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The Most Common Entry Points for a Break-In

Continuing with our infographic series highlighting the facts about burglary in America, Home Security Store has released another infographic entitled, The Most Common Entry Points For a Break-In.   With information collected from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, this particular infographic offers useful facts about how burglars most often gain access to a home.

Infographic designer Justin Marini believes that by delivering information in a compact visual presentation, infographics allow readers to quickly obtain useful facts. According to Marini and Marketing Manager Annie Blanco, who both worked together to organize the infographic’s research and design, this latest installment in the series reveals that the most common entry point for a burglar is a home’s front door. With 34% of break-ins originating through this access point, Blanco stresses that old doors are particularly vulnerable to being forcibly opened by either pushing or kicking. Home Security Store recommends replacing weak doors with sturdier ones or replacing front door locks with deadbolt locks in order to lessen the likelihood of an intruder gaining access through this most common entry point.

With regards to this latest infographic, Blanco points out that the second most common entry point for burglars is a first-floor window. “According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, as many as 23% of home burglaries involve first-story window break-ins.” She goes on to discuss how burglars will often cut through a window screen and even break the window’s glass when necessary. Through this infographic, Blanco suggests that homeowners invest in glass break sensors as well as window alarm sensors in order to reduce access via these points.

Other common entry points detailed in the latest Home Security Store infographic include:

●    Back Doors – Following closely behind first-floor windows, The Most Common Entry Points For a Break-In infographic illustrates that in 22% of all home burglaries in America thieves gained access to a home through a back door entrance.

●    Garages – 9% of all burglaries begin with a thief’s entrance through a garage that is attached to a targeted house. On behalf of Home Security Store, Blanco warns against leaving these access points unlocked or open while maintaining that such translates as an open invitation to burglars.

●    Other Unlocked Entrances – Quoting statistics from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, Blanco maintains that storage areas and other unlocked entrances provide access to a house in as many as 6% of all home burglaries nationwide. Through this latest infographic, Marini and Blanco urge homeowners to remember to securely lock entrances like these in order to reduce burglary rates overall.

As with the previous two infographics in this series, The Most Common Entry Points For a Break-In has also been featured on multiple blogs via posts focused on educating homeowners about criminal behaviors. Attracting attention across the blogosphere, the infographic has served to spark several thoughtful conversations about home security. Many blog visitors have even expressed surprise at the fact that the majority of home break-ins happen during daylight hours and that thieves enter a home through a front door.

In light of the data shared, bloggers who have written about the infographic, such as Kim Litchford of Resourceful Blogger, have also spoken of installing door alarms and security lighting in order to avoid being victimized by a burglar. In her blog post about the infographic, Litchford goes on to mention that Home Security Store also offers a number of other security devices, such as motion detectors and driveway alarms, designed to deter burglars regardless of their access point.


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Home Security Store Press Coverage

interview-annieWe at http://HomeSecurityStore.com/Blog are always more than happy to do interviews for TV, print, and online magazines.  Not only is it great exposure for us, but it’s something that we love to do.  That is – get the word out on anything home security related.  That’s why we were more than pleased when the good folks at http://www.buyherepayherecarlots.net contacted us for an interview.  Reporter Shane McCormick interviewed me and we talked about a variety of topics, including GPS tracking, biometrics, and home automation.  You can read the complete interview here http://buyherepayherecarlots.net/interview-with-annie-blanco-of-homesecuritystore.com.html

While we are on the subject of interviews, we’d like to extend an open invitation to our cyber buddies.  Because we are knowledgeable on a variety of security related subjects, we invite you to call upon us for help and answers to your security related questions.  We can talk about how to build a surveillance system for under $500, or the latest spy gadget, or even how to combat cyber-bullying.  Here are some other stories which would make sense to interview us for –

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Plus, there are current event news story tie-ins that we would love to talk about as well.  Again, our door is always open!

How can I Protect my Home from Burglary?

To protect your home against burglary you should memorize, or at the very least read, the three L’s of a typical Neighborhood Watch program – that is Lights, Locks and Landscaping.  With those in mind, make sure all areas of your home inside and outside have adequate lighting.  This means lighting the driveway, entrance way, and backyard.  Motion detector lights can be a plus.  If you buy and install them they can help surprise a potential intruder who comes upon your house.  Next, install sturdy locks on all doors and windows (deadbolt locks are ideal for the main entry and exit doors) and keep your lawn and shrubbery well-manicured.  In addition, if you go away on vacation, tell someone you trust that you will be away and have them pick up the mail and newspapers.  Also, consider putting your lights on timers.  Plus, contact your local police department and ask for a “Vacation House-Check.”  Depending on the size of your town, an officer should go to your home on a regular basis while you are away and check to make sure your home is secured.  Don’t give a burglar a helping hand.  Remember, homes without lights, adequate locks, and smart landscaping are more likely to be burglarized.  You should take action now and identify potential weaknesses around your property.  Then do something about those weaknesses to eliminate the odds of criminal activity.