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What Does a False Alarm Cost In Your Area?

Berndt Schleifer of Northern California was recently fined $84 for a false alarm at his home. What made this story newsworthy, however, is that this event was the first false alarm his security system had ever offered in 19 years. That’s a pretty stiff penalty to pay for a single alarm mishap, but, luckily, his alarm monitoring company (who called the police when they were unable to reach the homeowner) was kind enough and pay the amount on his behalf. Still, I can understand his anger at even being fined in the first place.

This story left me wondering how many other police departments have similar rules in effect and how many homeowners are aware of them (this guy wasn’t). Do you know how many false alarms can occur at your house before you are fined? Do you know what the exact fine amount is? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, now is as good a time as any to call and find out, don’t you think?

What Were His Options?

Making the point that the police can’t be everywhere at once, Schleifer has taken special precautions to protect his home against intruders. Not only does he have a security alarm installed, but also glass break sensors and surveillance cameras, which are positioned around his home’s perimeter. He has also taken the time to hire a monitoring company to keep watch over his security whether he is at home or away. While the police are always on-call to protect and to serve 24/7, Schleifer understands that, realistically, he is the first and best defender of his castle. Everyone could stand to take a few notes from this guy because when it comes to home security, he more than gets it.

Upon reading his story and the efforts that he’s successfully taken in protecting his home for nearly 20 years, there’s only one thing that I can see that he could have done differently and which could have spared him this aggravation. Schleifer could have checked all of his sensors to assure that they were working properly. See, it was a glass sensor which mistakenly triggered the alarm while he was away. This is not to suggest that he wasn’t properly maintaining his system, just a suggestion to those of you reading this to be aware of in the future.

False Alarms Are Preventable

Homeowners sometimes avoid arming their home security systems due to problems with false alarms. We’ve discussed as much on this blog before, but from time-to-time we like to remind you that false alarms are completely preventable. Often, false alarms are caused by one or more of the following:

       An improper installation

       Loose door or window sensors

       Batteries that need replacing

       Human error

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to read our previous post on this issue entitled: Is Your False Alarm Trying to Tell You Something?

Alarm Monitoring Can Prevent Fines

Even though Schleifer’s monitoring company were the ones to call the police about his false alarm, readers should take note that monitors also called the homeowner first and even attempted to call neighbors to determine if the alarm was false or if there was a real break-in in progress. The police were called as a last resort. Had they been able to reach him, Schleifer could have remotely disarmed the alarm and the ordeal could have ended there. This is assuming, of course, that he had an alarm system with remote capabilities like, the Honeywell Vista 20P Security System Kit.

Monitoring an alarm that can be remotely operated, not only gives homeowners an additional layer of protection against burglars, but can also help in preventing hefty fines.

What Does a False Alarm Cost In Your Neck Of the Woods?

Seriously, we want to know. If you don’t know offhand, please take a moment to inquire with your local police department about false alarm fines and how many false alarms can take place at a residence before a fine is assessed. Please, use the space below to share what you learn about fines in your area.

Tell Us What You Think

We’d also like to know what you think about Schleifer’s incident. Do you think that the alarm monitoring company should have called the police? Do you think that the fine for a first-time false alarm was justified? Do you think that the fine should have been paid by the monitoring company or should the homeowner have been the one to cough up the penalty? Further, besides checking the reliability of his sensors, what could Schleifer have done differently to avoid the false alarm in the first place?

 And, lastly, do you have any false alarm stories to share? If so, the floor is now yours and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Ralph Winn

Home Security Store Opens Production on 2nd Commercial

CocoNo Coco or cookies this time around, but the Home Security Store Web and Marketing Department has just announced another comedy-based commercial, set for release in early October. It will appear on HSS’s homepage and YouTube channel and also as an advertisement before other home security industry-related videos on YouTube. Set for a 60 second slate, it’s another high-energy mini-story promoting major technological advances for do-it-yourself home security system owners.

The commercial focuses on a brand new home security system- the iSmart Alarm which requires no monthly fees and is completely operated through an iPhone. Soon it will be compatible with Android mobile devices as well. The iSmart Alarm has every fully functional wireless alarm accessory you would find in a standard system including 2 door/window sensors, a motion detector, 2 keyfobs and a control panel that connects to your internet router.

