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Are Fake Cameras Really Effective?

The short answer to this question is, yes, fake cameras are effective. When creating your own home security system, it is important to understand the concept of layering security and of using deterrents as a part of that process. By installing multiple security devices, using signs and gadgets that make a thief think twice about a break in, and even using decoy products like fake cameras, you can create a multi-layered, very effective system of home defense.

Burglary Deterrents

Many homeowners simply invest in a security alarm and an alarm monitoring service while believing that this is enough to create a strong home security system. While an alarm and monitoring are excellent starts, much more can be done and should be done to secure a home. Other security measures should include things like outdoor lighting, security signs and decals, and surveillance cameras. Each of these items serve as a burglary deterrent. Or, to put it another way, these devices let an individual burglar know that you mean business and that proceeding with his plans will likely be detrimental to his freedom. Whether a camera is real or fake, as long as it looks like an actual surveillance device it will have the same effect on a burglar’s thought process and will encourage him to bypass your house altogether.

Using a Burglar’s Ignorance to Your Advantage

Understand that most burglars are none too sophisticated when it comes to identifying security device particulars. While on the job, they will not take the time to closely scrutinize a security device in trying to determine whether it is real or fake. Simply, thieves see a surveillance camera and make a natural assumption that it is real and that it is poised to catch them in the act. On sight alone, this is enough to cause a thief to look elsewhere for an easy score.

Can You Tell a Difference?

Compare two of the many surveillance cameras offered at the Home Security Store: the Atrix 36 IR Weatherproof Bullet Camera and the Fake Security Camera by WINN. Of course, you have the advantage of knowing that one is real and that the other is not. On sight alone, however, could you honestly tell the difference? Would you be willing to commit a crime in plain sight of the fake security camera?

Short-Term Surveillance Solution

Of course, a real surveillance camera is always a better option than a fake one. However, if you cannot yet afford a real surveillance system or if you are simply looking for a temporary security solution, such as guarding a vacant investment property, a fake camera can be almost as effective as a real one. As deterrents alone, both types of cameras serve a useful purpose.

Combining Real and Fake Cameras

While you can purchase a relatively affordable multi-channel surveillance camera system, it is possible to create the illusion of a multi-camera system by installing real surveillance cameras along with fake cameras at the same property. Such can be particularly useful for a large home or simply for a homeowner who is in the process of creating a multi-channel system, but cannot afford to invest in all of the cameras needed at the same time.

This concept of installing fake cameras along with real ones is currently being used in at least one Northern California community plagued by crime. News reports indicate that the community of Oakland Hills has invested in multiple surveillance cameras that are installed throughout that neighborhood and, while most of the cameras placed there are real, a few decoy cameras have also been spread throughout the community. In this same way, homeowners can deter crime by simply installing fake cameras at strategic locations around a property along with real cameras and, thus, giving the impression that a property is under tight surveillance even though only one or two cameras are actually functioning.

What to Look For When Buying a Fake Camera

While fake cameras are a short-term inexpensive alternative to the real thing, a poorly made fake camera constructed out of cheap materials may not be as effective. By the way, the same can be said for a real surveillance camera, too. In order to assure that your fake camera will serve as a good deterrent, there are a few things that you should look for when purchasing one. First, only purchase a camera made with a durable metal surface just like a real camera would feature. Second, look for a camera with a flashing red light intended to mimic an LED light featured on most real surveillance cameras.

Tell Us What You Think

We now turn the question over to you: What do you think about fake cameras? Have you used them in the past? Can you tell the difference between real and fake cameras? We look forward to your comments in the space provided below.

How to Fool a Thief with a Dummy Camera

A bit of History –

In military terms, fake or decoy equipment in intended to deceive the enemy.  When it comes to the military, one of the oldest tricks in the book is that of a so-called Quaker Gun.  The Quaker Gun is a deception tactic that was commonly used in warfare during the 18th and 19th centuries.  The Quaker Gun looked like an actual cannon, but in reality was a wooden log simply painted black.  The hope was that a series of Quaker Guns would make any given army look bigger and more powerful than it actually was.  In short – they would bluff!  Military deception tactics have of course come a long way since the Quaker Gun, and so too have dummy cameras for the property owner wanting to protect his or her belongings.  No longer are the days of those white box-like fake cameras, which look just as their name indicates – FAKE!  Welcome to today, where it’s getting easier to make a fool out of a potential thief.

Today’s Modern Look and Feel –

It doesn’t get any more real than the Winn dummy camera line, which is one of the most popular fake camera lines sold on the market today.  These fake cameras are made with real and authentic parts, including the camera casing, lens, and wire.  Winn dummy cameras come in different sizes and in two different colors, be that black and silver.  You can use a fake camera by itself to overlook an area or you can use it in conjunction with a real surveillance system.

Benefits of a Fake Camera –

Saving money is one of the most obvious benefits when it comes to a fake or dummy camera.  That’s because there is no real camera or camera chip inside the casing.  However, this does not mean that a fake camera has fake casing.  In fact, the real material is one reason Winn dummy cameras work so well and sell so well.  Another benefit is that fake security cameras have low maintenance.  Some fake cameras have a working flashing red LED, which simply runs on a small battery.  Furthermore, there are even new fake dummy cameras which are solar powered so it’s virtually maintenance free.  The only work comes at the installation, which is very easy to do.  And finally, it’s better to have a fake camera than nothing at all.

How to Really Fool a Thief –

When you buy a fake camera you should install in a spot where people are sure to see it.  After all, what good is a fake camera if no one can spot it?  Keep in mind that you should not place it somewhere where it’s so easy that a potential thief could figure out that the camera is indeed a fake one.  For instance, placing it where it’s impossible to run wire could be a giveaway.  The point here is to scare away a potential intruder or vandal, you must “shout” out to them in some way that they are being watched!  And that’s exactly the perception you need to fool a thief with a dummy camera.

Just the Facts –

According to a study entitled, “Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society” (CITRIS) and conducted by the University of California, Berkeley, the mere presence of security cameras is very effective in reducing property crimes within 100 feet of the cameras, resulting in a crime reduction of 24%.

In Conclusion –

Comparing a dummy camera to a Quaker Gun might be a stretch, but you get the idea!  We should use every tactic available to us to fool someone who is out to hurt us.  This is where creativity and know-how comes in.  A dummy camera is an easy solution which could save you from losing thousands of dollars in stolen goods.  Not to mention, a huge headache and heartache.  Remember, a potential thief is looking for an easy mark.  Don’t be a fool and do nothing.  Rather, turn the tables and the odds that your house won’t be broken in to.

Home Security Store Featured in Garage Style Magazine

Garage Style Magazine has featured one of Home Security Store’s most popular products.  Our very own 04-WI – WINN Imitation Dummy Camera made the Garage Door Buyer’s Guide.  In compiling the guide, Garage Style Magazine editors selected only the best products to help readers construct the perfect garage from architectural garage doors to security.  The Garage Door Buyer’s Guide can be found in the magazine’s Spring 2010 issue.  That issue is on stands now and can be purchased at most area Borders and Barnes & Noble Bookstores.  You may also order the magazine online at http://www.garagestylemagazine.com/home

In addition, Garage Style Magazine chose to run Home Security Store’s trademarked photograph of the WINN Dummy Camera.  On that note, Home Security Store’s marketing and web department prides itself on producing original product photos and videos.  That’s probably why we are asked so much by various media outlets for permission to use and/or reproduce our work.  If you ask, Home Security Store is usually more than happy to oblige.  If you represent such a media publication, don’t hesitate to call us!

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