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Home Security Store Responds to Heartbleed Concerns

home security store heartbleedEverybody’s talking about it – it’s the dreaded Heartbleed security bug! News of the dastardly defect has been making the rounds since its discovery was announced on April 1st, and quite understandably, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions from customers about whether their Home Security Store accounts are vulnerable. So we’d like to take a moment and assure you that your information is 100% secure on our site. Home Security Store was not affected by the bug, and your secrets are safe with us.

A Bit of Background

For those unaware, Heartbleed refers to a recently discovered security bug in the open-source OpenSSL cryptography library. In other words, the very library widely responsible for encrypting your personal information may actually be used by unscrupulous people to steal your personal information. The bug allows security certificates to be stolen, and recent reports indicate that skilled hackers may even use the bug to create fake websites that look exactly like the real thing, thereby enabling cyber-thieves to trick consumers into submitting personal information. The vulnerability was discovered within the Heartbeat Extension used by the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) protocols, hence the name “Heartbleed.”

Which Websites are Affected by Heartbleed?

A repaired version of OpenSSL was released on April 7th, but many businesses have yet to implement the update as of this writing. The bug is said to impact up to two-thirds of the Internet, including major sites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Tumblr and Amazon Web Services (though not Amazon’s retail site). If you’re wondering if your favorite websites are affected, you can use this helpful Heartbleed checker to determine whether or not your information is vulnerable.

What to Do Now

It’s time to start changing your passwords. In fact, many tech industry experts are recommending that you change all of your passwords, even for sites that don’t use OpenSSL. For instance, if you use the same password for Facebook (vulnerable) and Amazon (not vulnerable), a hacker may use your Facebook password to access your Amazon profile. So just to be on the safe side, take some time to update all of your passwords if you haven’t done so already.

Your Information is Safe with Home Security Store

As previously mentioned, Home Security Store is immune to the effects of the Heartbleed bug, because our site does not use OpenSSL. Nevertheless, if your Home Security Store login password has been used on other websites, we recommend that you take a moment to change your password. Your security is of the utmost importance to us, and we go to great lengths to ensure that your personal information is always safe. Thank you for choosing Home Security Store.

Home Security Gone Wrong

millionaire’s castleWe are sad to report a severe case of home security having gone wrong. An intruder has managed to break into the second largest home in America. It’s a castle, in fact. He doesn’t appear to have stolen anything, but he did try to murder the unsuspecting homeowner.

Think it can’t happen to you? Think again.

When Security Fails

Listen, we’re not going to lie to you here. No home security is absolutely foolproof. We’d like to tell you otherwise– that certain devices and strategies are impenetrable, but if an 84 year old nun can break into a super secure nuclear facility and a millionaire’s castle can be breached,  then a very determined criminal can break into your home. 

An elite class of highly skilled professional crooks know how to override even the most complex home security system while remaining undetected. In fact, in the case described above the intruder even managed to make his way past an actual security guard who was stationed at the entrance of the 23 acre estate. The surveillance cameras apparent on the property didn’t even seem to phase this guy much as he waited more than two hours for Gary Melius to exit his home before opening fire on him.

Right about now, you’re probably thinking that your home doesn’t stand a chance against such a criminal and you are right. Someone like this would break into your home in no time flat. The good news is that a person like this isn’t interested in you or your home.

Elite Criminals Vs. Every Other Burglar in America

To be clear, we are just as clueless about the true identity of the shooter as the police are right now. What we suspect, however, is that this person is a professional criminal of the highest degree and that he was hired for his skill and track record in penetrating such high security in order to harm the castle’s owner. If true, you can rest assured that this person has no interest in you or anything in your home. It would not even surprise us to discover that this person had zero interest in Melius or any of his belongings, as there’s a good chance that this ruthless criminal was simply hired by another to do the job. Authorities believe that his gun jammed making it impossible for him to complete his effort. Thank goodness!

Conversely, the kind of criminal interested in breaking into your home probably isn’t as skilled or brash as the suspect in this case. Someone interested in breaking into your home will likely want to avoid security signs such as an alarm system and surveillance cameras. Unlike the castle’s intruder, an ordinary burglar doesn’t see the reward being worth the risk of getting caught while breaking into your home.