Do-it-yourself home alarm system owners will find the iSmart Alarm one of the easiest home improvement projects they’ll ever stumble upon according to tech professionals. Along with no monthly fees or contracts with alarm monitoring companies, the system easily picks right up and travels with you should you switch homes or be a renter.

But does it function as well as other alarm systems? Our industry professionals argue- it’s even better. With an alarm monitoring company, here’s what happens when your alarm is triggered: A message is sent to the alarm central station, where an operator then calls your home phone to see if it was a false alarm. If no one answers, they call the police. By the time police have arrived, chances are, it’s too late as most burglaries are statistically over in less than 15 minutes.

Here’s what happens with the iSmart Alarm: When your alarm is triggered, you get an instant Push Notification through your smart phone telling you exactly which door or window has been compromised. Immediately you have the option to call the police, a neighbor (or both) and let your family know to stay away from the house. If we’re doing the math on time to prevent a burglary- the iSmart Alarm dominates a traditional monitoring service.

Extra functions with the system also allow home owners to keep a closer eye on their family. Every family member who possesses a keyfob is now on your radar. When they enter/exit the house- you know immediately. This is great for making sure the kids got home from school safe and getting your family on a healthy schedule.

If you want more coverage of your property- the system easily expands. It can hold up to 99 different sensors. Lock down all the doors and windows and place motion detectors in every room of your house if you want to. The iSmart Alarm is completely self-monitored and is a legitimate game changer in the home security industry. It’s a smarter way to protect.

At the helm of production for the iSmart Alarm commercial is the same crew from Home Security Store’s first online commercial “Monitor Everything,” which can be seen right above this article.

Ralph Winn

Protecting Yourself Against Gun Crimes and Injury

Whether mass public shootings or individual gun crimes, the threat of being shot is, unfortunately, all too real these days. Of course, we should avoid violent confrontations as much as possible, but what happens when we’re in a situation that we can’t easily escape from? How can we minimize the chances of being shot or killed by someone with a gun? Well, there are never any guarantees in a situation like this, but Home Security Store has given it some thought and we have a few ideas we’d like to share with you.

Shield Yourself

Police officers wear armored vests while on duty and there’s no reason civilians can’t shield themselves in a similar fashion. This goes for adults and children as, sadly, young people are sometimes the targets of gun violence, too. Personal security experts and manufacturers know this, which is why items like the Armored Go Pack w/AR500 Armor Pack Plate are offered to the general public. Items like this one offer useful versatility as it is a fully-functional backpack that also contains a Certified Ballistic Plate to help protect a wearer from bullet injuries.

Be a Responsible Gun Owner

If you own a firearm, be sure to take extra care when cleaning and storing your weapon. You may also want to make an extra effort in learning how to properly use it, especially if you’ve never handled a gun before. It is not unusual for homeowners to make a gun purchase following a break-in or an assault and while protecting yourself from future crimes through gun ownership is your prerogative, you will be in a far better position to do so with proper training and practice. A local gun club or association can help you by providing useful resources and training as a new gun owner.

Invest In a Gun Safe

Unfortunately, a good portion of gun injuries are accidental or are the result of a homeowner’s gun falling into the wrong hands. Guns stored in unlocked drawers or on closet shelves are easier to access than guns that are securely locked in sturdy safes. In fact, a heavy safe that cannot be easily transported (i.e. stolen) or a safe that is built into a home is a good idea, in general, for storing other valuables and, thus, decreasing the likelihood of them being stolen.

Keep Strangers At Bay

Your home is your castle and, without an invitation, strangers should seldom be allowed to pass your threshold. It may surprise you to learn how many criminals gain access to a home by merely posing as a salesperson, a utility worker or some other nondescript, but innocent employee. Once a homeowner opens the front door for conversation with an individual like this, it is not uncommon for them to be threatened with a weapon as the criminal forces his (or her!) way inside the home. The best way to avoid these sorts of crimes is to install a video intercom, which allows two-way conversation while a homeowner is at a safe distance…as in behind a closed and locked front door. One of the best-selling video intercoms in our main store, the Comelit Hands Free Expandable Color Intercom Kit, activates a camera the second someone rings a doorbell.

