The Connection between Landscaping and Home Security

landscaping burglaryDid you know that the state of your yard can significantly impact your likelihood of being burglarized? It’s true. Burglars will scan neighborhoods in search of ideal targets, weighing factors that include the opulence of the home, the visibility of valuables, and the presence (or non-presence) of a home security system. But these aren’t the only factors. A burglar loves an easy target, and your landscaping may be creating a beacon for the wrong element. Consider a few surprising facts.

Tall Trees and Shrubs Attract Burglars

If your home is looking like the hanging gardens of Babylon, it’s time to break out the weed-whacker.  Burglars are drawn to homes with excessive trees, vines and plants, because these overgrowing distractions provide an excellent source of cover. Home invaders want to be seen as little as possible, and some homeowners make it all too easy. Keep your trees trimmed, and keep the foliage to a tasteful minimum, in order to dissuade burglars who might be tempted to sneak onto your property under the cover of darkness.

Fencing is Also Problematic

And while we’re on the subject of coverings, be weary of tall fences. Oftentimes, they can be more inviting to a burglar than tall trees and hedges. It may seem counter-intuitive, since fences are theoretically designed to keep people out, but it’s an important fact to be aware of. If you have a tall fence covering a significant portion of your home, consider upgrading your home security or replacing your fence with a tall gate.

An Unkempt Lawn Signifies Absence  

Has you grass grown tall, wild, and out of control? Maybe you just haven’t gotten around to mowing the lawn lately, but you should know that an unmanaged lawn can draw the interest of would-be thieves, because it sends the message that you might be away from home on a prolonged absence. We all hate yard work, but it’s very important that we keep our grass and weeds in order. It’s not just about having the best curb appeal on the block (but of course, that doesn’t hurt, either).

1062009_68038413Yard Signs Make a Handsome Addition

How do you adorn your yard? Gnomes? Plastic flamingos? Perhaps a few flower beds? However you choose to decorate the outside of the home, you may want to consider adding a couple of home security yard signs. Even if you don’t have a home security system installed, you can still deter burglars by posting signs and window decals with prominent home security logos and warnings. For only a few dollars, you can significantly reduce your likelihood of being targeted.

Tend to Your Yard

A well-kept yard makes an effective burglary deterrent, and all it requires is a lawnmower and a good pair of clippers (or the services of a professional gardener). In addition, you can take your home security to the next level with a quality home security system from Home Security Store. A burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States alone, but you don’t have to leave yourself vulnerable. Be proactive with your safety and security, and sleep more soundly at night.

Article Name
The Connection between Landscaping and Home Security
landscaping burglaryDid you know that the state of your yard can significantly impact your likelihood of being burglarized? It’s true.

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