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Viral Video of Flash-Mob Theft Released

In Germantown, Maryland local police released video of a group of about 30 people, assembled as what is known as a “flash mob”, entering a 7-Eleven convenient store.  Mob members stole drinks, candy, and snacks.  Police have identified about half of the suspects and are working to identify the rest, many of which are juveniles who ultimately went with their parents to police to turn themselves in.

“One of the lessons here is you are not anonymous.  You’re on camera,” Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy said.

“These kids basically thought they could walk in there, create havoc and remain anonymous,” said Capt. Luther Reynolds, commander of Montgomery’s Germantown police district.

The suspects will be charged with any or all of three offenses: theft, conspiracy to commit theft, and disorderly conduct.

This more recent round-up of flash-mob suspects indicates that this trend could be fading away.

Investigators took advantage of the security video, breaking it down into still images.  They showed these to an officer who works in area schools and to principals and the names started pouring in.

Police learned that the youths rode a bus from the county fair to the Germantown area and started talking to one another.  Someone came up with the idea to hit the 7-Eleven.

“Most of these kids are good kids who didn’t think this through,” added Reynolds.