Distance Yourself From Potentially Violent Scenes

Recently, a friend confided in me that she was concerned that her young adult son ran towards an area where a real-life fight was happening at an outdoor event. Of course, her son told her she was being paranoid and overreacting by lecturing him about it, but the reality is that this is often how people are hurt or killed. As a child, I remember my favorite aunt telling me that bullets don’t have names on them. In other words, avoid places and situations where violence may erupt, because while a bullet may not be intended for a bystander, the potential for injury is very high whenever an angry person wields a gun.

Be Responsible

While no one can guarantee safety from gun crimes, the tips and advice offered here can certainly help to minimize their occurrence. Take responsibility for your own personal safety now by making a conscious effort to remember these tips and put them to use in your real life. Remember to also bookmark this page and share it with your friends and relatives in an effort to raise their awareness about avoiding gun crimes and injury, too.

What’s Your Take?

We are looking forward to reading your ideas, thoughts, experiences and advice in the space reserved for your comments below. So tell us, have you ever been the victim of a gun crime or injury? What do you think of the tips we’ve shared? Can you share any advice that may help our readers better protect themselves?

Ralph Winn

How Safe Is Your City?

Every year the FBI publishes head-scratching statistics on all crimes committed across the United States, going into great detail, city-by-city. Why is it head-scratching? Because the numbers are outrageous! If football is our most popular sport and the Fast and the Furious is still making sequels, it’s clear that we are a violent culture, but these numbers might change the way you look at your neighborhood. In this blog we’ll go through four U.S. cities, ranging from the suburbs to the Big City to ask the question: How safe is your city? And just a heads up- we’re going to stay away from murders, rapes and aggravated assaults- you get enough of that on TruTV. Instead we’ll keep our attention at property crimes, robberies and burglaries. Let’s start at Home Security Store’s home in Riverside, California.

Riverside, California

Riverside is a suburb of Los Angeles, in the heart of Southern California and the Inland Empire. Filled by a somewhat desert landscape, Riverside features both suburbs and a popular downtown area: A great representation of two types of American city structure. In 2012, Riverside featured some staggering numbers in regards to crime. With a population just over 313,000 people, 10,818 property crimes were committed. That means 3 and half percent of Riverside’s citizens were bound to fall victim to property crime. 2,247 burglaries were committed and 517 robberies took place. Now let’s look at the middle of our country.

Norman, Oklahoma

Norman is home to the University of Oklahoma Sooners and features a more open-ended landscape. Hills are sparse and although there is a downtown area, this Middle-of-the-US town could be best classified as a suburb with much more space between properties than you’d find in a place like sunny Southern California. In 2012, Norman had a population of near 114,000 people and 3,050 property crimes were committed. The good news? The numbers are similar to Southern California, giving consistency to our crime-to-population statistics. The bad news? 2.67% of Normans were on the unfortunate end of a property crime. 629 burglaries were committed and 54 robberies took place last year. Based on the numbers, this is one of the more safe places to live. Especially when you look at our next city.

Flint, Michigan

Flint is well known in American culture as the city that lost its way. Featured in Michael Moore’s documentary ‘Roger and Me,’ we often think of scarce jobs and empty automotive factories as the face of Flint. Perhaps an image not often associated with this once great American city though is its very high crime rates. Over 101,000 residents occupied Flint in 2012 and 5,645 of those residents felt the heartache and frustration of property crime (5.5%). With basically the same population, Flint experiences twice the property crime rate as Norman and 2,979 burglaries and 673 robberies were committed there last year. Let’s jump the largest city on the map to see if over-population has any effect on crime.

New York, New York

With over 8 million Americans crowding the city, The Big Apple features the largest population of a single city in America. Sky scrapers, ever-stretching parks and Atlantic Ocean access characterize this conglomerate of a city. With more population comes more crime, right? Let’s check it out: In 2012, 142,760 property crimes were reported in NYC. If we do the math.. that’s.. wait a second.. 1.7% of New Yorkers have property crime committed against them? The biggest city in America has the lowest property crime rate on this list? Only 18,635 burglaries and 20,201 robberies took place in the city last year. Although those numbers are large, for a city this big a culture this violent- not bad New Yorkers.

In no way is this short list a great portrait of American crime culture, but I do believe there is something to be learned here. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a suburb, a college town, a broken city or a world powerhouse of population- crime exists everywhere and it comes in all different shapes and sizes. What you’ll never be able to read on a statistic table is the fabric of human nature, of American nature. We’re consumers and when we run out of our own things to consume, we’ll naturally consume each other.

