal deadbolt for added reinforcement. Just make sure to clear it with your landlord beforehand, and provide them with a copy of the key. Failure to do so may result in punitive action or even eviction.

Lock Your Windows

Does your apartment reside on the first floor? If so, thieves may target your windows for entry. Far too many apartment dwellers rely on the simple latches that rest on top of each window, without taking the time to reinforce those potentially vulnerable entry points. Use window bars or additional locks to secure your windows in place, and never leave them unlocked. If you leave your windows open for fresh air, never open them more than six inches.

Secure Your Apartment  

If you haven’t yet moved into your new apartment, you can start by researching the various local neighborhoods. Sites like city-data.com and neighborhoodscount.com allow you to view detailed crime indexes not only for cities, but also for individual neighborhoods and even blocks. So do your homework, and be proactive about your apartment security. You can find affordable wireless security systems and accessories (including window bars, security cameras and decals) at Home Security Store. Get yours today, and feel a little safer between those four walls.

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