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Do Security Solar Lights Work as Good as DC-Powered Lights?

The simple answer to this question is, yes, security solar lights work just as well as DC-powered security lights do. Not only do these security solutions work as well as those that are powered by a direct current, but solar security lights are also better for the environment and present the most economical lighting choices for homeowners. With no wires to install, opting for solar security lighting is also the easiest do-it-yourself way to install new security lighting around the home.

How Does Solar Lighting Work?

Throughout the daylight hours, light from the sun shines on one or more solar panels. This sunlight that is absorbed through the panels is then stored inside of the light’s battery where it is then converted into electricity. Once fully charged, the battery is able to power the lighting source and offer several hours’ worth of illumination.

Why Choose Security Solar Lights Over DC-Powered Lights?

While DC-powered lights are also a good option for security lighting, many people prefer solar-powered lighting instead. Reasons for this may vary, but most prefer this lighting source because it is economical and because it is a green source of energy. Unlike other lighting options, security solar lights do not cost homeowner’s a single cent on energy bills and solar energy is a natural, plentiful source of electric energy.

Other people choose security solar lights for different reasons, too. For instance, in areas where electricity is not available or where it has proven to be unreliable, solar units ensure that lighting is available when needed. Some people also use solar lighting with a mind on the future in the event that a power outage occurs. While individual reasons for choosing security solar lights over DC-powered lights may vary, homeowners are generally quite satisfied with solar-powered choices as such produces the same end-result– quality lighting, but with greater consumer benefits.

Which is Easier to Install: Solar Security Lighting or DC-Powered Security Lighting?

DC-powered security lighting purchased from the Home Security Store is not difficult to install and our technical team is always willing to assist with troubleshooting and installation questions. Solar security lighting, however, is generally easier to install since there are no wires to connect and no electrical experience is needed. For example, customers who have purchased our Solar Powered Motion-Activated 80 LED Security Floodlight report that it is very easy to install and that it is a great lighting option.

Will Solar Lighting Work On Cloudy or Overcast Days?

Yes, solar lighting works on cloudy or overcast days. As we all know, sunlight is always present in the daytime…even in cloudy weather when it does not appear to shine as brightly. While it may be overcast outside, it is still unmistakably daytime, which is due to the sun’s energy at work. This same energy from the sun is still stored inside of the light’s battery on cloudy days and can be used when needed. Also, keep in mind that a battery may not use all of the energy that was stored from a previous sunny day and this energy also remains in the battery until it is used.

Can I Use Both Types Of Security Lighting?

Of course! Depending upon your needs and how you intend to use your security lighting, it is possible to use both options. Some people who already have DC-powered lighting, but eventually switch to solar options, often do so while using both for a period of time. Eventually, however, because solar options cost less, many homeowners eventually opt for using a solar option as their sole security lighting choice.

Where Should Solar Security Lighting Be Installed?

The exact location of your security solar lights depends upon your home. At the very least, we recommend that you place lighting at every doorway, around your windows, your garage and your driveway. Lighting can be constant or motion-activated, the latter of which will preserve stored solar energy even more.

As for positioning your security solar lights, there are a few things that will help your solar lighting charge more fully and, thus, offer you longer lighting coverage. We highly recommend positioning solar panels in areas where they will receive direct, unobstructed sunlight. If, however, you are installing lighting in an area that does not receive direct sunlight, be sure to purchase solar lighting units that come with a cable long enough to allow you to place the solar panels in an area that does receive direct sunlight.

What is Your Experience With Security Solar Lights?

Do you use solar security lighting at your home or office? How well does it work for you in comparison to DC-powered lighting? Do you prefer one option over the other and, if so, why? As always, we look forward to hearing what you have to say below.