Our goal at Home Security Store is to shrink all of these numbers. There is a solution to avoid being one of these statistics and the answer ranges from business and home alarm systems to full surveillance camera set-ups. Enrich yourselves with all we have to offer on our website and join the large percentage of Americans who are not effected by senseless crimes.

Data Source:

Home Invasion Robberies Can Happen Anywhere

Recently, I stumbled upon video footage of a man beating a woman. This wasn’t a case of domestic violence, however. Instead, it was taped evidence in a home invasion robbery. As a three year old girl sat on the sofa and witnessed her mother being savagely punched, kicked and tossed around like a ragdoll, the home’s nanny cam gave testament to more than just a crime in progress. It told the story of how brutally violent robberies can take place in the light of day, in the privacy of one’s own home and in the best of neighborhoods.

In the news video I watched, a veteran police officer was stunned by the nanny cam footage, which quickly went viral and was also broadcast on national news channels. It’s hard to imagine anyone feeling too differently about seeing a defenseless woman beaten by a man twice her size as her baby girl looked on. By his own account, what caught the officer even more off guard though was the fact that these sorts of crimes rarely happen in the New Jersey suburb where this incident happened. Here’s where I have to disagree with the officer despite him having spent decades on the force.

Why Am I Not Surprised?

As hard as the video was to watch, I was not surprised that it happened. Much less was I surprised that it happened in such a nice suburb. This isn’t me being callous. It’s me being aware that home invasion robberies can happen anywhere.

Think about it. If you were a robber, would you prefer to force your way into a home in a low-income area or one where homeowners enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle? Which one is likely to have more expensive items for the taking? In which neighborhood are homeowners more prone to be lulled into a false sense of security?

I also found it difficult to be surprised by the fact that this man entered through the woman’s front door during broad daylight. After all, if you’ve read this blog for any length of time or even care to browse through our archives right now, we’ve repeatedly told you that criminals often try access through front doors first. You wouldn’t believe how many people leave these doors unlocked during the daytime or how many people feel comfortable opening their front doors to strangers during daylight hours.

While searching for information on this case, I discovered a number of similar stories in other parts of New Jersey. This problem is not restricted by boundaries, however, as home invasion robberies can take place in any town. Let this story merely serve as a reminder of this fact.

Surveillance Video Saves the Day

I’m happy to report that the intruder has since been caught. Considering the videotaped evidence against him, it’s unlikely that he’ll see the light of day for a while. In addition to his capture, a few other elements of this ordeal leave me feeling thankful.

Why would I feel thankful about anything other than his capture? Well, for one, while the woman sustained serious bruising, cuts and chipped teeth, she is alive; ditto for her three year old daughter who witnessed it and her one year old son who was sleeping upstairs. Neither of the children were physically harmed either.

I am even more thankful for the fact that this woman had a nanny cam installed in the home. Imagine if this monster had been allowed to roam free forever, or if he were caught, but without enough evidence to convict him. Thanks to surveillance cameras in the home, just about every second is recorded on film. Imagine who else he might have hurt, possibly even killed without proper evidence leading to his capture and conviction. Her nanny cam will make sure that this guy never gets a chance to repeat his offense.

Let This Be a Lesson to Us All

Despite my relief about this poor woman’s survival and her attacker being removed from society, I can’t help but realize certain security details which may have reduced the likelihood of this ever happening in the first place. I don’t blame victims and that’s not what I’m doing here. What I am saying, though, is that we can learn a thing or two about home security in this scenario. In addition to installing indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras everywhere, we should all:

  • Keep security alarms on even in the daytime
  • Have multiple panic buttons stationed throughout the home (and teach everyone how to use them)
  • Never open our doors unnecessarily (this is where video intercoms really come in handy)

It’s impossible to say whether these tips may have prevented this family’s terrible ordeal. They may, however, prevent another one from happening elsewhere. While this criminal is off of the streets for the time being, there are scores of others waiting to take his place. Don’t let this frighten you, but, instead, empower yourself with knowledge and secure your home while you have time: Home Security Store Camera Systems.

Your Thoughts?