Lessons Learned

There are two very valuable home security lessons to be learned from this unfortunate incident. First, any home in any neighborhood can be burgled. There just is no such thing as a crime-free neighborhood. Second, a good home security system helps protect your house and your family against a break-in, but you still must keep your wits about you. In other words, be ever-vigilant about who has access to your home. In this case, the home is used as an event venue, a hotel and the owner even hosts weekly events where high-profile guests are entertained. This means that there is a lot of foot traffic going in and out of the property. So much so that even a guard stationed at the gate may have simply made a mistake in allowing a criminal access to the home.

Preventing a Similar Event

To avoid becoming a victim of a similar home invasion it helps to strictly limit the number of people allowed into your home. And never ever let your guard down. This means layering your home security and believe that if an intruder has an opportunity– even a tiny one– he will likely exploit it if you are not very careful.

Also, practice common sense security such as not being distracted while walking to and from your home, use security lighting to keep your home’s perimeter well-lit at night, regularly check security cameras to ensure that they have not been tampered with and keep your alarm system armed at all times.

Perhaps thanks to the gun’s misfiring Melius is expected to make a full recovery. Another lesson to be learned here, however, is that guns are not guaranteed protection. Even if you have a gun in your home for protection, take note of this malfunction and take it as a cue to continue to layer your home security and consider a gun only as your last resort.

Your Turn

What do you think of this castle’s intrusion? Does it raise any security concerns or questions for you? Do you have anything to add to this post that our readers might benefit from? We’ve reserved a little space for you below and sincerely look forward to your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

Home Security Store Opens Production on 2nd Commercial

CocoNo Coco or cookies this time around, but the Home Security Store Web and Marketing Department has just announced another comedy-based commercial, set for release in early October. It will appear on HSS’s homepage and YouTube channel and also as an advertisement before other home security industry-related videos on YouTube. Set for a 60 second slate, it’s another high-energy mini-story promoting major technological advances for do-it-yourself home security system owners.

The commercial focuses on a brand new home security system- the iSmart Alarm which requires no monthly fees and is completely operated through an iPhone. Soon it will be compatible with Android mobile devices as well. The iSmart Alarm has every fully functional wireless alarm accessory you would find in a standard system including 2 door/window sensors, a motion detector, 2 keyfobs and a control panel that connects to your internet router.

Do-it-yourself home alarm system owners will find the iSmart Alarm one of the easiest home improvement projects they’ll ever stumble upon according to tech professionals. Along with no monthly fees or contracts with alarm monitoring companies, the system easily picks right up and travels with you should you switch homes or be a renter.

But does it function as well as other alarm systems? Our industry professionals argue- it’s even better. With an alarm monitoring company, here’s what happens when your alarm is triggered: A message is sent to the alarm central station, where an operator then calls your home phone to see if it was a false alarm. If no one answers, they call the police. By the time police have arrived, chances are, it’s too late as most burglaries are statistically over in less than 15 minutes.

Here’s what happens with the iSmart Alarm: When your alarm is triggered, you get an instant Push Notification through your smart phone telling you exactly which door or window has been compromised. Immediately you have the option to call the police, a neighbor (or both) and let your family know to stay away from the house. If we’re doing the math on time to prevent a burglary- the iSmart Alarm dominates a traditional monitoring service.

Extra functions with the system also allow home owners to keep a closer eye on their family. Every family member who possesses a keyfob is now on your radar. When they enter/exit the house- you know immediately. This is great for making sure the kids got home from school safe and getting your family on a healthy schedule.

If you want more coverage of your property- the system easily expands. It can hold up to 99 different sensors. Lock down all the doors and windows and place motion detectors in every room of your house if you want to. The iSmart Alarm is completely self-monitored and is a legitimate game changer in the home security industry. It’s a smarter way to protect.

At the helm of production for the iSmart Alarm commercial is the same crew from Home Security Store’s first online commercial “Monitor Everything,” which can be seen right above this article.

Ralph Winn

Home Security Store offers a Solution to Help Keep Children Safe from Gun Violence at School

Alarm Systems, security cameras, and door locks may be Home Security Store’s bread and butter, but a new line of product is getting its fair share of attention as well.  Home Security Store has brought in Utah based Amendment 2’s Youth Ballistic Backpacks, which offers military grade protection for school-aged children.

“It’s a controversial new option for parents to consider,” says Home Security Store Marketing Manager Annie Blanco.  Blanco says Home Security Store researched about a dozen or so manufacturers before deciding to bring in Amendment 2’s Ballistic Backpacks.

