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Top Tech Gifts In Home Security


iStock_000004856960XSmallSome of the best tech gifts of this holiday season also offer better personal and home security to your loved ones. Items like these have a particular ‘wow’ factor, but also serve very useful purposes. Such devices are perfect considerations for anyone on your gift list who loves technology, but who may not yet be aware of the many DIY home security options that are available to them.

Why Give Tech Gifts?

Simply put, people are fascinated with technology. From grandparents to toddlers, most people are intrigued by gadgets that they can use to do everyday things like turning lights on and off or engaging in a video call with someone on the other side of the globe. While many of these gadgets are used for entertainment and convenience, several of them can also be used to increase one’s personal safety and even protect the home. With this in mind, there’s no good reason to not give someone a home security tech gift this holiday season.

The Best Security Tech Gifts For Mobile Users

Smartphone Surveillance

Did you know that it’s possible to remotely view what is going on in and around your home from wherever you may be? Did you know that you can do all of this from a smartphone or a tablet computer? Heavy mobile users are sure to appreciate home security devices like the Schlage Wireless Indoor Network IP Camera. A system like this allows homeowners to strategically place one or more cameras in key locations around the home in order to enjoy remote viewing on a smartphone, tablet or computer while away.

Tech gifts like this one are perfect for the parents of children old enough to stay at home alone, as well as those who rely on a caretaker to take care of other family members. Others, like devoted pet owners or people who employ a household staff, will love having the ability to glimpse into the home while working or traveling. Owners of a monitored home alarm system are also prime candidates for such a tech gift since it offers them the ability to see inside of the home anytime they are contacted about an alarm being triggered at their household. Within seconds, users can access a live visual feed to help them in assessing whether an alarm is false or whether someone has actually broken into the home.

A Full Alarm System

Fans of the iPhone will love the iSmartAlarm system, which combines the full protection of a burglar alarm system with the convenience of the iPhone. This neat little gadget is also completely wireless, which most techies will especially appreciate. As a completely DIY alarm system, the iSmartAlarm comes standard with an iCamera for video surveillance, as well as motion, door and window sensors which will immediately alert a user’s iPhone anytime their home’s security has been breached. Remotely, an owner is able to view inside the home (and even pan and tilt the iCamera for best visibility, if needed), turn the device on and off, and take still pictures in addition to watching a live streaming feed.

Personal Security

What parent will not love a GPS system enabling them to track a young child’s movements at all times? Sadly, in today’s world such is not only a nice gadget to have, but one that is desperately needed to protect young ones as they walk to and from school or even play in familiar neighborhoods. While we offer several GPS devices on our main page, we’d like you to take a good look at the SecuraTrac SecuraPAL GPS Child Tracking Device. Tracking can be done from a parent’s computer, as well as their smartphone whether it’s an iPhone, an Android or even the BlackBerry smartphone.

In addition to tracking technology, the SecuraTrac SecuraPAL GPS Child Tracking Device also features a panic button. With this feature, anytime that a child feels threatened she or he can depress the panic button which will immediately text an alert to a parent or caretaker along with the child’s location and a link that contains precise directions to wherever the child is. While this sort of technology is marketed directly to parents of young children, it is actually an excellent device to give to anyone who may be concerned enough to track a senior relative’s movements or any number of other loved ones as they move throughout the day.

The Top Tech Gifts In Home Security Are All DIY

Perhaps the best thing about security tech gifts that also make use of mobile and GPS technology is that they are completely DIY in their installation and operation. Hassle-free installations and ease of operation mean that gift recipients can begin using and appreciating these unique security devices right away. With the popularity of tech gifts all over the country, why not invest in a few that are as functional as they are fun and easy to use?

Ralph Winn