Did you see the viral video referenced in this post? Do you know anyone who’s ever been the victim of a home invasion robbery? What advice do you have to share with our readers?

Clearance Center – Save Money on Home Security Devices

On Black Friday every year, we rise before the roosters, line the ever-stretching exteriors of massive department stores and wait- somehow patiently- for jam-packed online shopping carts. Is it because prices truly are at their absolute lowest for that one day a year?

I think that we scale the shelves of our favorite stores to find that one deal. That one purchase that seems it was tailor-made for us. It’s the last pair of jeans hiding beneath the 15 tangled pairs above it with the 70% Off sticker. It’s the Power Drill with the destroyed box that just got marked down 20% because of the carelessness of your fellow shoppers. Are you with me? The best part of saving money isn’t saving cash- it’s finding a deal that magically appears for you and you alone.

Like that 70% Off pair of jeans, there is an often overlooked section of that might hold the deal on home security and surveillance equipment that you have been looking for.

Home Security Store’s Clearance Center is located on the home page (, about half-way down and on the far right of your computer screen. Items are marked down up to 75% off and to be frank- there are some unbelievable deals in this section.

For example, DSC alarm owners who are ready to expand their system can find a brand new Alpha keypad with wireless receiver marked down. Adding keypads makes your alarm system more efficient. Instead of always having to walk all the way to the garage or front door to arm/disarm your home alarm system, install a keypad in your bedroom. It reduces those annoying moments when you realize you haven’t activated the alarm before bed and allows you to enjoy the added safety of a panic button being only inches away- should an emergency arise.

Did you know that carbon monoxide is not only colorless, odorless and tasteless but toxic to humans and animals when heavily concentrated? Keep your house monitored with a wireless carbon monoxide detector, currently marked at 40% off! This sensor detector connects to a RISCO Group wireless alarm system and integrates right into your alarm system.

Do you have empty channels on your home security DVR and want to put them to good use for a fair price? Currently in the Clearance Center is a beautifully designed Outdoor Infrared Security Camera that shoots at 420 TV Lines and picks up visuals from up to 80 feet away in total darkness! Why wouldn’t you Increase your outdoor security for a descent price? Other featured items in the clearance center include a keyless door entry lock and a wireless audio baby monitor.

The Home Security Store Clearance Center was created for home and business owners with the need to protect their families and employees on a budget. Find your deal today. To browse the Clearance Center, click this link: Home Security Store Clearance Center.

We love and admire your feedback. For questions, comments and concerns, please feel free to use the open space below to start a conversation about home security!

Baby Steps to Home Automation

Ever dream of living in a smart home? You know, a home where everything is automated and there’s little left for you to do but relax after coming home from a long day’s work. The ambient temperature is just right, your favorite CD is queued to play as soon as you walk in the door and home really does feel like sweet home.

The Future Has Arrived

Home automation may still sound foreign to some of our readers, but really it’s not some faraway future concept, but it’s here right now and completely accessible to you. Turning your home into a smart home is a lot easier than you may realize. In fact, a few baby steps that you can take today to raise your home’s IQ are as easy as lights, cameras, action.


Manually turning lights on and off is so 21st century. Also, there’s no need to rush home to turn your lights on in order to deter burglars any more than there are reasons why your home should be in the dark while you’re away (which is like a welcome sign to criminals). Instead, automate your home by installing X10 lighting, which allows you to automatically control which lights turn on and off in your home and when.

While this concept is not entirely new (my grandma had her lights on a timer in the 70s), devices like Skylink Home Deluxe Lighting Kit have brought this idea a long way from the early days when the technology was first used. We highly recommend this product, because not only does it come from a brand that you can trust, but it is affordable and involves a very simple installation so that you can begin using it right away.

In addition to being used for indoor and outdoor lighting, X10 lighting control can also be employed to power your media devices and other gadgets that rely on AC power. For those of you who’ve seriously considered what it would take to automate a home, this is your most logical and practical first step.


After automating lighting and other electronic devices, the next step toward complete home automation is to install cameras throughout and around a home. Not only do these devices provide top-notch security, as well as burglary deterrents, but they also allow you remote access to your home at any time from wherever you are on the entire planet. Imagine vacationing thousands of miles away from home on the other side of the globe, yet still being able to peek inside of your home at any time during the day or night. This is exactly what can be done with devices like the Lorex Vantage Stream Wireless Network Camera.

