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Back-To-School Security Advice

Ballistick BackpackGrowing up, the only real security advice most of us received was the admonition to not talk to strangers. Today’s children, however, live in a far more dangerous world and vigilant parents must offer stricter advice. Unfortunately, strangers aren’t the only threat to a child’s safety, but so are familiar criminals who happen to hold trusted jobs like bus drivers, teachers and other neighborhood workers. Heck, these days, children have to be aware of security even when it comes to interacting with peers, as another student may just as easily pose a violent threat on a school campus.

Tell Somebody

Children are often more aware of their environment and the people in it than adults are. From being among the first to know who’s got a crush on whom, to hearing rumors about a possible attack on campus, it is not unusual for children to be among the first to receive such news. It is therefore important to instruct children on reporting threatening situations. Make sure that children know the seriousness of bullying and threats of violence, and that they are prepared to tell an adult anytime they have knowledge of these events.


Hopefully, this school year will be a safe one for students across the board. We cannot, however, afford to ignore the possibilities of violence such as what we’ve seen in the recent past. Since school campuses can sometimes turn into places of chaos and danger, it is important to shield children from harm just in case. One of the ways that children may be protected by bullets and sharp objects is by wearing a  backpack specially designed to do just that. I’m speaking, of course, of the Armored Youth Ballistic Backpack, which functions just as an ordinary backpack would except that it is made from RynoHide, which gives a child wearing it a fair amount of protection from a dangerous weapon. If a new backpack was already on your back-to-school shopping list, you owe it to your children and yourself to head on over to our main store and check this item out now.

Know How to Easily Pinpoint a Child’s Location at All Times

From young children to teenagers, it is important for parents to know where kids are at all times. Mobile technology makes it easier for children and parents to keep in touch on school days, but what if a child is in an emergency situation and a cellphone has been lost or stolen? Luckily, security manufacturers have introduced wearable and affordable security options such as the SecuraTrac Secura Pal GPS Child Tracking Device, which allows a parent to immediately locate a child by address and mapping directions. This particular GPS device also features a panic button, which gives children an added comfort in knowing that help is always just a touch away.

Keep an Eye On Children When You’re Not at Home

Parents who cannot be home during afterschool hours will be relieved to know that they can still monitor what goes on in the home during their absence. Whether you’ve got teenagers who you’d like to keep a close eye on or whether you simply want to be able to monitor a paid caretaker’s performance while you’re away, an indoor surveillance system is the way to go. Surveillance cameras are affordable, are easy to add to an existing security system and, best of all, can be installed as a DIY project. Many even offer remote viewing so that you can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to literally see what is going on in your home at all times.

Give Security a Good Once-Over

Back to school season is as good a time as any to sit down with everyone in the household and review security procedures. While an emergency situation is almost always a frightening one, children often feel better prepared for these events when armed with information and allowed to ask questions. Take this time to review alarm passwords and special instructions that relate to panic alarm codes, panic buttons and general household security. This is also a good time to make certain that security system batteries are fully functional, as well as door and window sensors, intercoms, etc.

Listen To Your Children About Security

The world is full of content and no matter how much we try to shield children from horrific news stories, many of them already have a sense that the world can be a dangerous place. As children return to school routines and even develop new ones, it is important to make time to listen to their security concerns. Ask your children their thoughts on bullying, “stranger danger” and any other times when they may feel uncomfortable when you are not around. Encourage them to keep lines of communication open with you and assure them that their safety is your number one priority. Often, just by listening to the concerns of a child, we can take more appropriate steps to ensure their safety.

 What’s Your Take?

What back-to-school security tips did you share with your children this year? How have these tips changed in comparison to the security advice you were given as a child? Your thoughts and comments are always important to us and we look forward to you sharing them right now!

Ralph Winn