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Protect Your Family From Window and Lock Bumping Burglars

lock_1772033cA simple technique known as lock bumping can give a burglar access to your home in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, this technique does not draw much attention to a thief standing at your front door either. To any unsuspecting passersby, a lock bumping burglar appears to be an ordinary person using a key to get into your home.

Equally frustrating is learning that thieves can now just as easily bump certain windows, as well. Watching a thief bump a window will surely raise suspicions, but many are able to complete this task so quickly and so easily that it’s possible to do so without being noticed. This method is preferred, of course, to shattering a glass window in order to gain access to a home.

What Is Lock Bumping?

Lock bumping is a time-honored technique that a lot of burglars use to break into homes. By using a tool such as a screwdriver or other sharp instrument or even using a special lock bumping tool crafted to look like an ordinary house key, thieves are able to insert an instrument into a pin tumbler door lock and with a few taps or ‘bumps’ they are able to manipulate the pins inside of the lock in such a way that they align just long enough to allow the doorknob to turn and a burglar to enter.

Thieves practice this technique, of course, so that the entire action takes just a few seconds. Because they are inserting an instrument into the lock itself and because the technique doesn’t require hardly any force, this technique doesn’t typically stir attention.

What Is Window Bumping?

You may think that your sliding windows are secure especially if they feature a locking mechanism as most modern ones do. In a recent conversation with a police officer, however, it was revealed that thieves are able to bump these types of windows, too. Apparently, a burglar only needs to bump a window a few good times in order for the lock to separate from the frame just enough for them to then slide it open.

While this technique does not allow the discreet entry that lock bumping does, it still doesn’t attract as much attention as one might immediately think. Recently, I spoke with a woman who slept through a thief breaking into her home in the wee hours of the night after bumping her bathroom window. She never heard a sound. Her neighbor reported to police that she’d heard a series of bumps, but after looking out of her window and not seeing anything unusual she convinced herself that there was nothing to be concerned about and returned to bed. How’s that for things that go bump in the night!

How To Protect Your Home From Window and Lock Bumping Burglars

If you are serious about home security, know that there are a number of ways to keep thieves out, but that you will need to be proactive about doing so. Be honest with yourself in understanding that burglaries happen in every neighborhood around the world and that no one is immune from becoming a target. You do have control, however, over working to deter thieves and there are a number of DIY home security devices that you can begin using right away in order to do precisely this.

Lock Bumping Prevention

For lock bumping, in particular, we cannot recommend the Keypout Lock Bumping/Dead Bolt Protector enough. A simple and affordable gadget that requires no installation (other than attaching it to your doorknob), this anti-bumping device prevents your door’s knob from being turned whenever it is in place. Remember, in order for lock bumping to work, burglars have to be able to turn a door’s knob at a precise moment during the process.

Further anti-lock bumping protection can be obtained by changing your door locks. There are a number of locks that are bump resistant and that are easy to install. For guaranteed protection against bumping, you may want to forgo traditional door locks altogether and opt for a keyless entry system, instead. Such locks will require a passcode or even a fingerprint identification before allowing someone access to your home. For more information on keyless entry systems, we encourage you to take a few minutes to browse the selection featured on our main site.

Window Bumping Prevention

Placing a Lock-it-Block-it Home Security Burglar Bar on each of your windows is an affordable and smart way of keeping thieves at bay. Once the bar is in place, it is impossible for a burglar to slide your window open even if he is successful in dislodging the window’s latch. These devices can also be found on our main page and we recommend one for every window in your home.

Your Thoughts On Window and Lock Bumping Burglars

Do you know anyone whose doors or windows have been bumped by a determined thief? What strides have you taken to make certain that your doors and windows can withstand a bumping attempt? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to share this article with others who need to secure their homes against window and lock bumping burglars.

Ralph Winn