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Do You Carry Personal Protection?

LA98001When asked this question, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? A gun? Maybe a knife? In a day and age where there is much public debate over the sale and use of firearms, it is understandable that discussions about personal defense tools can be a touchy subject for some. At Home security Store, however, we know that there are a variety of non-lethal tools which can help rescue you from an attacker’s bad intentions and which are perfectly legal to own.

A Time to Run

When confronted with a personal attack, you can do one of three things: run, endure or fight back. In selecting a personal defense tool to use in public, you should be aware of its primary purpose and know in advance which of these three choices it will best equip you for. For example, one of our pepper spray products may offer you time to run away from an assailant. Whether using the Mace Pen Defender, one of our Mace Pepper Guns or any of our other pepper spray products, strategically spraying an attacker in the face with pepper spray will momentarily disable and distract a criminal, and possibly give you enough time to flee the scene.

A Time to Fight Back

Not every attack is life-threatening, but great bodily harm as well as a loss of property may ensue anyway. In many of these instances, you may be able to successfully fight back in order to ward off an attacker and avoid injury or loss. Situations like these call for special tools, which can be inconspicuously carried so that they are within reach when you need them the most. One such tool offered at our main store is the United Defense Pen. While this tool is fully functional as a writing pen, it can also double as a kubotan if you ever need to square off with a attacker. Made of anodized aluminum, the pen is extra hard and when used on an assailant’s bony or fleshy areas, as well as on nerve endings, it can cause great pain. When not in use, the United Defense Pen easily clips to a pocket or a belt making it a practical solution for personal protection.

A Time to Endure

Unfortunately, there are some situations where running to safety or fighting back just isn’t an immediate option. We’re speaking, of course, to situations where there may be a mass gun attack or even where you may be caught in a crossfire situation. In these instances, the best thing that you can do while having to endure the attack is to shield your body from harm as best you can. Our Armored Go Pack and our Armored Youth Ballistic Backpack offer you the protection that you need in situations like this. Made for adults and children, these backpacs offer armored protection by way of a ballistic plate (as is installed in the adult pack) or by way of a special ballistic protection material known as RynoHide, which is built into our youth backpacks.

Rethinking Personal Protection

So, as you can see, there are options beyond what is usually discussed in the media and in everyday conversations. Whether or not you are comfortable with owning a gun or carrying a knife on you in public, there are other ways to protect yourself and your family against an assailant. Personal defense items do not have to be of a lethal variety, they just have to be strong enough and effective enough to provide you with an opportunity to escape or fight back should you ever be confronted by a criminal intent on doing you bodily harm.

At Home Security Store, we’ve done our best to educate you on the ways in which you can protect your home, your family and yourself. Beyond that, we’ve also placed a lot of effort behind finding the right tools, devices and products to keep you as safe as possible at all times. Before you leave today, we hope you’ll take some time to browse our security and survival sections to learn more about the items which have been hand-selected to provide you the best in personal protection and security.

What’s Your Take?

What personal defense tools do you think are the most effective against an attacker? Which would you feel comfortable allowing your children and other loved ones to own or carry? Have you ever encountered a situation where one of these tools may have been useful to your survival? Which tools do you recommend to anyone considering purchasing a product to protect themselves? Are there any other defensive tools that you’d like to see us carry in our main store? Your input helps keep this important conversation alive. Please take a moment to post your thoughts about personal protection tools in the space we’ve reserved for you below.

Ralph Winn

4 Arrested in Seattle Stun-Gun Attacks

A teenage girl, two young women, and a man have been arrested in connection with violent stun-gun attacks on women in North Seattle.

The attacks targeted women who were alone, often busy taking items out of their car.  As the Seattle Times reports, one victim reported being shocked with a stun gun, while three others reported hearing what sounded like the clicking of a stun gun, but were not stunned.

“These crimes were bold and brazen in that these attacks were largely during the day when people would feel it was safe to engage in daily tasks…” Prosecutor Dana Cashman wrote in a charging report.

The first attack occurred just before 2 p.m. May 17.  That’s when a 61-year-old woman was unloading her car in the parking garage of her apartment building when a stun gun was pressed against her neck by a man and she felt a jolt of electricity.  She was pushed into her open trunk, and her purse was stolen.

The second attack happened two days later just before 1 p.m.  That’s when a 54-year-old woman was assaulted as she pulled bags from her car in her driveway. 

All of the attacks were crimes of opportunity.  Whether it is day or night you should not let your guard down.  Make personal protection a priority today so you don’t become a victim tomorrow.

Personal Protection for Those You Care About

Do members of your family need a little personal protection? Keeping your family safe inside your home is one idea, but we can’t lock ourselves up just because we’re afraid of what might happen. Life is for living, but in a world of increasing violence you do need to take a few precautions to make sure that if you do end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can protect yourself. 

In a perfect world everyone could move about free from the fear of attack. In the real world a little personal protection can give you back the confidence you may have lost. 

If you have ever felt unsafe as you walk to or from the bus or train, or if you just want to know that you can protect yourself if the need arises, then a mace protector could be just the confidence building device you need. The Mace Pepper Mace Pocket Model contains 11 grams of attacker stopping mace. It fits easily into your hand and its small size means you can keep it in your pocket or purse. If you feel under threat, you can easily hold it in your hand without it being obvious. The unit will spray up to five, one second bursts across a distance of 6 to 12 feet.

Mace uses a powerful combination of pepper spray, tear gas and a UV dye, so you can be confident that it will stop any aggressor in their tracks and give you some time to get away. Don’t let the fear of going out in the world stop you from living your life. Personal protection is not expensive, but the peace of mind you’ll gain by having it with you, is priceless.