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Burglars Caught on Video by Lorex Surveillance

In mid May, Jose Alonso’s wife came home to find her house in the Quebrada Arriba de Cayey neighborhood in Puerto Rico had been broken into.  The thieves made off with $4,000 worth of stolen goods, including a television and some jewelry.  Alonso knew that it was two burglars who broke into his house in broad daylight because he caught the armed culprits on video with his Lorex Surveillance System that he had bought at Home Security Store.

“I bought the system for under $400 and set it up myself.  I had it up and running in less than one hour.    It was also easy to program.  The cameras can be setup to record once motion is detected or can be set to a schedule,” Alonso told Home Security Store.

Alonso and his wife quickly went to the local police department and showed investigators the surveillance footage, which showed the suspects prying open a door, entering the home, and then walking out the door with the loot.  In turn, the police went to the media releasing the footage and suspect descriptions.

“From the footage you could see what the two suspects were wearing and how tall they are.  You could also clearly see that one suspect has a star tattoo on the back of his neck,” Alonso said.

The suspects were also armed with a silver 357 revolver and other pistols.  The images of the suspects were broadcast on local TV news stations and the video was posted on the front page of the online version of the main newspaper in Puerto Rico (El Nuevo Dia).

Investigators have received several anonymous tips, but the suspects are still at large.  Since the burglary, Alonso has added two more cameras to his existing Lorex system.  Therefore, the perimeter of his home is covered and so too is the driveway.  Alonso says if someone drives near his home, he will now be able to capture on video the car’s license plate.