Not only will remote surveillance cameras allow you 24/7 remote access inside of your home, but similar devices also allow you to know what’s going on around your home at all times. You can even interact with people who approach your home without ever having to compromise your own security by actually coming face to face with these individuals. Specifically, we’re referring to video intercoms like the Comelit Hands Free Expandable Color Intercom Kit. This device is also expandable to include as many as four monitors and two separate door bell cameras, and can even be set to remotely unlock a door once an occupant inside has deemed it safe to do so.


With lights and cameras working to make your home more intelligent than you ever thought possible, consider taking another step into the future by controlling other actions, such as your home’s temperature. There’s nothing worse than having to wait for your home to heat up when it’s freezing outside except for possibly waiting for your air conditioning to cool it off when the weather reaches sweltering conditions. With the environmental control devices featured on our main site, however, there’s no need to wait for these ambient temperatures to reach the levels that you desire. Instead, while you’re en route to your home, a device like the Freeze Alarm Deluxe can allow you to adjust the temperature so that it is perfect by the time you arrive.

Simple, Affordable and Effective Approaches to Home Automation

So, as you can see, the future is here. Getting started with home automation only requires a few baby steps like the ones described above. These will serve as your smart home foundation while you continue to explore other options which will help your home achieve even greater automation. In fact, we have an entire section dedicated to home automation at our main store, so be sure to check it out before you go.

We Want to Hear From You

Have you begun automating your home? What devices have you installed, so far? Which ones would you like to install in the future? Your comments and thoughts play an important role on this blog and we hope that you’ll chime in below and share them with us now.

Safety From Domestic Violence

Domestic violence (DV) is often seen as a women’s issue. The truth, however, is that it is everyone’s issue. Allowing unnecessary and unwarranted violence toward anyone to exist anywhere only weakens society as a whole. Here at Home Security Store, home and personal safety is always a priority and today we want to explore some of the ways in which we can all combat domestic violence.

Beyond Just Being the Plight of Women

Let’s be clear, domestic violence does not only affect women, but children and even men are often victims of these crimes. DV is also not only defined in terms of physical harm, but also includes verbal assault, psychological threats, various forms of sexual abuse and emotional bullying. It does not only affect the person person being directly harmed either, but also those witnessing the abuse– including children and other eyewitnesses who suffer long term psychological, emotional and social trauma as a result. With an estimated 12 million reported victims of intimate partner violence per year in the United States, DV affects people of all social, ethnic and economic levels. It will, therefore, take people from every corner of America to educate others about the havoc it wreaks in our communities.

Be On the Lookout

In order to effectively fight against future occurrences of domestic violence, all of us must be diligent in recognizing and reporting it. In addition to obvious signs of physical abuse, such as bruising, bleeding and broken bones, a few of the tell-tale symptoms that another is being victimized by this sort of crime might include:

  • Social withdrawal
  • A person not being allowed access to household or personal money
  • Being publicly humiliated by a partner
  • A person indicating fear of a partner
  • Frequent absences in work, school or regular social meetings
  • The inability to be away from a partner for periods of time (as in spending time with family, friends or at social events apart from a spouse or partner)

Take Action

Often, when abuse is suspected in someone else’s home or relationship, people will avoid addressing it for a variety of reasons ranging from fear to simply feeling that it is not an outsider’s place to interfere. Consider this, however, it is far better to risk offending a neighbor by taking action against suspected abuse than it is to allow a victim to endure it without offering assistance. Just recently in Ohio, three women were rescued from a man who held them captive for 10 years inside of his home. The man who rescued the women, Charles Ramsey, originally believed that the plea for help coming from one of the women was stemming from a situation of domestic violence. Still, Mr. Ramsey chose to respond and as a result three women who’d been kidnapped and tortured for a decade were finally free. Along with this group of women, a child (the result of the rape of one of the victims) was also discovered. Had Charles Ramsey decided that the suspected abuse of a single woman was none of his business, where would these four victims be today?

When DV is suspected, we should take care in applying the following advice:

  • Listen to a victim’s pleas
  • Do not judge, criticize or condemn a victim for being in an abusive relationship
  • Do not try to second-guess a victim’s story– take it at face value and offer help
  • If a violent incident is in progress, immediately contact the authorities
  • If you suspect, but are unsure that a person is being abused don’t beat around the bush…ask them about it!

