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Video Surveillance Increases Safety During the Holiday Season

The mere presence of a video surveillance system is often enough to make criminals steer clear of a home. As burglary crimes seem to increase during this time of year, more and more homeowners are also realizing the importance of having a device to keep watch over a home at all times. While surveillance cameras are important for home security at any time of the year, they are especially important during the holiday season.

Caught on Tape

In addition to deterring burglars, a good home surveillance system can also help capture criminals. This is particularly true in cases where cameras have been hidden from plain view. Most recently, a pair of burglars in Huntersville, North Carolina entered a model home where they stole several television sets during the middle of the night. Fortunately, video cameras positioned throughout the home were able to capture clear footage of the thieves in action. Surveillance, therefore, not only protects a single home, but can also lead to putting criminals in jail so that they cannot continue to victimize others.

Holiday Surveillance Precautions

We typically recommend that cameras be placed in a number of locations in and around the home, which is why our multi-camera kits are among the most popular video surveillance systems sold in our main store. Individuals installing such a system would do well to position cameras at front and back doors, over garage doors, at driveways and at as many windows as possible. During the holiday season, it is also a good idea to place a camera directly on the holiday tree or at any location where gifts are stored as these items are the most likely target of a home robbery at this time of year.

Businesses Need Increased Surveillance, Too

Beyond home security, business owners should also increase video surveillance during the holiday season. This is particularly true in cases where cash is regularly handled on a premises or when inventory is stored at a particular location. Thieves often count on an increase in sales and product storage at this time of year, which is why business owners should make certain that all cameras covering entrances, exits, storage areas, deposit safes and cash registers are all in good working order and have not been tampered with. Cameras should also be equipped with infrared technology for recording at night and should be connected to an uninterruptible power supply.

Burglary Isn’t the Only Concern During the Holidays

Unfortunately, burglaries aren’t the only types of crimes that seem to increase during the holiday season. As this can be a very emotional time of year for many, those with increased stress levels or who are emotionally unstable are often more prone to acts of violence as the holidays approach. Video cameras strategically placed in and around a home, however, can increase the safety of those inside. This is particularly true for homeowners who have installed devices such as the Samsung Video Door Intercom Master Station, which can be connected to a home surveillance camera and, thus, enables occupants to both see who is at a front door, as well as communicate with that person from a distance without ever having to approach the door until it’s been deemed safe to do so.

Maximum Security For Everyone

Depending upon the video surveillance used to protect a home during the holidays and beyond, homeowners can enjoy a measure of safety previously only available to large institutions where tight security is of the utmost importance. For example, the new network video recorders (NVR) featured in our store are of the same quality used in maximum security prisons. Such systems offer multi-channel functionality and can also be operated via smartphone, which further helps in merging home automation with home security. Systems like these used to require special installation and were usually beyond the budgets of most homeowners. Recently, however, NVR and DVR systems have become more affordable and DIY installation options have made high-tech video surveillance solutions more affordable than ever before.

Your Safety is Our Primary Concern

While Home Security Store wants all of our readers to focus on home security year round, we especially want to raise awareness about the options that are available to our customers at this time of year. As home and commercial burglaries increase, so do our efforts to educate the public about DIY home security and all of the affordable ways to keep families and valuables safe during the holiday season. Beyond alarm systems, we aim to educate our readers on how easy it is to establish multiple layers of security, which includes video surveillance, in order to make a home most unattractive to common burglars.

We Want to Hear From You

Have you noticed an increase in burglaries or violent crimes during the holiday season? What steps have you taken to assure that your family is not affected by crime now or in the future? We’d love to hear your thoughts about the importance of video surveillance in the space provided below.

The Amish Are Watching You!

Contrary to popular belief, the Amish are not totally disconnected from the modern world.

Although the Amish are forbidden to take pictures of themselves, an Amish store-owner in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania says he has no problem taking pictures of other people, especially when it means catching a thief.

The Amish businessman—whose name has not been released—hid an infrared hunting camera under a glove in his shed-store after a string of burglaries hit numerous Amish-owned businesses in the area, with one being hit as much as 6 times.

The suspect was caught on video, although he has not been arrested.  But the tactic has inspired other Amish store owners in the area to do the same, with one reportedly hiding one among the horse harnesses in his store.