“The shields sewn into these backpacks are made up of RynoHide, which offers superior strength, flexibility, lightness, and affordability.  The RynoHide looks and feels like regular fabric, however it works much like bullet-proof materials,” says Blanco.

The Armored Youth Ballistic Backpack, which comes in a variety of colors, offers Level 2 personal protection against such danger stemming from .357 Magnum, .45, .40 and 9mm handguns.  Backpack manufacturers say this is personal protection in its highest form.

“The backpack can be quickly brought to the front as a shield or can serve as center of mass protection while fleeing the scene of the shooting,” adds Blanco.

The back pack weighs about 1.5 pounds and is a good fit for children of many sizes.   It retails at Home Security Store for $300.  In addition, the backpack holds an interior organizer panel, web top handle, water bottle holder and a headphone exit port.

 About Home Security Store, Inc.

Home Security Store is the premiere online ecommerce website specializing in affordable DIY wireless and hardwired home alarms, security camera systems, fire protection, spy equipment, survival gear, and more.  The company brings together highly-trained, professional technicians and a state-of-the-art product line to provide the most comprehensive security source found online.  The company offers FREE and FAST shipping, plus FREE tech support.  For more go to

TV & Radio Personality Tipman Tim features the Trinity 788 Biometric Door Lock in his latest TV Segment

Atlanta based Timpan Tim loves to tell people about tips, tools, and tricks for life.  He loves it so much that he has made a great living out of it.  Tipman Tim’s TV segments are featured on the FOX-TV affiliate’s morning show in Atlanta.  Tipman Tim has recently chosen to feature Home Security Store’s Trinity 788 Biometric Door Lock on his latest TV segment seen here.  We caught up with Tipman Tim and this is what we asked him:

What peaked your curiosity about the Adel Trinity 788?

I was interested in finding out more about the latest technology available for home security. This new generation of high-tech door locks really impressed me because it’s now accessible for the average homeowner. Plus, I love the idea that I can just use my finger to unlock my front door, rather than fumble for my keys.

How did you get into doing what you are doing now as a Tip expert?

I just love tips, and it’s been a hobby of mine for years. I started out by helping on a friend’s home-improvement radio show, partly offering some comedic relief, but that turned into a weekly newspaper column when I realized I had collected hundreds of tips, both from friends and on my own. I’ve been in the tip business for nearly a decade now, and I’m constantly on the lookout for new tips.

Do you have any unique Tips when it comes to your home’s security?

Well, I have a couple tips that can help keep you from getting things stolen. First, I love to use a tennis ball for small valuables — just slice it along one of its lines and squeeze to open it.  You can use this for rings or other valuables that you want to keep hidden “in plain sight.” (Who is going to steal a tennis ball?). Also, I have a tip on my website that shows how to easily hide a safe you’ve mounted into the wall. Basically, you attach the frame to a pair of drawer pulls; the picture stays put until you push it to the side and nobody would suspect that anything valuable is behind it because it covers the safe!

From more on Timpan Tim tips, check out his website.

HSS Launches a New Emergency Medical Alert System for Seniors Living at Home

In the United States there are now 35 million people over the age of 65, that’s 13% of the population, reports online magazine Psychology Today. With the reluctant help of the baby boom generation, it is estimated there will be 70 million elderly people by the year 2030. Getting old inevitably means one will encounter additional health risks and challenges, according to Director of San Diego County’s Aging and Independent Services Pam Smith.

“Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths for people age 65 years or older, and the number of hospitalizations from falls keeps rising every year, but this is preventable,” said Smith.

One way to help seniors prevent death or serious injury from a fall is being able to react quickly and summon help within seconds.

Michael Sise, MD of Scripps Mercy Hospital adds, “Once you fall, particularly if you break something, there’s a good chance you won’t live independently again, and that’s if you survive. When your older and you fall you can injure your brain, you can break bones, you can break your hip or your spine. It’s a major problem. It can have lifelong implications.”

Because a very common problem for the elderly is falling, being able to reach help quickly is paramount. This is where Home Security Store’s new SilverCare Personal Daily Living Assistant - Watch Kit comes in, which offers something typical medical alarms do not.

“Statistics show that about 70% of slip and fall accidents occur in the bathroom, and most traditional alert devices don’t allow 2-way communication unless you are close to the base console that attaches to your phone line,” said SilverPlus, Inc. Sales & Customer Care Manager Pam Niemi.

