Home Security Advice for New Homeowners

Processed by: Helicon Filter;So you have just moved into your new dream home. Before you stands a blank canvas on which to create a lifetime of cherished memories. Maybe you’re thinking about how you’ll decorate each room, or perhaps you’re eager to invite everyone you know into your new piece of Paradise. Before you call it a day, there is at least one important element of home ownership that you may be overlooking: home security. You don’t want some creep to break in and take away what you have worked so hard to build, and you don’t have to let it happen. Here are a few simple ways that you can protect your new home right now.

Change all of the Locks

Whenever you move into a new home, it’s important to change all of the locks before you do anything else. You don’t know who has access to the old locks, and you don’t want to take any chances. Install high-grade deadbolts for maximum security, or opt for a sophisticated biometric reader for safe keyless entry. From keypads to hand readers to fingerprint scanners, you have a wealth of options when it comes to 21st century locking mechanisms.

Place Locks on Your Windows

It’s not just your doors that require added protection. Windows are extremely vulnerable but commonly overlooked entry points, and latches alone are insufficient to prevent break-ins. Examine all of the windows in your home and determine if any of them has a reliable lock. Install window locks wherever necessary, or consider reinforcing your windows with burglar bars. You can also use burglar bars to secure any sliding glass doors.

Determine if Your Home is Wired for a Security System

There are two basic types of home security system: wired and wireless. Wired systems are more labor intensive, but if your home is already wired for an alarm, it may be worth your while to install a hardwired unit. These devices are hacker-proof and highly tamper resistant, and they work on your home’s electricity. If your home is not wired for an alarm, you may consider purchasing a wireless unit. Wireless devices are much easier to install, and are incredibly expandable.

Invest in a Quality Home Security System

Whether you choose a hardwired or wireless unit, the important thing is that you arm your new home with a quality security system. Homes without a system are statistically three times more likely to be burglarized, and a lack of preparedness may ultimately cost you far more than the price of a reliable alarm. When you do install your system, be sure to make it known with plenty of yard signs and window decals.

An abundance of trees and shrubbery can attract burglars.

An abundance of trees and shrubbery can attract burglars.

Trim Any Hedges

It may surprise you to learn that your landscaping can impact your likelihood of being robbed. Excessive shrubbery appeals to burglars because it provides an excellent source of concealment. So trim those hedges, and don’t give criminals a place to hide.

Get to Know Your Neighbors  

Friendly neighbors can be a huge asset. If you maintain a strong rapport with the people on your block, they will be far more likely to report any suspicious activity that happens in or around your home. You may also want to contact your local sheriff’s department and find out if your community has a neighborhood watch program in place.

Install Quality Blinds

Don’t leave your windows exposed. If a neighborhood burglar starts casing homes, he’ll want to see the goods on the inside. You should have a set of quality blinds or curtains installed on every window. Make sure to close them at night and whenever you’re away. Not only will it optimize your home security, but it will greatly enhance the look of your home.

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