Home Security Advice from Actual Burglars

iStock_000005678666MediumMost burglars are unskilled amateurs in search of an easy target. We say it often at Home Security Store, but it’s an important point to reinforce. When you understand the ineptitude of the average home invader, it’s much easier to recognize the importance of a good security system. In other words, you don’t need CIA technology to secure your home. But what happens if you’re targeted by one of the rare but dreaded professional burglars? How do you protect your home then? For that, it’s best to seek the advice of someone who knows firsthand. We’ll want to see what actual professional burglars are saying.

What Do the Experts Recommend?

I stumbled upon a fascinating article from MSN Money, entitled A Master Thief’s Home Security Tips. The title pretty much says it all, and the article does not disappoint. William T. Shaw, a former member of the Dinner Set Gang (one of America’s most notorious burglary rings), is the subject of the article, and provides a wealth of fascinating and important insights that every homeowner should be made aware of. If you haven’t seen the article, you should definitely read it in its entirety, but I have included some of the highlights here.

6 Major Takeaways from the Article

1. Don’t blab about your vacation plans to everyone in sight, and don’t announce them ahead of time on social media. As Shaw noted in the article, “Stop treating strangers like they’re you’re best friend.” Shaw further noted that criminals have informants everywhere, and some of his own informants included hair stylists and carpet installers.

2. Remember to place home security decals and yard signs along the back of your house, and not just in in the front yard. Shaw told MSN that “the No. 1 way into a home is through the French doors or sliding doors in the back.”

3. Invest in a quality surveillance system. “[Burglars] don’t have the time — or in many cases the talent — to disable surveillance systems,” Shaw told MSN. “And they don’t want video surveillance of them rummaging through your home winding up in the cops’ hands or worse, on the evening news for their own neighbor to finger them.”

iStock_000003918820XSmall4. Adopt a canine companion. “Little yappy dogs are a huge turnoff,” Shaw observed. “I would never go into a house that has one.” Shaw further noted that criminals are deterred by dogs because the little monsters just won’t stop barking, and the incessant noise can easily draw the attention of neighbors or even the owners.

5. Use your kitchen to your advantage. This one may come as a surprise to many people, but Shaw pointed out that he always keeps his safe in the kitchen. “That’s the absolute last place robbers go. I never went into a kitchen.”

6. Don’t use your garbage for advertising. TV boxes, computer packaging, receipts for large purchases…burglars love these things. Many of them will dig through your trash to determine which homes are worth robbing, so be very careful about what you throw away in your own home.

Don’t Let the Burglars Win

With a bit of planning, you can deter even the most skilled criminals. It all starts with a quality home security system. Check out Home Security Store to view a wide array of affordable systems for every home, and take steps to protect your loved ones and personal possessions from even the savviest and most skilled crooks out there. 

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