“SilverCare integrates advanced technology to provide features well beyond a traditional medical alert system, including two-way communication directly from the watch; a dedicated 911 button; the ability to auto-dial up to 6 loved ones; remote call-answering; medication and appointment reminders; and an optional accessory that allows the user to turn lights on and off remotely.“

What’s even better, adds Niemi, are no monthly monitoring fees and no hidden costs. But don’t just take Niemi’s word for it. 81-year-old JoAn Case was paying a monitored monthly fee for about 5 years until she found out about SilverCare from her neighbor. Case says that the SIlverCare Watch Kit met her expectations and then some.

“My watch I love. It’s convenient and the numbers on it are big enough so I can read the time,” said Case.

Case has 11 grandchildren and keeps busy with them and volunteering. However, Case also lives alone so she needed a medical alert solution that fit her needs. Here’s one reason she chose the watch over a traditional pendant, “Whenever I would bend over, I would catch the pendant on things and so I didn’t wear it very much so it wasn’t really beneficial.”

In addition, with the SilverLite accessory, the SilverCare watch can control the lighting within your home. All one has to do is press a button on the watch and it will turn a light on.

“What I like about it is when I come home to a dark house or I stay out later than expected, I can turn the light on with my watch and just walk right in the door into the light,” said Case.

The SilverCare Personal Daily Living Assistant – Watch Kit has also been awarded the 2011 Caregiver Award for best product from Caregiver magazine.

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Home Security Store is the premiere online ecommerce website specializing in home security, including: affordable DIY wireless and hardwired security systems, security camera systems, fire alarm systems, spy equipment, survival gear, and more. The company brings together highly-trained, professional technicians and a state-of-the-art product line to provide the most comprehensive home security source found online. The company offers FREE and FAST shipping, plus FREE tech support. For more go to

Sometimes Homeowners Make Break-ins too Easy

A Consumer Reports National Research Center survey finds that all too often people make it easy for burglars to target their house or car.

“About half of all break-ins aren’t break-ins but walk-ins,” Bob Portenier, consultant, lecturer, and former burglar told Consumer Reports.

Of those responding to the survey, 19% said they do not always lock their doors, 26% stated that their windows are not always locked, and 43% admitted to not always turning on their residential alarm systems when they are away.

“Families get in a hurry in the morning—kids going to school, running late for work, doctors’ appointments, what have you—and forget to take that one or two minutes to check the doors and locks, usually on the back side.  You have a pet, you let it out to do its business—and then forget the security French door or sliding glass door,” said Portenier.

Officials from the Riverside Police Department in Southern California agree, noting it’s no time to be complacent about home and auto security.

“Deadbolt locks are helpful, as long as they are locked,” said Riverside Police Service Representative Nancy Castillo, who meets with neighborhood watch groups, seniors, and business organizations.

In addition to owning a house security system, there are many things you can do to make your home as safe as possible.  Many of the best ways to improve your home security are surprisingly cheap and easy to do, Castillo told Home Security Store.

“A security sign posted out on your lawn is a deterrent; but so is a large dog dish or a man’s boots sitting on a front porch.  No one knows what kind of dog or how large a man goes along with those items,” said Castillo.

Castillo adds the trick is not making your house an easy target.  “There is the ‘broken window theory,’ which is the theory that one broken window leads to another, which makes the bad guy more comfortable because it appears no one cares.”

Castillo is adamant about neighborhood collaboration as well.  “If the bad guy wants in bad enough he will find a way to gain access through the sliding glass door or another way.  This is where Neighborhood Watch comes in.  If neighbors see people or vehicles that do not normally belong in the neighborhood they will pick up the phone and report the suspicious activity, such as people trying house or car doors, people just hanging out in the neighborhood.”

Castillo adds to be aware of your home’s surroundings, particularly the driveway and garage.  “Install lights – bad guys do not like lights, they do not want to be seen.  Trim shrubbery and keep it short, so that the bad guy has nowhere to hide.”

Castillo says that neighbors watching out for each other and paying attention to their neighborhood is one of the most effective ways to increase safety.  “Neighbors just have to be willing to organize and get involved!”

“People call my office on a regular basis asking about criminal activity in a neighborhood.  I may look at the statistics and tell them that it is a very quiet neighborhood and then the bad guy moves in and changes those statistics; and it is no longer that quiet neighborhood.  It can be the other way too, there might be a great deal of criminal activity in a neighborhood and someone moves into the neighborhood that gets involved and organizes the neighborhood to fight against the criminal activity, then it becomes the quiet neighborhood.  Neighbors need to be involved.”

