Home Safety for the Elderly

home safety for the elderlyAs you drift into your golden years, your safety needs change. You want to maintain your independence, but you must be more proactive than ever before about keeping yourself safe and secure inside the home. You don’t need to turn your life around or dismantle your home; you just need to make a few simple modifications to ensure that you’re equipped to meet the unique challenges associated with growing older.

Consider the Following Tips

Add handrails to your stairs on both sides, and also inside the shower. And while we’re on the subject of showers, you’ll also want to line the floor with a quality floor mat.

Get a medical alert system. In the event of a fall, cardiac event or other medical emergency, you need a lifeline that enables you to call for help from any location, especially if you’re unable to reach a phone. With a medical alert system at your side, you’re always in control.

Install automated lighting. With automated and motion-sensored lighting, you’ll never need to fumble around in the dark, and you’ll always have a convenient source of illumination when you need it.

Use double-sided tape on area rugs. When not properly restrained, area rugs can become a slippery household hazard, especially when they’re placed over hard floors.

Install smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors throughout the home, and check them monthly to ensure that they’re all working properly.

medlical alert

A medical alert system can quite literally be a lifesaver.

Never let strangers into your home for any reason. If a solicitor comes to your door and you’re not expecting them, just send them away. If you are expecting them, make sure to check their identification before allowing them into your home.

Keep your doors locked at all times. This one may seem like common sense, but far too many of us forget to heed this simple but essential tip. Make sure to keep your windows locked as well.

Get a quality home security system if you don’t already have one. The good news is that senior citizens are statistically no more likely to become home invasion victims than any other members of the population, but it’s still important to secure your home.

Don’t keep large quantities of money inside your home. In the event that a robbery does occur, you don’t want to lose a sizable portion of your savings to criminals. Keep your money in a bank or credit union.

You Can Be Independent

The big takeaway here is that you don’t need to surrender your independence just because you’re growing older. With a few simple modifications, you can feel perfectly safe and confident in your own home as you go about your daily routine. Home Security Store carries a wide array of home and personal safety products for people from every walk of life, and we invite you to check out our inventory and experience true freedom for yourself.

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