Dallas Burglary Victim Has a Warning for Other Homeowners

ThiefImagine the horror of experiencing a carefully orchestrated burglary firsthand. First you hear a fierce pounding at your front door. Then suddenly the power goes out. You look out your window and find the burglar scurrying straight toward you. He shatters the glass and leaves you virtually helpless, unable to even access your home security system in light of the sudden power outage. It may sound like the plot of a horror movie, but this actually happened to one family in Dallas. NBC reported the story earlier today, and it’s shedding some important light on key burglary prevention measures.


When Dallas resident Paris Sunio described his ordeal to reporters, he recalled the terror of realizing that his home was being invaded. It all took place on Friday, and it began, as previously mentioned, with increasingly loud knocks at the door. “Each subsequent knock would be a lot louder, by the tenth one it became a bang bang bang,” he told NBC, “maybe eight minutes later my power goes off.” Sunio had suspected that the invaders might be burglars from the moment they began knocking, but what happened next truly took him by surprise. Total power failure.

The Aftermath

After the power went out, Sunio hurried to the front window and peered through the blinds. That’s when he saw the burglar marching toward him. “He kind of made a motion and punched the glass, and then I opened up my blind and started yelling whatever I could to startle him like ‘intruder, call the police!’” Sunio then called 911 and barricaded himself inside his office. Thankfully, the police arrived and nobody was harmed, but Sunio won’t soon forget this terrifying experience. Police suspect that the burglars had been casing his home for some time, as there were slats missing in the fence between Sunio’s home and a nearby alley.

1377152_35794384The Lesson

Sunio is now encouraging others to lock their outdoor breakers. If a burglar cuts off your power supply, you may find yourself stranded in the dark, or worse, completely unable to access your home security system. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your security system has a backup power supply, whether in the form of a battery or an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). If your system uses a backup battery, make sure to check it often to ensure that it doesn’t require replacement.

Additional Tips

Okay, so we’ve talked a lot about optimizing your home security system to withstand a power outage, but what if you don’t have a security system to begin with? If your home lacks a safety net, now is the time to do something about it. A home without a security system is three times more likely to be burglarized, so don’t underestimate the importance of professional home security. Oh, and if you see strange men watching your home from a nearby alley, you should probably call the police.

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