Source:  WGAL

New York City’s E-Train Gets Candid

Subway riders have a new big brother!

The New York Post reports today that the E Train in New York City’s subway system has officially been equipped with state-of-the-art security cameras as part of the city’s anti-terrorism initiative.

Because the installation is so expensive it’ll be the only train—for now—to carry the cameras, and will also display stickers that read: : “Notice: This train may be equipped with a video recording device.”

The MTA says the cameras will not be watched live, but will be digitally recorded and archived and meant to be used during criminal investigations.

Transit officials say that merely alerting riders that cameras are present will help reduce crime.  .

The MTA also said that further plans to install fold-up seats in the train, which will allow about 18% more passengers to cram inside, are on their way.  Although a definite date has not been set.

No Surveillance System for Laguna Beach

A jewelry store robbery in downtown Laguna Beach (Orange County) last year has sparked debate over whether installing a public surveillance system in the city’s downtown area would actually reduce crime.

Many European cities are famous for their public cameras, although opponents of the system have argued both that it is an invasion of privacy and that it is expensive and impractical.

That was the opinion of council members Kelly Boyd, Jane Egley and Verna Rollinger Tuesday night during Laguna Beach’s council meeting regarding the issue, although Mayor Elizabeth Pearson and Mayor Pro Tempore Toni Iseman voiced their support.

Police Chief Paul Workman presented the report to the council and argued that while the cameras would probably not help police fight crimes in progress, they would be an invaluable asset to police investigations.

“The problem,” he adds, “is we do not have staff to be able to just sit and watch the cameras.”

Ultimately, Rollinger said the effects of the cameras in preventing crime were too uncertain to justify the inevitably large expense of the project.

The council ended the debate by voting no.

Source: OC Register

Surveillance Cameras For CTA

Trains can be scary, especially at night.  But those of you who live in Chicago can feel a little safer now as the Chicago Transit Authority has installed more high-res surveillance cameras at all of their ‘L’ stations.

The Chicago Tribune reports that with the “most recent installation of cameras at 24 Green Line stations, CTA officials say the system now has 1,657 cameras at 73 rail stations.  By summer, there should be at least one at every CTA station.”

The CTA also plans on installing video surveillance cameras in rail cars themselves.  The costs of doing so have not been determined, but numbers should be released by Spring.

iPhone Security Camera?

cameraphoneSecurity Cam is a new app by developer Crowded Road to be used with Apple’s iPhone. The idea is to turn your iPhone into a spying device. 

As Macworld reports, the app offers two camera related functions:

“Frequency capture, which lets you set a specific frequency for how often the iPhone’s camera will take a photo, and audio trigger, which takes a photo whenever a customizable, pre-defined level of noise is detected. A third mode, frequency and audio, combines the two features, taking photos at predetermined intervals as well as whenever the sound threshold is met. All photos are time and date stamped. “

With a $1 price-tag, the app is cheap and relatively cool, but we at Home Security Store agree with Macworld when they say the only thing that would make the app truly worthy of its name would be the addition of motion activation and video-recoding options.



Source: Macworld by way of Yahoo! News.

Fake – Dummy Cameras from WINN

WINN Dummy Cameras are an exact match to real cameras, even down to the flashing red LED lights. WINN and Home Security Store challenge you to see the difference. The Dummy Cameras are the most realistic simulated video cameras on the market today. WINN fake security cameras will fool criminals into believing you have a real video security system. They can be installed easily in seconds and designed for indoor or outdoor use.

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PI1000 – Covert Spy DVR with Integrated Color Camera

The PI1000 is a complete video recording system that is both compact and discreet. A built-in CMOS camera catches all the action and the video is recorded onto the included SD card. The best part is, this device looks like an ordinary motion sensor, allowing you to monitor any location discreetly.

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ARC-19103-1G – Arc Vision Digital Video Capture Camera

One of the best security cameras available is the Arc Vision Digital Video Capture Camera. The HOME GUARD Digital Video Capture Camera has versatile features that include motion detection, built-in flash memory, hidden camera & monitor/dvr playback.
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LW1010 – Color Wireless Surveillance System w/ Camera

The LW1010 Color Wireless Surveillance System with Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Camera is an easy to use and install system to monitor your home and/or business. The receiver connects to any television and the system can be expandable up to 2 cameras for added security.

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