Is Your Home Security System Missing Something?

alarm2So you think you have the ultimate home security system. Whether you installed it yourself or placed your fate in the hands of a professional installer, you may want to take a few moments to determine whether you actually have everything you need. Because even if your system is sufficient, you may be surprised by how easily you can take it to the next level with just one or two simple accessories. Make your way through the following checklist and see if you have everything you need to effectively keep the bad guys away.

Door/Window Contacts

Some systems rely exclusively on motion sensors to detect unlawful entry, but a complete system will also require door and window contacts on all major entry points. Maybe you already have contacts on your front door and window, and that’s a great start, but it’s important to note that many burglars enter through the back, so pick up some extra contacts if you need them. They’re small, inexpensive, and extremely reliable.

Motion Detector

Most alarm systems come equipped with at least one motion detector, but the problem is that many of these systems come equipped with only one. Unless you live in a third-story apartment, your home probably has more than one vulnerable entry point, so if you’re still relying on a single sensor, it’s time to upgrade your home security plan. If you have dogs and cats running around, you can even purchase pet-immune motion detectors.


A good siren can send burglars running for the hills, but a quality strobe light adds a heightened level of intimidation that sirens alone seldom achieve. If you want to turn a great home security system into a powerhouse, consider upgrading your standard siren with a siren/strobe combo. It makes for a very powerful psychological deterrent, and it’s an easy modification to make.

Key Fobs and Mobile Control

If you have a wireless or hybrid home security system, you may be able to incorporate remote access, whether in the form of key fobs or mobile apps. A key fob will even work with many hardwired units (the trick is finding a model that’s compatible with your system), and it can make an invaluable tool to have in an emergency situation. Mobile integration allows you to unlock an array of automation features and even manage your system from halfway across the world. If your system doesn’t currently support mobile control, you may be able to optimize it by installing a wireless module inside your control panel. Consult your documentation.

Winn Dummy CamSurveillance

No home security system is complete without a few surveillance cameras. Not only do cameras make excellent deterrents, but they can help secure a conviction in the event that a burglary does occur. Even professional burglars are intimidated by security cameras, and quite often, these devices can be even more effective than alarms when it comes to warding off criminals.

Signs and Decals

One of the easiest home security modifications is also one of the most forgotten. You may have the most sophisticated alarm system under the sun, but if no one knows about it, you may still suffer the trauma of a break-in. Make sure to surround your home with yard signs and decals that alert the world to your top notch security system…even if you don’t actually have a security system .

Additional Burglary Deterrents

We’ve already touched upon the subject of deterrents, but cameras and yard signs are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a few additional deterrents that definitely deserve an honorable mention. For instance, motion-sensored lighting is highly effective for preventing nighttime burglaries, as are TV lights. Dog bark alarms can emulate the presence of a fierce guard dog, and if you can’t afford a full-fledged surveillance camera, you can still deter burglars with a quality dummy camera.

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