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SENIOR SECURITY: Safety Tips For Households With Aging Adults

Senior security becomes increasingly important as families realize that adults of a certain age often require specialized attention and care. Of course, a lot of aging adults are just as able-bodied and energetic as they were in their early adult years, but many are not. Regardless of a senior’s physical and mental abilities, personal and home security is important. For those in need of additional care, it helps to remember that just as parents take measures to child-proof their homes in an effort to protect infants and young children, certain modifications may need to be made in homes where seniors reside in order to make sure that they are safe and secure at home, too.

The following are a but a few of the ways that seniors and their families can increase senior security in the home:

Home Security Systems

Of course, we firmly believe that home security systems should be installed in all homes. Such should be of great priority for senior adults who live at home alone, particularly since burglars and other criminals have been known to intentionally prey upon the elderly. Simply installing an alarm system is not enough, however, as such systems should also be professionally monitored so that emergency assistance can be dispatched immediately if a senior is in danger.

GPS Monitoring

Knowing a loved one’s whereabouts at all times can be comforting, especially if that loved one’s mental capacity has begun to diminish. Few people ever expect an aging adult to wander away from home and become disoriented or lost, but these events do occur and can place a senior in grave danger. GPS technology helps family members and caretakers keep track of an elderly person’s location, which helps to  increase senior security, safety and peace of mind, overall.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Whether an aging adult is living at home alone or is under the supervision of a caretaker, installing surveillance cameras inside and around the perimeter of a home where an aging adult lives is a proactive step toward better senior security. For a modest investment, family members can remotely view events taking place inside of a home from a smartphone or a computer with an Internet connection. Video recordings can also be captured on film, saved and viewed at a later date. Sadly, regular news reports recounting incidents of horrible elder abuse abound. A high quality, affordable surveillance camera such as the Atrix Complete 4 Channel Camera Surveillance Kit, however, helps relatives literally peer into a loved one’s household in order to see that she or he is being properly cared for. A good surveillance system with remote viewing capabilities may also help aging adults who are in reasonably good health remain in their own homes and maintain their independence while allowing caring relatives to periodically check on them via video monitoring.

Video Door Monitors

As previously mentioned, burglars often target the homes of senior citizens who live at home. While most burglars prefer to steal from an unoccupied home, many brazen thieves will enter the home of a senior while she or he is inside of the house. In addition to this, con-artists will often pose as legitimate solicitors in order to scam an elderly person out of money and other valuables. One way to deter these unsavory types and better ensure senior security, is to empower aging adults to remain safely behind locked doors while still being able to communicate with visitors who approach their front doors. Models such as the Samsung Video Door Intercom Master Station will even allow a senior to grant access to familiar visitors without having to physically walk to a door, which, in addition to better senior security, can also be a great feature for adults with limited mobility.

Medical Alert Devices

Senior security also includes ensuring that medications are taken in a timely fashion and that an aging adult can immediately access help in case of an emergency situation. Medical alert devices that can be worn on the body are a good solution for this security concern. For instance, the SilverCare Personal Daily Living Assistant - Watch Kit functions as a wristwatch, but also allows an individual to press a single button on the watch’s interface in order to access 9-1-1 operators. This device can also be set to remind adults to take daily medications and can even be used to answer incoming telephone calls when a household phone is not within physical reach.

Making Senior Security a Priority

If you’ve read this far, chances are that you are someone with concerns about senior security. Rest assured that there are plenty of options available to make sure that seniors are consistently surrounded with multiple layers of security. After all, keeping seniors safe should be just as important as keeping children, pets and other family members safe and such is not very difficult to do with affordable do-it-yourself security systems.

Feel free to sound off below with some of your ideas for senior security.