Getting the Most from Your Home Security and Surveillance Systems

burglar alarm maintenanceA good security system can save your life, but are you really getting the maximum benefit from all those whistles and bells? When it comes to home security and surveillance systems, you really get out of them what you put into them, and even small tweaks can make a huge difference to your safety and security. It’s not always enough to configure your equipment according to the factory specifications, but you don’t need to be a professional alarm installer to optimize your system to its maximum potential.

Maximizing Your Security System

Even if you have a great system, you can always expand it for heightened security. There is always room for additional motion sensors, door and window contacts, window locks and even a reliable driveway alarm. Take a stroll through your home and look for the weak spots. Explore the perimeter, move through each room, and try to put yourself in the mindset of a burglar. Home Security Store carries a wide array of alarm accessories, so you can easily build on your existing system without replacing your control panel.

Second, it’s important to note that even a world-class security system isn’t going to protect you if you don’t actually use it. It’s remarkable to see just how many people will invest in a professional-grade system only to ignore it like a piece of old wall art. At the very least, you should arm your security system every time you leave the house and every night before going to bed. But of course the most effective security measure is to prevent a break-in from occurring in the first place, which leads us to our next point…

If nobody knows about your home security system, burglars may still try to break in. Your system is one of the few pieces of property that you do want to advertise to the outside world, so by all means, post plenty of signs and window decals. The mere knowledge of a home security system will send most burglars running in the other direction.

CAM-DVR-KIT1Maximizing Your Surveillance System

When it comes to your home surveillance, remember that more is always better. There is always more ground to cover, and more vulnerable spaces to record. Some burglars will enter through the front door, some will enter through the back, some will slip in through the kitchen, and others will look for weaknesses in the garage. You should always have at least one camera on the front porch, in order to serve as a deterrent. A dummy camera will also work. The important thing is that it’s clearly visible to everyone who passes by.

Next, take a look at the recording process. Do your cameras record to a remote DVR? A built-in DVR? A cloud network? If you have limited hard drive space, you may want to invest in a high-capacity DVR or NVR with greater storage space. Cloud recording—if you don’t already use it—is extremely beneficial, because it enables you to access your recorded footage from absolutely anywhere, even if your surveillance equipment is damaged or stolen by the thieves.

Lastly, does your system include mobile integration? In other words, can you view your cameras remotely from a smartphone or tablet? If not, you may want to upgrade your system for mobile readiness, or purchase a couple of IP (Internet Protocol) cameras to work alongside your existing system. This technology allows you to monitor your home much like a professional monitoring station, and even receive alerts in the event of a security breach.

If you’re looking to take your home security system or home surveillance to the next level, check out the wide selection of alarms, accessories, and camera equipment available at Home Security Store. We offer the best prices on the most advanced equipment, and most orders ship within one business day. Every home security system can be improved, and every improvement can make you just a little bit safer. Take command of your security today. 

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