Free Home Security? Yes, It is Possible

burglar-break-in-1We all love the word free. Free gift, free beer, free apps…how about free home security? Yes, it is possible, and while you may not be able to pick up a 192-zone alarm system without opening your wallet, there are certainly things you can do right now to quickly and easily enhance your home security, no credit card required. So whether you’re on a budget or just looking to enhance your existing home security plan without breaking the bank, consider the following tips.

Adopt a Dog

The benefit here is twofold, because you’re providing a loving home to an animal in need while also gracing your home with a fully functional canine alert system. Burglars will typically avoid homes with dogs—especially small, yappy dogs—because the incessant barking draws attention to the crime. You don’t need sirens, motion sensors or window contacts to put this particular alarm system into action. You just need lots of love and the occasional Milk Bone.

Trim Your Hedges and Trees

Is your yard looking a bit unkempt? Has your simple porch morphed into the hanging gardens of Babylon, complete with towering hedges, overgrown bushes and spiraling vines? At the risk of upsetting Sting, it’s time to tear down that rainforest. When you allow your foliage to flourish with reckless abandon, you provide a source of cover for thieves, and your home may be targeted as a result. Leave the bad guys with nowhere to hide, and your likelihood of being victimized will drop significantly.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

We hate to point out the obvious, but this tip is definitely worth emphasizing. Many homeowners leave themselves vulnerable by simply failing to exercise common sense. Some criminals will move from home to home in search of an easy target, and you don’t want to provide a simple means of unlawful entry. If you leave your windows open for fresh air, make sure to open them no more than 6 inches, and then lock them in place.

Reinforce Your Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

While we’re on the subject of doors and windows, just how secure are your windows? A simple latch doesn’t provide much security, but you don’t necessarily have to run out and purchase an impenetrable stainless steel window lock from your local home improvement store. You can improve the security of your windows using items that you probably already have in the home. For instance, you can use rods or bars to prevent people from opening the window more than a few inches, or you can drill screws along the perimeter for the same purpose.

Doggie DoorLearn Responsible Social Media

Want to keep the burglars away? Stop checking in on Twitter and Facebook every time you take a trip to the local Coldstone Creamery. As we recently reported, a staggering 80 percent of burglars use social media platforms to seek out victims. So resist the temptation to constantly publicize your whereabouts, and NEVER announce your vacation plans ahead of time. You never know who’s monitoring your feed, and you don’t want to return from Hawaii to find that your home has been looted.

Close Your Curtains and Blinds

You can’t always be home, but you can prevent thieves from assessing the value of your property while you’re away. Don’t provide free advertising to criminals by leaving your consumer electronics on display through the window. When you leave the house, close those curtains and blinds. And if you do notice any strange individuals who appear to be quietly observing your block for extended periods of time, notify the police right away. You may be able to prevent a crime in your neighborhood before it even occurs.

We all love free home security, but everyone should still have a professional system in place. If you’re looking for a top-grade home security system at an affordable price, check out the wide selection at Home Security Store. Arm your home with the ultimate protection, and experience renewed peace of mind.

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