5 Uses for a GPS Data Logger

gps trackingGPS has taken on a myriad of novel uses in the 21st century, many of which would have been limited to the pages of science fiction only a few short years ago. For instance, GPS is now used to guide us across the interstate, track stolen smartphones, and even watch over our small children. GPS data loggers have also gained considerable popularity over the past couple of years, especially since Breaking Bad became a global phenomenon, with all its clever uses of GPS technology. But data loggers are good for more than just tracking meth dealers. Here are 5 reasons you might want to consider purchasing one of your very own:

1. Track Your Freight

Do you manage vehicles for your business? Perhaps your company specializes in deliveries, moving, or general travel. With a GPS data logger, you can easily keep track of your employees’ mileage, time, and routes covered. With a historical GPS record, you won’t have to deal with disputes or uncertainties related to travel, and you can always analyze the data to determine more effective and productive ways to conduct business.

2. Document Your Road Trip

If you plan on taking a journey, why not use your data logger as a digital scrapbook? You can easily keep track of your precise route, determine the length of time that it took you to reach various points of interest, and figure out your exact mileage. Granted there are other ways to document this information, but a GPS logger lays everything out for you in a simple, visual format and provides a whole new perspective for that long drive.

3. Monitor Your Teens

So your 16-year-old son just acquired his license and is dying to take the car out to the movies. You want to trust him and allow him his independence, but you also need to be responsible as the parent of a new driver. A GPS data logger allows you to keep tabs on your young driver when he ventures off into the sunset, thus better ensuring his safety and your peace of mind.

gps data logger4. Protect Your Valuables

One of the great assets of a GPS data logger is its compact size. You can slip it discreetly into a backpack, laptop case or luggage, and if someone attempts to steal the property, you can easily contact law enforcement and have it tracked down. We actually covered a story about that very situation, in which an Arizona burglar made off with a laptop and was later located by police at his parents’ home. The cops had little trouble finding the perpetrator, because the laptop owner kept a GPS logger tucked inside the case.

5. Assist Those in Need

Some GPS loggers are now being used to monitor people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. If someone in your care wanders off, you can use the GPS logger to easily track down the person’s whereabouts.

Shop for a GPS Data Logger

Modern GPS technology is pretty astonishing. It can be used to improve a commute, improve workplace productivity, and potentially even save the lives of people in your care. There are, of course, myriad other uses, from protecting small children to tracking pets, but you may just find your own purpose for them. These devices are now more affordable than ever before, and Home Security Store carries a wide selection. Get one of your very own, and introduce a little science fiction into your everyday life.

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