Remember, protecting your home with a monitored hardwired or wireless security system is just the first of many valuable home security precautions.  Using any of the home security tips outlined can help deter burglars and stop home invasions.

About Home Security Store, Inc.

Home Security Store is the premiere online ecommerce website specializing in affordable DIY wireless and hardwired home alarms, security camera systems, fire protection, spy equipment, survival gear, and more.  The company brings together highly-trained, professional technicians and a state-of-the-art product line to provide the most comprehensive security source found online.  The company offers FREE and FAST shipping, plus FREE tech support.  For more go to

Home Security Store and Atrix Debut New HD Car Camera Recorder

In most cases, traffic accidents are unpleasant to deal with for all parties involved.  This is especially true when an accident is in dispute between drivers.  But now you can collect valuable information through a new HD Car Camera to determine exactly what happened during the crash and who is at fault, says Atrix President Raymond Choy.  Atrix and Home Security Store are selling the new DVRG0101M Atrix HD Car Camera Recorder at a very reasonable price.  Choy says it’s a smart investment.

“We have more motor vehicles then any country in the world, according to 2007 DOT study, there were an estimated 254.4 million registered motor vehicles in United States.  The use of this Car camera DVR is very valuable, it records continuously and digitally to a secure SD card, provides helpful evidence of any accidents or events, thus, avoid disputes and crash and cash scams.  Therefore, this Car Camera DVR is sensible to have in our vehicle.”

Choy says you can rewind and play recorded video, viewing it on a 2.5 inch LCD display screen that flips out.  You can also simply download the images to your computer.  The camera also comes equipped with 10 LEDs for excellent picture quality in low light situations.

The Car Camera kit includes a mount suction cup base so you can mount the camera to hang down from your windshield, adds Home Security Store Purchasing Manager Andre Perkic.  You can then position the camera in almost any desired position.  Perkic says the DVRG0101N Car Camera is lightweight and unique.  It can be used for fun or more serious applications.

Choy knows first-hand the benefits of the Car Camera, “I have one Car Camera DVR in my car and I found it very practical in our daily life.  I spend over 60 minutes daily on the road and this Car Camera DVR captured many phenomenal clips that I can share with you.”

  1. There was a car accident on a highway and I recorded paramedics doing their best to save lives.
  2. There was a rude cashier at a drive through restaurant, and thanks for the built-in microphone in my Car Camera DVR that recorded the whole conversation at the drive through window.  With the easy adjustable camera bracket, I turned the camera to the cashier and told her that my camera was recording, she then changed her mean face to a big smile.
  3. There was a morning I rushed to my daughter’s school, attending her award assembly.  I was so rush that I forgot to bring my video camera.  Luckily, my Car Camera DVR has a built-in battery and I took it down and use it as a camcorder.  Downloading the video clips was so easy, simply insert the SD card to my laptop and click and drop the video files.    

This Car Camera Recorder can be set to automatically record and stop.  Once one starts the car, the device will start recording, when one turns off the engine, it will stop and power off.  This camera features a 2.2mm mini wide angle lens and its view angle is 120 degree, adds Choy.

“Again, the camera records on an SD card.  At high resolution recording, 1 GB records around 10 minutes, and a 32GB SD card can record up to 5 and a half hours.  Once the SD card is full, it will recycle the recordings,” said Choy.

About Home Security Store, Inc.

Home Security Store is the premiere online ecommerce website specializing in home security, including: affordable DIY wireless and hardwired security systems, security cameras, fire alarm systems, spy equipment, survival gear, and more.  The company brings together highly-trained, professional technicians and a state-of-the-art product line to provide the most comprehensive home security source found online.  The company offers FREE and FAST shipping, plus FREE tech support.  For more go to