If You Are a Victim

Do not hesitate to remove yourself from a situation where physical, sexual, emotional or psychological abuse is taking place. You are not at fault and help is available. No matter what an abuser has told you, people will help you, they will believe you and you do not have to feel ashamed to be in your position.

If you have removed yourself from an abusive situation, yet still fear the perpetrator contact your local courts about taking legal steps to keep that person away from you. Also, invest in a good security alarm system and surveillance cameras to protect yourself while at home. If your abuser has keys to your home, immediately change your locks– preferably to deadbolts and even consider a gadget like the Keypout Lock Bumping/Dead Bolt Protector to make sure that a lock cannot be opened by a process known as bumping. Even better, a keyless entry system will assure that you and the people whom you authorize are the only ones allowed access to your home.

This Post Courtesy Of a Special Comment

This post was inspired by a reader who, in reference to an earlier post entitled Tips For Single Women Living Alone, found my advice misleading. According to Janette’s comment, a large number of violent crimes against women are perpetrated by someone that the woman knows. While I think that the advice given in the original post was appropriate for single women and not in the least bit misleading, I do agree with Janette that more attention needs to be drawn to the issue of domestic violence and, hopefully, have made some progress on this blog in that area today.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-787-3224 right away.

When You Speak, We Listen

We are grateful for all of your comments on this blog as they help us in addressing your most pressing security questions, issues and concerns. What are your thoughts on combatting domestic violence? Please, let’s continue this discussion in the space provided below.

Devices That Help You Be in Two Places At Once

Ever wished you could be in two places at the same time? Perhaps you’d like to be able to stay home to spend time with your children, but you’ve got to work or have to travel away from home. And speaking of traveling, anyone with teenagers can surely relate to wanting to keep an eye on things at home while away. Business owners may also want to monitor work spaces remotely, not only to guard against theft and vandalism, but also just to look in on employees from time to time just to be certain that business is being handled as it should be.

Today’s technology not only makes it possible to do all of these things and more, but everyone reading this can do so at an affordable price. Gone are the days where a professional was needed to install complicated wiring and teach adults how to use the latest gadgets. Modern devices like the ones that you’re about to be introduced to can be used by just about anyone and they are are as simple to understand as they are to install.

Know Where Your Loved Ones Are at All Times

Unfortunately, we live in an age where parents must take extra precautions when allowing children to play outside alone, explore their neighborhoods or even travel to and from school on their own. Every parent reading this post has undoubtedly been shaken by news reports of children and young people disappearing, seemingly, into thin air. And not only must parents be concerned about abductions, but children who care for their own elderly parents and grandparents are frequently concerned about an elder becoming lost or disoriented, particularly if they’ve begun to experience a cognitive decline.

One solution to each of those scenarios is found in GPS technology. Devices such as the SleuthGear iTrail Passive GPS Logger w/Magnetic Case make it possible to know where a child or other loved one is 24-hours per day 7 days per week. This tiny device not only tracks a loved one’s whereabouts, but can continuously record up to 120-hours of their activity. Its motion-activated function even helps to assure that battery levels remain as strong as possible whenever this device is used.

A similar gadget, the SecuraTrac SecuraPAL GPS Child Tracking Device can even be used internationally. Regardless of age or mental capacity, we recommend that every family own at least one of these when traveling in an effort to help maintain a level of personal security while in a foreign place. This particular GPS tracking device makes it possible to communicate with the system in order to find a loved one’s location by text message, email or by using the web. It also works with smartphones, thus making it a completely portable device.

Keep a Keen Eye On Your Enterprise

Business owners concerned about theft or those who merely want to remotely monitor a workplace environment are advised to take a close look at the Lasertech Hi-Resolution Mirror Covert Camera. As mirrors are frequently found in public places, no one will even suspect that something so common also doubles as a hidden camera.

Another Dual-Purpose Device

Homeowners and business owners alike may also want to consider installing a Functional Smoke Detector Covert Color Camera. Operating as any normal smoke detector would, this device also records all of the activity in the area where it is installed. Like the Lasertech Hi-Resolution Mirror Covert Camera, no one will suspect that this device has a dual function.

