How to Find a Cheap Home Security Installer

cheap home security installerBelieve it or not, home security systems are extremely affordable. The real investment comes in the form of installation and monitoring. If you want to save money on a home security package, don’t opt for a cheaper system; opt for more affordable installation options. Finding a cheap home security installer is not only possible, but fairly easy, as long as you know what to look out for. You may even be able to install the system yourself for maximum savings.

Beware of the Big Alarm Companies

First and foremost, skip the big companies. You know those guys who advertise on TV and promise to take care of all your needs, from products to installation to monitoring? Convenience is their big selling point. They handle everything, and you just need to sign on the dotted line. Unfortunately, this can mean getting roped into lengthy and costly monitoring contracts and overpaying for installation. If you want to get the most for your money, purchase your system upfront and then start shopping around for professional installers in your area.

Cheap vs Cheap

Plenty of installers offer “cheap” services, but as we all know, cost and value don’t always go hand in hand. When you find a deal that seems promising, look for reviews. Yelp and Angie’s List offer reviews for alarm installers, and My Alarm Installer is another great resource to check out. At My Alarm Installer, you can even find a list of reputable installers in your area. Just enter your zip code and you’re ready to go. Never settle on a company just because the price seems too good to be true (especially if the price seems too good to be true).

Get it in Writing

Many installers won’t list prices directly on their website. Some will post an hourly rate without giving any indication as to how many hours the process will take. It’s important that you talk to numerous installers over the phone, ask questions and get a feel for how much you’ll actually be paying. Then, when you come to an agreement, insist that you get the total amount in writing before the installation even begins. Sadly, some installers will try to pull a fast one on you by offering a low price or estimate and then tacking on additional fees. Don’t get taken.

African American businessman wrapped in computer cables screaming.Additional Considerations

Hopefully this goes without saying, but make sure to choose a company that’s fully licensed and insured. Additionally, make sure the installer knows beforehand which system you need installed. If you pre-purchased your system, it’s important to find an expert who understands the product. Each system has its own unique programming needs, and while most competent installers can figure out any conventional system, it’s best to stick with experts who are intimately familiar with your particular brand.

You Can Install Your Own Alarm

And then, of course, there’s the DIY option. Some systems are enormously complicated to set up, while others are remarkably easy. If you really want to save money, consider investing in a wireless home security system. Wireless systems are easier than ever to install, and they’re relatively non-invasive. With a bit of patience, anyone can assemble one of these systems. Home Security Store even offers telephone security consulting for a small fee, so you can have an expert walk you through the entire process. Configuring a security system has never been easier.

Secure Your Home

The most important takeaway is that you secure your home. There are a lot of affordable options out there, but what matters is that you take action. A burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States, and anyone can become a victim. Furthermore, unsecured homes are three times more likely to be invaded than those with a quality security system. So whichever route you decide to take, take it now. Secure your home, and sleep more soundly tonight.

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