The Top 3 Home Security Essentials

HomeIs your home secure? Burglary prevention is all about being proactive, and it doesn’t take tremendous effort to protect your home against thieves. It’s all about having the right tools at your disposal. The majority of burglars in the U.S. are committed by unskilled males under the age of 25, most of whom are looking for easy targets. There are a lot of home security products out there, from full-fledged systems to simple burglary deterrents, but we have narrowed down the three most important, which no home should ever be without.

1. An Alarm System

First and foremost, every home should have a quality alarm system in place. It is the single most important ingredient in any home security recipe, and it’s the first thing that criminals look for when casing a home. Home security systems are more affordable than ever, and many of the newer wireless systems are incredibly easy to install. Make sure to advertise your system with plenty of yard signs and decals, so that any would-be intruders are made instantly aware of your armed security.

2. Surveillance Cameras

No, you don’t need to drop $3,000 on a government-grade surveillance system. Even a couple of simple, inexpensive IP (Internet protocol) cameras can be extremely effective for optimizing your home security. And when placed in a highly visible location (such as on a front porch), security cameras can make excellent burglary deterrents. In the event of an actual home invasion, your cameras may help to secure a conviction, while improving your odds of recovering any stolen property. Most importantly, the footage removes the mystery from the crime, thereby enabling you to maintain your power in the situation. If you’re on a budget, you can use dummy cameras to scare away burglars.

3. Security Lights

It may surprise you to find lights included among the top 3 security essentials, but hear us out. Even though the majority of burglaries statistically occur between the house of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., security lights are tremendously effective for deterring the most dangerous of home invaders: the nighttime burglars. When you remove the cover of darkness, the thieves are left visible and vulnerable, and in most cases, this will send them running in the other direction. Invest in a set of quality motion sensor lights, and never allow criminals to lurk in the shadows while your family sleeps.

A biometric reader is far more secure than a traditional door lock.

Honorable Mention

If you already have your security, surveillance and lighting needs covered, consider maximizing your home safety with a few additional components. For instance, a driveway alarm makes an excellent early warning system, and can provide you with instant alerts whenever someone creeps onto your property. You might also replace your locks with keyless biometric readers, in order to eliminate the vulnerabilities associated with traditional locks. Finally, consider reinforcing your windows with windows bars or aftermarket locks (latches alone are insufficient).

Do You Have Kids?

If you have small children in the home, you’re going to need a few additional safety essentials not typically included in your standard home security plan. Home Security is about protecting your family not only from outside forces, but also from potential dangers within the home. Pool alarms, door latches, cabinet locks, baby monitors…these are just some of the child safety essentials that you’ll want to incorporate into your home security equation. You can find many of them here.

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