Devices That Give Parents a Helping Hand

Parents of very young children will be quite impressed with the Lorex Live Snap Video Baby Monitor. This particular monitor does more than merely allow parents to hear a child in another room, but it also allows parents to see inside of a child’s room even in dark conditions. With two-way audio communication, parents and children can communicate remotely and this device can even be expanded to accommodate up to 4 cameras making it a great tool for households with multiple children, especially as young ones age and began to move more freely about the home. Completely portable, this device can go wherever the family does in order to provide security right where you are.

Home Security Store Is Here For You

All of the devices discussed here are available in our main store. Each one can be self-installed and our tech support team is always ready to answer any questions or concerns about how to install or operate any one of them.

Your Thoughts?

What are some of the devices you’re currently using that help you track or remotely monitor your home and the people in it? What devices do think would make your life easier right now? Your comments are always welcome and we look forward to reading what’s on your mind.

The Possibilities of Mobile Access

Security systems have adapted to today’s busy lifestyle and technology by providing users with mobile access. With mobile access capabilities, you can take charge of your home security like never before, using a smartphone or other web-enabled device to control your home from anywhere in the world. Here are some of the futuristic possibilities that mobile access offers:

Security system access: A security system with mobile access means that you can take charge of your home’s safety remotely. With many mobile access systems, you can arm, disarm, and regulate your system’s capabilities all from your mobile device, whether you’re at work or halfway around the world.

One of the many systems that allows for mobile security system access is the Honeywell Lynx Touch 5100 Self-Contained Wireless Alarm Kit. This kit can be bought in conjunction with the Honeywell Android Mobile Internet Device with built-in wi-fi, both found at Home Security Store. The internet tablet comes pre-loaded with security system software, as well as additional internet surfing capabilities. From this tablet, you can regulate your home’s lighting, adjust your home’s temperature, lock and unlock doors, all with just the touch of the screen.

Video:  Want to see what’s going on in your home while you’re away? With a security system supplied with mobile access, you can check your security cameras no matter where you are. If your cameras detect motion while you’re away, you can receive text or email alerts letting you know of any suspicious activity.

One video system that allows for remote viewing is the Lorex Complete 8 Channel Security Camera System with 18.5” TFT LCD monitor. This high-tech system allows you view live surveillance video on your Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, or Blackberry smartphones. You can also set up and view your system using a PC or a Mac. With this system, you’ll always know exactly what’s going on at home. You can check on your pets while you’re at work or see who’s at the door while you’re cooking dinner.

Image sensor:  Capturing video is only a small part of what a security system can do. An image sensor will not only capture images in real time, but it can also capture hard-to-see images using night vision.

The Home Security Store’s 11020-SVAT 4 Channel Smart Security DVR with 500gb HDD and 4 Outdoor 75ft. Night Vision Security Cameras  will completely survey your home, night or day. The system provides you with weather and vandal-resistant cameras, high resolution video, and automatic night vision that monitors up to 75 feet away, so you can see anyone lurking around your home in the dark. The system also comes with an easy-to-operate DVR, which allows you to view video anywhere with remote viewing via your smartphone, tablet, or other internet connection. Email alerts, with photos, are sent to you if there is any motion detected around your home.

Home automation: With remote home automation, you can do more than control your lights, door locks, and thermostat. You can also control small appliances, reduce electricity usage, and more.

The Visonic Powermax Plus Wireless Home Security System allows for remote home management through telephone, cellular, or internet connections. The system also provides status updates and is able to control up to 15 electrical devices. Along with complete home control, the system sends event reporting messages to pagers, email, mobile phones, monitoring stations, and more. This way, you always know what’s going on at home, and you can be sure to keep the thermostat and appliances how you want them.

Energy management: By using your security system’s home automation capabilities, such as lighting controls, appliance controls, and smart thermostat, you help your family save money by reducing energy usage.

Home Security Store’s Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Screen Keypad with built-in wi-fi can help you manage your energy usage. The keypad, which can be used with VISTA20P Honeywell Security System, is built to seamlessly work with Z-Wave enabled thermostats, lights, shades, and locks. The keypad manages energy costs with customized scenes that control Z-Wave enabled lights and thermostats based on system events or time of day. You can feel good about reducing electricity waste and saving money with your remote capabilities.

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