Are Hardwired Home Security Systems Still Worth It?

burglar alarm maintenanceWith the emergence of user-friendly, easily configured wireless alarms, you may understandably be wondering whether hardwired alarm systems are still worth the investment. After all, on the surface they seem to require much more labor and hassle for around the same price as a wireless unit. So have hardwired systems become the VHS tapes of the home security world? Not so fast. There are a lot of impressive wireless technologies out there, but don’t write off the wired classics just yet.

Is Your Home Wired for a Security System?

Wireless home security systems were initially developed to accommodate residences and businesses where hardwiring is difficult or even impossible. When purchasing a new home or commercial property, you should always determine if a structure is already wired for a security system. The previous owner(s) may have had a system in place, and that can make it much easier to install a new system. If you’re planning to install the system yourself, you’ll still have to contend with the programming process, but even that chore becomes easy with a bit of affordable, professional phone consulting.

Hacker-Proof Technology

The more primitive technologies have certain advantages. Landline phones aren’t subject to wireless signal loss, old school video games are impervious to viruses, and of course, hardwired alarm systems are incapable of being hacked and manipulated. Criminals may try to cut your wires and disable your system, but as long as you don’t leave any of the wiring exposed, you won’t be vulnerable to this type of interception. The big threat with wireless alarms is that tech-savvy criminals will surreptitiously gain access to your automation features and disarm your system without you even realizing it. You never have to worry about this problem when you have a hardwired model.

Multifaceted Expandability

Wireless systems tend to be fairly homogenous. For instance, if you purchase a control panel from Brand A, you typically cannot use peripherals from Brand B. But with hardwired systems, you can usually mix and match components from different brands in order to create a truly custom system. Quite often, you can even modify your control panel to communicate with wireless components, thereby turning your simple hardwired security system into a versatile hybrid mechanism that allows for the maximum protection all around.

60-511-02-95Less Need for Batteries

One of the downsides to owning a wireless home security system is that you constantly need to replace the battery in each component. With a hardwired system, you’ll need nothing more than a backup battery for your most essential accessories, and most of the time you’ll never need to worry about powering your alarm. The whole thing virtually takes care of itself.

Aesthetic Value

Hardwired home security systems are literally constructed into the home itself, which means fewer protruding parts. The keypads are built into the wall, the door and window contacts are typically invisible, and the control panel is discreetly tucked away. In other words, when you take the hardwired approach, it’s much easier to build a system that doesn’t clash or interfere with your home décor.

Thinking of Purchasing a Home Security System?

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