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The Popularity of DIY Home Security Systems is Growing

Throughout the blogosphere, from social media and even traditional news outlets, there is an indication that the popularity of do-it-yourself home security systems is growing. While precise reasons for this are unknown, an unofficial survey of news and discussions on this topic indicate that improvements in technology, as well as the cost-effectiveness of DIY home security projects are both very sensible explanations. A growing DIY home improvement trend, in general, may also play a role in the increased interest in DIY home security.

The Ease of Wireless Home Security Systems

A recent article on a website covering news in Florida suggests that DIY home security systems are receiving increased attention as new technology is easier to install and, thus, causing people to bypass well-known security dealers and expensive installation prices in favor of installing their own systems. We find this to be particularly true with wireless home security systems which do not require complex wiring procedures.

Technological advances have also made it possible for wireless systems to represent the same level of alarm quality as hardwired systems. Digital technology, in particular, eliminates a lot of the interference that earlier generations of analog wireless technology experienced. This is true for alarm systems, as well as wireless video surveillance systems.

DIY Hardwired Alarm Systems

Even hardwired systems can be self-installed. As the product reviews on the Ademco Honeywell Vista 20P Security System Kit that we offer in our main store will attest, most people find hardwired systems like these pretty easy and straightforward to install. Of those who find such an effort to be a challenge, the personalized tech support we provide helps make the DIY installation of even hardwired systems possible.

The Cost Effectiveness of DIY Home Security Systems

DIY home security systems also tend to cost quite a bit less than do alarm systems purchased through security dealers. Often, the alarm brands sold are identical to those that can be purchased from Home Security Store or another direct security retailer. Not only might systems cost less, but homeowners also save on the cost of labor for installation, as well as monitoring costs.

Typically, alarm monitoring can cost the upwards of $20 per month if contracted through a home security dealer. DIY home security system owners, however, can receive comparable monitoring services for less than half that cost. One of the main reasons people often cite for bypassing alarm monitoring (which we do not recommend that anyone do) is because of the high cost of monitoring through security dealers. It stands to reason, then, that homeowners would embrace DIY home security systems, which can be monitored for less than $100 annually.

The Latest and Best Technology is Also DIY

In addition to professional monitoring, a lot of DIY home security customers are taking advantage of new technology that allows them to self-monitor their homes. This is done through the use of alarm accessories and smartphone applications that make it possible to view a home– inside and out– from a remote location using a smartphone, tablet or a laptop computer. Many of these same devices also make it possible to access home automation tools in order to control other things in a home’s environment, such as lighting and heating.

Beyond alarm and monitoring accessories, however, people find value in DIY projects that heighten home security by doing things like changing a home’s locks, installing additional keypads or even adding yard signs and window decals indicating the presence of a home security system. Often overlooked in conversations of DIY home security– or home security, in general– these simple projects help add layers of home security which are very necessary in keeping burglars at bay. For example, biometric door locks, which are controlled by fingerprint, are definite deterrents…not to mention, they add a certain “cool factor” to a home.

DIY Home Improvement Movement Empowers Homeowners

The plethora of DIY home improvement television shows, blogs, websites and magazines also undoubtedly supports the popularity of DIY home security systems. Mediums like these have helped homeowners feel empowered about making improvements to their homes. By highlighting ordinary people with average skill sets who are committed to undertaking handyman projects on their own, the masses have learned that they, too, can learn how to improve a home’s value and security without paying the price for expensive contractors and installers.

Of course, we are pleased at the increasing popularity of DIY home security systems. We know that consumers can save money by going this route and we also know that quality does not have to be compromised when purchasing a system from a reputable DIY home security company. Homeowners deserve to have the best and strongest security at home, but they do not deserve being charged high markups for equipment, installation and monitoring.

Your Thoughts on the DIY Home Security Trend

Have you engaged in a DIY home security project? What prompted you to do so? Also, why do you think that DIY home security projects are becoming more popular? We’re always interested in your stories and comments, and we look forward to hearing from you in the space provided below.