Home Security Store Promotes Ruben Cervantes

Home Security Store is pleased to announce the promotion of Ruben Cervantes to Sales Manager.
Ruben has always had a thirst for management, and rarely settled for less.  Prior to coming to Home Security Store, Ruben served as Operations Manager for a Dish Network warehouse, where he cut his teeth on customer service and says he sought new ways to manage staff.  It wasn’t until three years ago that he joined the Home Security Store team as a sales representative—not a manager—but he knew that with the right drive and determination he would one day rise through the ranks to his current position. 
“My number one goal in any job I’ve had has been to manage,” Ruben says.  And he certainly takes his position seriously, adding that good customer service boils down to one simple rule: “Listening to your customer, focusing on the conversation.”
Ruben recites the phrase confidently, and on hearing him talk about the importance of individual customer needs, you not only realize just how much he desires his slew of increased responsibilities, but also how much he deserves it.
“No two customers are the same,” he says. “Some customers fixate on price, for others price isn’t an issue.  Most of them want to know our systems are user-friendly and easy to install, and that’s where we can really advertise our excellent tech-support.  Ultimately, the key is to really hone in on what each individual is looking for, and to find exactly what they need while being pleasant, professional… and quick!”
Ralph Winn, Vice President of The Home Security Store, is thrilled with Ruben’s promotion.
“We are proud of Ruben and the work that he has achieved thus far,” he says. “As we expand our sales force, we feel that Ruben is the right fit to lead our team.  We’ve been very fortunate that our business has continued to grow, even in these tough economic times.”
Again, congratulations to Ruben Cervantes. Home Security Store is confident 2010 will be as successful, if not more, as years past.

Home Security Store is the premiere website for all your home security needs, offering thousands of products at an affordable cost.  Home Security Store features hardwired and wireless home alarms, surveillance systems, fire protection, and more by top name companies.  For more information, visit or call (888) 501-7870.

AspDotNetStorefront Powers the Launch of Home Security Store

Westlake, OH (PRWEB) December 11, 2009 — AspDotNetStorefront announces the official site launch of Home Security Store, powered by the AspDotNetStorefront ML e-Commerce shoppingcart software.

Building on top of the AspDotNetStorefront platform (the same software used to power high-profile online stores such as Z-Gallerie and Virgin Mobile Australia), a team of programmers, coders, and website developers at Home Security Store built a fully customized website designed to meet and exceed customer expectations by extending the included functionality and building new features on top of the core architecture.    Home Security Store Vice-President Ralph Winn, who has 36 years of experience in the home security field, says:

“I’m very pleased and excited to announce a brand new website that gives our customers new features and more savings. It has been such a great project to work on and is a true example of the collaborative way in which we all worked together here at the Home Security Store.”

Lisa Van Kuren, Marketing Manager for AspDotNetStorefront commented that, “AspDotNetStorefront prides itself on being able to provide both a substantial out-of-the-box feature set as well as a robust and flexible platform for developers and e-commerce merchants. We were wonderfully pleased to be a part of such a well-executed project. It is an excellent example of both capabilities of Home Security Store’s development team as well as the extensibility of the AspDotNetStorefront platform.”

The new website site took over six months to build and launch after a year of planning and researching what the customer wants and needs most. Home Security Store Web Supervisor Justin Marini:      “We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. We know today’s smart shopper wants to make a quick and informative decision without the hassle of unnecessary marketing and a tedious checkout process. Therefore, we built an intelligent online store that is secure, fun, informative, and to the point.”

The new website organizes and features the most popular and efficient home security and home automation products on the market today. The site features new product pages which offer more information to give consumers a better understanding of products, systems, and purchases. The site also has a new Home Security Store TV section that features a video review library which you can browse through to help you get a better look at product designs and features.

Furthermore, the new website is home to Knowledgebase, a section in which sought after technicians share much needed information and answers to the most frequently asked questions. In addition, Home Security Store’s new customer account section is a more reliable platform in which customers can track orders and shipments in real time.

Building value for the consumer is what Home Security Store is all about. The company has enjoyed much success over the past two decades serving as the number one destination for the do-it-yourself home security industry for both home and business use.

“Our success is gratifying, but we know we have to be better than our adversary. I think we are, but we can’t rest on our laurels. We have to keep improvising,” Winn said.

The team at Home Security Store embraces the years to come and the changes that will inevitably come with it. They also thank AspDotNetStorefront for helping to make the new website a success.

About AspDotNetStorefront, a division of Discovery Productions, Inc., is a privately held company headquartered in Westlake, OH that provides online e-commerce shopping cart software for over 10,000 merchants and over 6,000 developers and DevNet partners. For more information, visit or call 602-490-0243, x2.

About Home Security Store

Home Security Store is the premiere website for all your home security needs, offering thousands of products at an affordable cost. Home Security Store features hardwired and wireless home alarms, surveillance systems, fire protection, and more by top name companies. For more information, visit or call (888) 501-7870.

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